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When I started writing this novel, I had no idea where or what my target market might be.  On completion, it was obvious that it would appeal to women rather than men, mainly because the lead character is a woman and because there is a strong unrequited love theme running through most of the story.  I also realised that it would appeal in particular to educated women in their middle years who can relate to being independent both mentally and financially.


Joanna, my heroine, is a strong successful businesswoman who, in her mid forties, decided that she had had enough of city life and returned to her country roots.  She is also a single mother who raised her daughter alone. She enjoys the best things in life yet, is not afraid to get her hands dirty in the vegetable garden. She enjoys being a woman and likes to be treated as such by the men in her life.  She also has a great sense of adventure and is not afraid to take risks.  If I were to loosely compare her with another female character then It might be Joan Wilder in ‘Romancing the Stone’.

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Current books

‘My Father, The Assassin’.  A romantic suspense story of a forty something heroin seeking the truth about her father’s past.  Joanna Wilde travels from Devon to Malaysia and discovers lost love and the terrifying world of the indiscriminate assassin.  Published in January 2013

‘The Bolivian Connection’  Joanna Wilde furthers her adventures in Bolivia where she is expected to take over her dead father’s ‘Assassin’s for Hire’ business.  She sets about dismantling the organisation at the risk of her own and her daughter’s life.  In progress

‘The Italian Connection’  Joanna seeks a new home in Tuscany, only to discover that her dead father’s organisation had also reached this ‘bello paese’.    She befriends eighty year old Isabella and meets retired partisans that have an horrific story to tell.  Will Joanna finally put the ghost of her father to rest?  In progress

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