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And another Irish try! Foto La Reppublica

And another Irish try! Foto La Reppublica

There was a huge shocked silence in Roma yesterday after Italy lost 10-63 to Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby.  This is doubly disappointing as we have been working hard on our Italian friends to take an interest in the sport, rather than their obsession with football (Calcio).  Now, they are not inspired by the Italian team and neither are we.  But my man and I have an advantage; whilst Italy is our chosen country of residence we are still English, so England’s win over Wales yesterday put our hearts back into the game!  Commiserations to our Welsh friends, well not really.

Donald about to gobble up Hilary. fot La Reppublica

Donald about to gobble up Hilary. foto La Reppublica

Last week I mentioned the Carnivale and the amazing giant moving spectacles.  I just had to show you this one, which will be in the carnival at Viareggio.  A tr(i)umphant Donald appears to have Hilary inside a huge burger bun and she looks terrified poor thing.  As this tableau actually moves, I can imagine his arm lifting the bun up to his mouth and back!

Silvio back at the rostrum. Foto La Reppublica

Silvio back at the rostrum. Foto La Reppublica

Now, back in Fiano I also read over coffee, that Silvio Berlusconi is definitely still playing a high-profile political role.  As leader of the Forza Italia party, he appears to be indicating that he will ask the voters about any future candidacy, and as far as the election goes he wants a fully proportional law.  Err?  Now if any of my Italian speaking friends want to look at the text in the picture please do correct me if I have read this wrong.  You know me and my conversations with Italians, I often have them rolling in the aisles!

Rock Chick Fashion. Foto La Reppublica

Rock Chick Fashion. Foto La Reppublica

Anyway, back to things I really like.  Fashion and the Rock Chick look is definitely up my street.  so I could not resist showing you this picture below.  As I am starting the run up to my next concert, I will need a new outfit, so which one do you think will suit me best?  What’s that you said?  How dare you!

But let’s finish with a gorgeous picture of Armani man.  No not Giorgio, but a model who has all the makings of a new James Bond.  He joined me for coffee earlier in the week when my man was off doing a bit of business and certainly put a smile on my face.  Oh, I think he was modelling an Armani watch, but who wants to look at his wrist?


Armani Man. Foto La Repubblica

Ok, better go.  I’m expecting to upload the final draft of ‘The Italian Connection’ to Amazon this week.  So, if I do not already have it, send me your email address if you would like to know when it goes live!  june.finnigan@virgin.net

Have a great week and do visit my author page at http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan

Salute June x

My current Books. Foto J Finnigan

My current Books.
Foto J Finnigan


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