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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Catarina with mimosa at Caffe Bar Solfarino in Certaldo

Caterina with mimosa at Caffe Bar Solferino in Certaldo Photo J Finnigan

Now I promise that this will be the last time I mention Mimosa and Festa Della Donna this year, however, I just wanted to tell you about three lovely girlies in Certaldo.  These young ladies are very important to me and on Sunday 8th March, which was the actual Festa day, my man and I popped into Caffe Bar Solferino, at the top of the main piazza in Certaldo for our morning coffee.  We presented Caterina with a big piece of Mimosa from the tree in our garden, and she was delighted.  We go there for coffee most Wednesdays and Saturdays, however, we also popped in on the Sunday this time because Laura had closed her bar in Fiano for the day.  Caterina makes the most delicious caffè latte, the pastries are to die for and she always has a lovely smile on her face.

Sandra my lovely hairdresser at La Parrucchiera, Via Fabiani 1/D, Certaldo Tel 0039 3341217437

Sandra my lovely hairdresser at La Parrucchiera, Via Fabiani 1/D, Certaldo
Tel 0039 3341217437

Now last week I took time out for the hairdresser and beauty parlour.  Sandra, my beautiful hairdresser, who I can totally rely on to layer my hair exactly as I like it and to colour it a perfect shade of red.  I have been going to Sandra now for ten years and she still seems no older than twenty-one.  There are a lot of weddings in the summer months in Certaldo Alto, the historical centre up on the hill, and Sandra is already booked for two of them.  One wedding party is from London, UK!  She was in high spirits last Wednesday, telling me about my man’s description of his being filmed in London, and quoting ‘Shoes by Berlutti, suit by Armani and hair by Sandra!’  She just loved this.  Yes, my man had been filmed for a business venture, not for the next Bond film, so don’t get too excited!

My beautician, the lovely Irene at Esteticamente, via Trento 28/B, Certaldo.  Tel 0039 057166087

My beautician, the lovely Irene at Esteticamente, via Trento 28/B, Certaldo. Tel 0039 057166087

Then there is the lovely Irene, who keeps my hands and feet in top condition at her beauty parlour.  My nails are currently a dark purply black as I like a sort of Rock Chick look, my being the rock chick in the Rock Chick Band of course.  Next week she’s going to give my face a good cleansing and revitalization.  When one is a minor celebrity its important to scrub up well, you just don’t know who might turn up with one of my books in their shoulder bag, wanting it signed!

On the subject of books we are very close to publishing ‘The Bolivian Connection.’  But do not visit Amazon until I make the announcement, as there is just a tiny bit of tweaking still going on.

Silvio's case is thrown out! Il Terreno newspaper.

Silvio’s case is thrown out!
Il Terreno newspaper.

Oh yes, some good news for the Prince of Politics, Silvio Berlusconi.  The courts have thrown out the case against him for having sex with an underage prostitute.  His followers are ecstatic and we are expecting SB to be re-entering politics!  There was a really good article written by Mark Duff for BBC News, where he mentioned his Italian in-laws who said about their forbear Aldo;  “Aldo – soft-hearted, honest, hard-working man that he was – could see the attraction of Mr Berlusconi.  You see, he had done what every Italian man of that generation dreamt of.  He had become rich, he had power; he was flash and funny – and he had women, lots of them.  More than that, he had got away with it. He was, as the Italians put it, “furbo” – cunning. You didn’t have to approve of him – but you couldn’t help admiring his chutzpah.”  I am also pleased, because, without the charisma of Silvio, the political news here in Italy is pretty dull and depressing.

But enough of that, let’s get on with a really cracking week and see you next weekend.

Salute June x

PS Available soon….

Book cover for 'The Bolivian Connection'

Book cover for ‘The Bolivian Connection’


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