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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my lovely followers around the world,

O Dio!  My worst nightmare has arrived in the shape of a bright orange plastic fence, which is being erected around the barn by builders who are about to convert it!  The fence is just about the worst eyesore you could imagine in these sweet hills, dolce colline.   But hey ho, I must get my head down and write to you.

I was interested to read the other day that Italy has been voted the safest country in the world to live in!  Well, I am pleased to hear this and may it last.  I have no idea who were canvassed to come up with this surprising result; the Mafia has obviously been a little quiet of late!

2019-03-25 08.25.21Anyway, to move on, in the same paper was this foto of some gorgeous jewelry and a handbag. Sodini  If the rest of the world is falling apart, we can always concentrate on beautiful hand crafted Italian bags, shoes, frocks and jewelry.  This does not mean that I and many others here in Tuscany are ignoring the things happening worldwide, but for peace of mind it’s important to find time to take pleasure from beautiful things and people we love.

2019-03-25 08.17.46And on the subject of love, apart from food, the Italians adore football, calcio.  After Italy’s sad failure in the Rugby Six Nations, their national football team is doing well in the European Cup!  Bravo to them.  Calcio is what the Italians breath; the sports pages in the caffè bar are the most sought after for football results.

2019-03-24 09.08.39As regards Italian newspapers, I particularly like La Repubblica.  Yes, OK, it is a little to the right and there is still a strong communist following here, but it features a lot of the things I am interested in.  Saturday is for listings of all the latest published books, in Italian of course.  Last weekend there was a superb article about children and books and today one about encouraging board games.  A friend in Fiano suggested  that I get my books translated to Italian and he would arrange for a grand book signing event in the village.  The problem is, costing at least 3,000 euros a book, I’m not sure it will be worth it!  I would need to sell around 600 copies of each book to come out even…..What do you think?

2019-03-23 09.27.13And what about the arrival of the Chinese President Xi Jinping!  At least he left the Red Army behind, you know what I mean don’t you…..  No, it seems that the Silk Road is the thing he is bringing and the hope that Italy will benefit from substantial investment and trade deals.  I have to say that there are masses of Chinese tourists here every year, so the country already benefits.  Mind you, there are also a few Chinese vineyards in the area…!  PS I couldn’t help but notice his first lady Peng Liyuan has great styling, probably influenced by Italian designers.

2019-03-23 09.11.47Then I turned the page to find another brilliant piece of street art by Tvboy, which depicts the Prime Minister Conte as Pinocchio, you know the puppet whose nose kept growing every time he told a lie, and the two Deputies Di Maio & Salvini as a cat and a wolf!  Don’t you just love it!

Well enough of that, time to get this blog off to you and get back to my music.

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Salute June x

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Welcome Ragazzi and thank you for following,


The real Mick Hucknell
Photo Slawek

The countryside in our little bit of Chianti, is fairly quiet at present.  The sound of vines being snipped and the relentless muted conversation of the contadini (farm workers) drift up from the steep vineyards below us and some distant woodland maintenance has started, opening up new vistas that we regulars can enjoy on the way to coffee in Fiano.  Most of the land around us, other than the olive grove immediately below our home, belongs to the Fattoria Villa Bacio.  It is quite a vast area and every season offers up new jobs to be done on the land and in the gardens.  For sometime we have seen a youngish man, whom we think is the son of Villa Bacio, in charge of the workers and I have been struggling to think who he reminds me of.  Then it hit me, he is the spitting image of Mick Hucknell, former lead singer of Simply Red!

Beautiful january rose in our garden. Photo P Finnigan

Beautiful January rose in our garden.
Photo P Finnigan

In our garden we currently have a most beautiful January rose and here is a picture.  We inherited lots of English roses that are easily identifiable by their strong perfume.  This one is only slightly perfumed, so if anyone can identify it, do let me know.

I am completely in love with my new Kindle, which my man bought me for Christmas.  I would never have believed that I could be persuaded away from my beloved books to reading an electronic gadget.  However, when I tell you that I have just downloaded the complete works of Charles Dickens (60 volumes) for just £1.27p, there is no way I can argue against it.  Reading is very important if you are a novelist, not just for the pleasure, but also for plot ideas and creative writing.  I am also teaching myself chess and have beaten the Kindle several times.  Mind you I am currently on the first level, so time will tell.

My man is now on a serious diet which also means no alcohol, apart from the weekend when he enjoys a couple of nice Chiantis with his lunch and a light aperitivo before supper.  I am doing my very best to do the same, but I cannot cook lunch without a couple of glasses of wine and loud rock music to keep my spirits up.  You may have noticed, that I rarely mention food, other than when visiting a ristorante; this is because I am not a great lover of cooking.  I know, most of you will throw your hands up in horror, as my own daughter does.  However, I do cook and only because my man does not.  This is not a complaint, he does just about every other job around the house and garden, including his own ironing!  In Fiano, where we usually take our morning coffee, he is currently forgoing his sweet pastries, so his face is a little on the long side.  The poor thing has also had to contend with a sore throat, which I’m sure is due to the lack of a soothing glass of vino.  On Saturday mornings, the locals we do not see in the week, arrive at Laura’s bar/alimentari in their customary smart tracksuits and quilted jackets.  This last Saturday was also black woolly hat day, no newspaper delivery and everyone talking about the previous day’s  disasters.  (Friday 17th, which is considered very unlucky in Italy)   When the man is a little grumpy he comes out with his best gems and this time, in referring to a gossiping black hatted, grey track-suited lady in high heels he commented, ‘I bet she’s been storing up her conversation all night!’  Don’t we just love him.

Inside Bar/Pasticeria Fiorentina in Montespertoli

Inside Bar/Pasticeria Fiorentina in Montespertoli

On Sunday morning we headed off to Montespertoli for an aperitivo, despite the rain, and tucked into the corner of the tiny Bar and Pasticeria Fiorentina, where everyone was looking forward to Florence winning their latest football match.  The atmosphere in the town is always affected by the local football (calcio) results!

I will bring you an update on our idol, Silvio Berlusconi next weekend as I must crack on with ‘The Bolivian Connection’, where my heroine Joanna Wilde,  is about to check out of her hotel in La Paz and head for her evil father’s former mountain home, known as ‘The Castle’, for the formal reading of his will…..

Have a great week and don’t forget to check out Joanna’s previous story in my book ‘My Father, The Assassin’ by J W Finnigan on http://www.amazon.uk or .eu or .com.  Or for a big discount on a download, go to http://www.firstchapters.net

Ciao June x

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