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Benvenuti and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

2018-12-01 22.44.56For the first time ever, last Saturday we went to a show at the Old Cinema in Fiano.  Not a lot happens there.  It is used by the local primary school for gymnastics and the occasional concert.  We were really surprised to find it newly refurbished inside and settled into our third row seat to wait for the start of a Comic Opera.  This being Italy the start time of 9pm stretched to 10pm as it takes that long for old friends and family chatting away in groups, to finally take their seats.  The set was very good and the characters funny and singing excellent.  Whilst my man and I did not understand all of it (regional dialects abounded) we did laugh in the right places and thoroughly enjoyed it.

a2c31a4d4bf2ea98d303c19ff3fa8a65Then at the second break, I reached for my bag, which had been carefully wedged between our seats, and my purse was gone!   To cut a long story short, the strange looking couple who had been sitting behind us, had gone too!  They were the only strangers in the place, everyone else was known to us and they were all horrified that this should happen to the English lady who had been made so welcome in the village.  The villagers hunted high and low, but it had obviously been stolen.  So I hastily cancelled my plastic cards then drove down to Certaldo at fifteen minutes past midnight to report the theft to the Carabiniere.  A sign outside said to return at 9am unless our visit was very serious and urgent.  We decided to go back on Sunday morning.  The lovely police officers were very helpful and as my purse/wallet had included all my documentation and driving licence, I had to make a written statement and apply for the police to issue a new licence!  Foto pinInterest – I make no excuses.

Through all this, I remained strangly optimistic and I said to my man “Lets check the waste bins outside the Cinema in case the theft was an unsoffisticated one and they were only interested in the cash.”  So we did, nothing.  Concerned locals asked if I had found my ‘portfolio’ and expressed their sorrow.  My man said he would take me out for a nice sunday lunch, so late morning I got ready to go, then the phone rang.  It was a signora from Fiano and her young son had found my purse on the road outside the closed bakery!  Hurrah, we stopped off at her house and were greeted at the door by a very excited boy called Giacomo, who turned out to be the young hero.  His lovely mother, Elisabetta spoke some English as she was a high school teacher.  All my documentation was intact, but the cash was gone……  For me, that was a small price to pay for getting everything else back.  The hassle of getting a new Carta Identica, driving licence etc, need I say more, this is Italy.  So, I now have a new friend called Giacomo and he has a signed book from me and a little something to spend.  We returned to the Carabiniere just in time to stop them proceeding with the driving licence application.  I doubt if they will be able to do much about the loss of cash, but they do have the names of the strangers sat behind us, assuming they are not false, as the theatre layout needed names for all the seats.  But hey ho, life eeez good, life eeez now!

2018-12-02 08.49.16And so to lighter things and I read in the paper that the amazing Italian singer Patty Pravo, now aged seventy, is still performing!  She of the amazing gravelly yet sexey voice, and without an ounce of fat, is still wowing her audiences.  If David Bowie had wanted a female look-a-like, Patty would have been perfect.  A big hit in sixties Italy, she reinvented herself in the mid-nineties and hit the charts again.  If you would like to listen to an italian female singer with attitude, Patty is for you.  Patty’s site

2018-12-01 09.07.52And now for something completely different.  All you lovers of Tuscany may not be aware that we have a thriving grain industry.  No, it’s not all vines and olives!  Wheat, Barley and Corn and other crops I cannot recall, are all grown here.  Also, of course, big fields of sunflowers for their seeds.  Italy does have a growing beer industry, so that’s one route some of these grains might take.  And, of course, Tuscany’s very own pasta made from local wheat.

2018-11-29 09.09.33This then leads us on to the other Italian drink, so very popular with the men as a digestivo, yes you are right Grappa.  Grappa is a fragrant, grape-based pomace brandy of Italian origin that contains 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume.  I’m not too keen on it, we more northern europeans would more likely choose a port after dinner.  Mind you, after my purse theft experience, I might just drink anything!

Anyway, enough about alcohol, time to think about lunch.  The sun is shining and I took ten minutes out this morning to soak up some vitimin D in the garden.  How I miss doing that!  But it’s the run up to Christmas, which is so exciting!  So we don’t care about that.  I’ve bought us a joint present of a new record player for all our old LPs, better known as vinyls these days…….  I’ll send you a foto after Christmas!

Do drop me a line, I love to hear from you.  And visit my author site at June’s site

Have a great week and a big thank you again to Giacomo, my little star.

Salute June xx





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Benvenuto to all my Loyal and New followers

Now there is one thing I will say for the Italian Polizia, they take their work very seriously and  no way will they let you get away with anything, because they will find you!  More than three years ago, we were in Montecatini Terme and we stopped to ask a policeman for directions.  He pointed to the turning we should take, and gave us precise directions to the address we wanted.  We foolishly did as we were instructed.  Then last week a letter arrived  telling us that we had driven down and parked in a residents only street, had not paid our fine (which we never received) and with accrued interest we now had to pay 160 Euros or else!  My man and I were disgusted and recalled the time when we were in Venice on the water ferry.  At the last-minute, a Chinese couple jumped onto the ferry without tickets, and took the seats in front of us.  They were actually from London and it was the last day of their Italian holiday.  They tried to buy tickets from the ticket collector, but were angrily told to pay a 40 euro fine!  It was obvious that they had made a mistake, however, they only had ten Euros Left.  The collector called his colleague to witness his writing out a double  fine for 80 Euros, which had to be paid that day at the local police station.  And he said “If you do not pay this today we will find you, even in England or in China.”  The poor things were terrified!  Reluctantly, I decided to pay our fine, but only after I had visited the local police station and talked to a very unsympathetic  officer there.  It does not pay to get on the wrong side of these guys!

Don't mess with the Carabinieri! Photo Il Tabloid

Don’t mess with the Carabinieri!
Photo Il Tabloid

Back in our local village of Fiano, there was a visit from the carabinieri, and some smashed glass is still lying around in the piazza waiting to be cleared up.  We are trying to get the scuttlebutt on this, but everyone is strangely avoiding the subject.  Sig Rotund arrived at the Laura’s cafe bar in the morning, with one arm of his glasses missing and promptly sent one of his ‘lady friends’ outside to our local Moroccan street seller,  for a new pair of reading glasses.  He then sat reading his paper with a paper price sticker over the lens, until I  pointed it out.  Fiano’s Piazza  changes from a quiet village backwater to a night club atmosphere in the evenings, so this broken glass incident probably happened after dark.

Farty Barty exhausted on his kitchen chair. Photo P Finnigan

Farty Barty exhausted on his kitchen chair.
Photo P Finnigan

And now for even more news.  The ‘Poison Dwarf’, a local lady who is about four feet six and equally wide, actually smiled at me the other day, which knocked me sideways!  She is usually very loudly putting the world to rights and glares at us a very time she passes….Then the national computer system at the Post Office broke down on Pension day and the oldie queue in Fiano went right down the main road….  Meanwhile, as the temperature was dropping, we had a delivery of gas and were informed that the price had gone down, yes down….while all this is going on, Farty Barty the cat calls in occasionally for food and a sleep, as he is too preoccupied with the girlies to be bothered with conversation….  And finally, the rain seems to have stopped.  So some good, some bad news.  But we don’t care about the bad news.  Life eez good, Life eez now!

Enough of that.  I have mentioned before that I am not  a creative cook, however, I do try to keep my man happy.  A couple of days ago he said, “Lunch was really nice.”  “Well, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so the saying goes”, I replied.  “Mmm, it’s also the way to his intestines…..” He responded.  The moral to this is, if you are complimented on your cooking, just smile and say something like, “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it.”  On the other hand, the last time I said that he replied, “That doesn’t mean I want to eat the same thing every day for the next two weeks!”  You have to feel sorry for him though, living with an eccentric writer who is also a rubbish cook!  Thank god for amore and good Italian restaurants!

Me at the microphone. Photo P Finnigan

Me at the microphone.
Photo P Finnigan

Finally, I’m sure you will be very excited to know that official invites are shortly going out for my Garden Rock Concert to be held on 28th June.  If you will be in Tuscany and would like an invite, send your email address to june.finnigan@virgin.net  as I am very keen to attract more groupies!

Well, I must crack on with ‘The Bolivian Connection’, which is getting very scary,  and will update you on the gorgeous Silvio next weekend.

Have a great week.

Amore June x

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