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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around The World,

Well, lets get that subject out of the way. Yes, you know, the subject that effects us all, the Covid thing. Here in Italy we are feeling excited yet a little apprehensive. The Government has chosen to open the borders from today to try and help the tourist industry recover from what has been the most devastating time since the Second World War. But, thank God, strict border requirements remain in place and only Europeans, Brits and Israelis will be able to visit without having to undergo a 5 day quarantine when they arrive. So, you will have to check your travel arrangements to see what you can expect at the borders. Foto Il Tempo.

Super Mario (Mario Draghi) who is currently in charge of the country and is expected to help regenerate the economy, has had a diffiicult start to his reign. I read an interesting article in the Economist yesterday posted on April 24th in which it was felt he had been unfairly expected to make miraculous changes overnight! But the general feeling is that he is making a difference and that the tourist industry in particular, should see a vast improvement over the next few months with new measures coming in on 12th June. Sadly, we are still unable to dine inside restuarants, which excludes a lot of places from re-opening. But watch this space. Foto The Economist.

On a much happier note the streets are looking much brighter as the bars, hotels and restaurants are readying themselves for the expected surge in tourists and the curfew has been been extended to 11pm! So, book your outside dining table now! I noticed that Osteria di Casa Chianti , just up the road from us, has their dining garden open and you can expect a fabulous view and sunsets there too! Booking essential. http://www.osteriadicasachianti.it/home-eng/

Meanwhile, here in the Chianti Hills we are enjoying everything that one can expect in May. The arrival of all the birds that we take for granted including the Cuckoo, Bee Eaters, Golden Oriel, Night Jar, Hoope and, after dark, the flashing lights of the Fire Fly. We have had a lot of rain and the weather is a little cool, however, this in turn provides more food for the birds and a gorgeous damp smell, particularly in the early morning.

In just over a week’s time, we are having the front garden area landscaped and planted with lots of flowering shrubs to enjoy. These will attract more butterflies; we have already spotted the Swallow Tail. This year has been particularly good for the roses and our English red rose is heavy with blooms. Mind you, it’s very difficult to compete with our next door neighbour at La Poggiolaia who has hundreds of varieties and, if you get the chance, try and book a a holiday there. You’ll love it! Foto http://www.poggiolaia.it

OK, time to think about Sunday lunch. Can’t wait to be able to book a restaurant inside table, but that’s probably not before 1st June. Hey Ho.

So to all my family and friends in the UK, enjoy your new freedom from tomorrow. However, please be vigilant and stay safe.

Salute June x

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