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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around The World

20180505_115604My man came rushing in from the garden yesterday, shouting “The Rose is Out!”  Now what is exciting about a rose being out?  You may ask.  Well, this rose, my friends is very special rose indeed.  In 2004 we packed our whole life up into a furniture van and loaded up our car, in readiness for our journey of no return with Bosun the dog, to Italy.  The last thing to go in the van was a metal dustbin into which my man had put some of his tools.  We took a last look around and then I saw the rose, a beautiful red English climbing rose that had really taken root and was climbing up the front of our old farmhouse.  “I can’t leave the rose behind” I whined.  The van driver said, “Sorry missus, it’s illegal to take plants across European borders, soil contamination and stuff you know.”  I was heartbroken so my man persuaded him to put it in the bottom of the dustbin and surround it with the tools. The driver would be paid well, so he agreed!  So over fourteen years, we moved five times and in each garden, we planted the rose.  Somehow it survived, not very well I have to say, but now it’s liking its current position and is blooming!  Praise the Gods!  Foto P Finnigan

20180418_153446Lots of insects are now arriving.  So far no Zanzari (mosquitos) but they’ll be here soon.  An astonishing visitor was a huge Sawyer Beetle who settled on our outside airer.  Go in close and look at its amazing face.  Now, you clever clogs may beg to differ; so if you think its a different kind of insect, please tell me!  Anyway, what a privilege to see such a stunning creature in close-up.  Since last weekend we have also seen the arrival of Swifts, a cuckoo and have heard the Bee Eaters but not seen them yet.  So summer is now ready to go! Yes!  Foto P Finnigan.

2018-05-05 13.42.12Now, I’m sure you remember talking about the ancient European Oak Tree, which guards our front gate.  Well, on Friday it underwent tree surgery as many of the branches were dead and at risk of falling on our heads!  apparently, the tree is listed and could only be cut by authorised surgeons.  Well, anyway, it still looks stunning and I’m sure it will go on for a few hundred years more!  Foto J finnigan.

2018-05-05 09.24.41As you know we like to go out for coffee every morning and usually to Fiano and La Dispensa.  In the newspaper, was an article about the lovely American Ruth Orkin, who became famous for her iconic foto taken in August 1951, walking through a group of lustful Italian men, in La Piazza Della Repubblica in Florence.  Look at the guy on the scooter to the right and the guy to her right is clutching his vitals!  Almost hidden on the left is a very handsome man at a table;  was she going to meet him?  So good-bye to Ruth who died on 2nd May, but never to be forgotten.  Foto La Repubblica 

2018-05-06 09.38.32Also in the paper was an article about the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  Two pictures are printed, ‘then and now’.  Back in 1975, we see local children frolicking in the lovely clear ice blue waters collecting the coins, a normal and delightful scene during a hot summer in the city.  Now, no one is allowed in the fountain.  It remains beautiful and breath-taking, but the coins are scooped out by the local authorities along with all the rubbish that gets thrown in.  I know which era I prefer. Foto La Repubblica 

2018-05-01 09.16.33Back closer to home, new exhibitions are now open to the public at Casa di Boccaccio and Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo alto.  If you have not visited this beautiful ancient hilltop town, you really should.  I must go and see for myself soon, but I should warn you that there are often some very strange exhibitions there, sometimes macabre or explicit.  But this is Italy.  Foto La Nazione.

2018-05-05 19.12.21And finally, before I try to find the kitchen, here is a lovely foto of our view from the old English bench under our big Ash Tree.  It was taken yesterday, after my man had cut the green stuff that is supposed to be grass, and a heavy shower of rain.  The distance was a little misty, but lovely anyway.  Foto J finnigan

OK, my man has asked for Sunday lunch at home, so once I remember where the kitchen is (it’s easier for me to find local restaurants) I’ll get some roast potatoes going.  Then whilst things are in the oven, I had better do a half hours voice exercise as it is only six weeks to my next rock concert!

Ok, I’m off, have a really great week and do drop me a line, I love to hear from you.  Oh. and do visit my official author site at My site

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