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2018-07-27 09.09.27Despite the heat of July, the Italians still manage to remain busy with Festas.  In nearby Vinci, north of Florence, today is the last day of La Festa dell’Unicorno.  Now I only know that it is in Vinci because I asked Rossella in La Dispensa in Fiano the other day.  The Italians, and I can only speak about the Tuscans with any real hands on knowledge, have a way of advertising Festas in both the newspaper and on posters, leaving out either the place, day or time, and sometimes all three.  Now the reasoning behind this is that everyone should know these things.  If I ask “Where is it being held?” the facial reaction is one of amazement, the shoulders and hands are raised and the answer is “Why Vinci of course!” Well OK, I have lived here long enough to know these things, but I’m afraid I have not managed to grab the art of remembering when, where and what is going on at any one time.  Then I look closely at the advertisement  in the paper and realise that it is nearly over and the performances are so complex and muddled I have to go and lie down.  But, nevertheless, today is the last day and if you are in the Vinci area, you should go and experience this Festa of music, dance, food, wine and just about everything you might find under the Tuscan sun!  It starts at 9.30 pm so you still have time to get ready!

2018-07-25 09.33.59Now a bit closer to home I see in the paper that it’s time for the selection of the regional candidate for Miss Italia, nestled up to a picture of the band King Crimson.  Italy still considers the Miss Italia contest to be very important, where the mostly olive-skinned contestants parade in bathing costumes reminding us how beautiful the Italian woman really is.

Meanwhile, King Crimson is soaking up the Italian love of rock music and are on tour, stopping off at the Lucca Summer Festival.  An unusual band, famous for having three drummers, and held together since 1967 by guitarist Robert Fripp.  Robert’s history is fragmented having spent ten years doing other things, including backup guitar for David Bowie, but reformed the band in 2013.  They have recently released an album called ‘Live in Vienna’ which has both rock and orchestral tracks, 30 in all!  Best to google King Crimson, or go on to iTunes.

2018-07-23 09.03.25Not to be overlooked, is the fact that we have a world champion on our hands.  Yes, the thirty-five year old golfer, Francesco Molinari, has just won the 2018 Open Championship, the first Italian ever to do so!  Well bully for him I say.  Oh, I think that’s a hocky term, but hey ho!  It seems that Francesco has homes in both Turin and London.  How fantastic to earn a living playing a sport you love and to have homes in two of the greatest cities in Europe.  Visit Wikipedia

Well, must take a break now and get a nice cauliflower cheese bake in the oven.  I’ll finish this later and get it off to you this evening.

OK, I’m back having had a nice Sunday pausa.   So how to finish this blog?  Well, I think to reflect on the fact that I am a writer, yes really, and that I have three novels out there in the ether, just waiting to entertain you over your summer break.  In fact you’re probably so hot that lying on the sofa with a book is all you can do right now!  If it helps we are baking here too.

But life eez good, life eeez now!  Have a great week and do drop me a line, and/or visit my official author site at June’s site

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