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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Before I launch into the subjects in the above title, I do want to let you know that I have not forgotten to mention the Olive Harvest.  Yes it is in full swing, however, I will talk about it next week when I have some more fotos!

The smoking inglenook fireplace. Fot P Finnigan

The smoking inglenook fireplace. Foto P Finnigan

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or should I say at our former monastery/farmhouse here in Chianti, it was time to try out our inglenook fireplace for the first time.  Now we do have a vast experience of open fireplaces, in fact my man actually built one many years ago in Somerset, England, so we knew there was only a 50/50 chance of it not smoking the sitting room out.  So, on Friday we got it lit and yes, as you can see in the foto we had to open the french windows to let the billowing smoke out.  But for just a few minutes it looked beautiful and when it was roaring the smoke went up the chimney, but as soon as it died down a bit, out came the smoke again!  So we will get an expert in to decide how to deal with it.  Watch this space….

Sting at 65. La Repubblica magazine.

Sting at 65. La Repubblica magazine.

Back in Fiano, where we mostly go for our coffee these days, I see in the Sunday magazine that very popular British musician Sting, or Gordon Sumner, is looking pretty good at sixty-five.  The Italians love Sting, and as he has a villa a few valleys away from us, he is also considered a local celebrity; a bit like me in fact, although I’m only famous in Fiano!

Look no hands, or feet! Fot La Nazione

Look no hands or feet! Foto La Nazione

The other thing that the Italian’s love is Calcio or football to you and I.  You may remember that AC Milan was purchased by a Chinese buyer a short while ago.  Now I don’t know what to think of this, but in the paper I see the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping  showing off his skills by playing football without his hands or feet!  Methinks it’s a clever conjuring trick.  What was that you said?  Well, really…..

October fruit and veg in Certaldo. Foto J Finnigan

October fruit and veg in Certaldo. Foto J Finnigan

OK, where was I.  Oh yes, back to yesterday morning and the fruit and veg market.  Whilst, most of the peaches have finished I did find some plums and I bought some lovely fresh broccoli too.  I decided to take a foto of one of my favourite home-grown stands and I think this picture says it all.

Then of course, it’s that time of year for Chestnuts or Castagne as they are called here.  The Italians really go to town making wonderful deserts for this versatile nut, I’ll try to get some fotos for you next time.

My Pasta vegetarina. Foto J Finnigan

My Pasta vegetariana. Foto J Finnigan

And just for a bit of fun, here is a foto of my pasta vegetariana,which I had for supper last night with our lovely family, at a restaurant called Il Merlo, somewhere between Volterra and San Gimignano!  The chef has a sense of humour and obviously so disapproved of my not wanting any sausage with my pasta, he even removed the pumpkin as he thought I might consider it meat, then put this little face in the corner of the plate!  Very Ha Ha, I don’t think.

Anyway, gosh is that the time, I must crack on with my soon to be finished novel ‘The Italian Connection’, which some of you are asking about. My deadline for the first draft is the end of October, which I expect to meet, then another month of infill and editing before I can get it published.  Sorry to say, I won’t make the Christmas shelves but you can happily look forward to a Spring launch at the very latest.

OK, off you go, have a really good week and do drop me a line, I love to hear from you.

Salute June x

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'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.




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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Last week I told you about that hidden structure across the valley and that I was determined to find a path or track down from the road.  Well my man and I have agreed to disagree where we need to stop on the main road that runs above it.  There are a maze of tracks that run down beside the vineyards  and also possible pathways at the back of farmhouses and little hamlets.  “Here stop here! Dammit, you’ve overshot it” I groan.  “No I haven’t, it’s just around this bend” he insists.  “Blast I’ve overshot it…”  We drive on a bit further.  “Haven’t we gone too far now?”  I say.  “There may be an access path behind these buildings, lets slow down… Oh no, you’ve overshot that one now!”  “Oh, hell, I’m not turning around again, lets drop down for coffee in Certaldo.”  He says commandingly.

Yummy veg in Certaldo's Saturday morning market. Phot J Finnigan

Yummy veg in Certaldo’s Saturday morning market.
Photo J Finnigan

It being Saturday morning, we cruise into the main piazza and park.  The fruit and veg market is half its normal size due to the mass exodus a week ago to Il Mare (the seaside).  But its better than the previous Saturday when there was no market at all.  I buy some lovely fresh insalate (green salad) from a local producer and am happy with that.  Our cheese family are not there and obviously up to their necks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Empoli's Open air Cinema from 21 to 31 August. Photo La Nazione

Empoli’s Open air Cinema from 21 to 31 August.
Photo La Nazione

Over coffee I read that a nearby town, Empoli, is holding open air cinema showing some of the great films in one of their main Piazzas.  Now I cannot describe how fabulous it is to be in a beautiful piazza surrounded by gorgeous old buildings to watch open air theatre or concerts.  The cinema epic will have a huge screen on the side of a building and everyone will go to watch their favourites, sitting on the ground with picnics.  The ultimate favourite actor amongst Italians, George Clooney, is heavily featured and he is also a part-time resident in Italy of course.

Handbags galore! La Nazione

Handbags galore!
La Nazione

Then I turn the page and, Oh heaven, there is a two page article on handbags!  But my man is getting irritated because I’m taking so long to read the paper.  “Haven’t you finished yet, I’ve had my pastry and coffee and nothing to read!” He groans.  I smile sweetly and whisper ‘amore,’ but he is not impressed.  So I hand over La Nazione, as I have also snapped a couple of fotos I knew you would like, and it really is his turn.

Back in my studio, I manage to write a chapter and a half of ‘The Italian Connection’ and I am very pleased with that.  I read my emails and our landlady has confirmed that she would like our little rented villa back at the end of the four-year contract, which is February next year.  This is OK with us as we really would like to find a bigger place as we are a little cramped here.  So if anyone in Tuscany knows of an old large independent villa with garden in the area, do let me know.  We don’t mind if it’s a little worse for wear.  write to june.finnigan@virgin.net

Well, must get back to the day job until the weekend, when I will update you with our continuing adventures.

Do drop me a line.

Salute June x

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My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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