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Happy 1st May & Buona Festa to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Yes, I’m back again, this time lifted from a few hard working weeks by the month of May. I just love the first May. It feels like the start of something important and beautiful. The sun is breaking through the overnight mist and my man is sounding cheerful!

Every year I am overwhelmed by the flowers, both wild and planted, painting the garden and countryside with splashes of colour like an artist’s brush. The lilac tree has already flowered and moved on; instead we have hundreds of white Acacia trees dripping with blossoms. I think these trees, described locally as weeds, are the most beautiful in Tuscany at this time of year. Weeds because they grow quickly and everywhere, needing controlling if you prefer your view to be open and the garden tidy. I like a bit of both, I mean, how much view do you really need? And, I love trees.

If you have visited our lovely former Monastery Farmhouse, you will remember that just inside the main gate is a sloping semi-circular scrubby patch of garden, currently overun with flowering weeds, which is something and nothing. On one side is the lilac tree and on the other a big bunch of Irises. Now, we are very lucky to have a beautiful and talented daughter who, amongst her other achievements, is a qualified garden designer. So I asked Sharon if she could come up with some ideas for creating an easy to manage ground covering of flowering plants. Now ask Sharon a question and she will come back with the most brilliant answers. Here is her specially prepared ‘Mood Board’ for our consideration! Watch this space.

The other thing that really excites me is the mass of spring vegetables available and the seasonal foods coming into the shops and markets like Burrata cheese, which I adore. Here is a picture of one of the most mouth-watering salads served up at Tenuto Monterosola, Burrata with peaches and washed down with glass of Vermentino. http://www.monterosola.com

I have booked another on-line cooking class with Judy Witts Francini, as I am desperate for some ideas on dishes using seasonal veggies including Fava Beans, known as broad beans in the UK. Here in Tuscany the locals eat them raw when young. I tossed some with cubes of pecorino cheese and balsamic vinegar, which was delicious, but that’s my limit! Why don’t you join me on Thursday 6 may at Judy’s class! Go to http://www.divinacucina.com

OK, I know I’ve bombarded you with plants and veggies, but to be honest I just wanted to talk to you about happy things, rather than pandemics and not being able to book an inside restuarant table for lunch. We are currently in a Giallo (yellow) zone, which is not too bad for shopping etc. But the rules for masks and distancing remain strictly in place, which I agree with.

I have two questions to answer recently put to me by faithful followers. Firstly, no, my fourth book ‘Assassin’s List’ will not be available shortly as I have had other very important things consuming my time. However, my heroine Joana West is knocking on the inside of my skull trying to get out, so I will have to get back to her soon. So please bear with me and I will aim to get the book done in time for Christmas, or with a little bit of luck, beforehand.

Secondly, The Rock Chick Band is aiming to be back for a big bash on June 24 2022, so I hope you will diary date to join us then.

OK, time to edit this blog and get it off to you. I hope you are all remaining well and protected; it will be a while yet before Italy has got her act together.

Do contact me, either through this blog or by email at june.finnigan@virgin.net. I love to hear from you.

Oh and do buy my books if you have not already done so! http://www.junefinnigan.website

Have a great week and Amore to you all.

Salute june x

Stop press – Bee Eaters have just arrived!

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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers round the World,

OK, so it’s nearly Christmas and whatever your plans are, I really hope all goes well for you.

For us, the days between Christmas and New Year have historically involved fresh air, country walks and a little gardening. On the subject of gardening, I am not talking manual labour just a bit of pottering and thinking about improvements and the return of spring.

Continuing with the subject of gardens, I am very proud to introduce you to my hugely talented and beautiful daughter Sharon Finnigan-Kilby. Sharon is a highly qualified and experienced garden designer as well as editing Envy Italy mgazine and running a PR Company here in Italy. Now, whilst some of her work has been temporarily effected by Covid, the garden design business is the one area that she is getting a lot of interest for. Not only is it the right time of year for planning designs, walking around your winter plots and visualising wonderful things for the future, you can get designing straight away. Of course, I’m no expert, but Sharon is and you can contact her at https://www.bellaterragardendesigns.com

Well, this may be a short blog but it is an important one as we take a break for the Festive Season. Thank you so much for buying my books and following my blog. And, may I take this opportunity to wish all my followers, family and friends a Very happy Christmas and a very much better New Year.

Salute June x

PS Visit my author site for your Christmas reading http://www.junefinnigan.website

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