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Benvenuti and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

“It says here that I should not drink alcohol whilst taking my new Opium tablets!”  I groan.  ‘What did you say?’ I hear you all gasp.  Panic ye not, I have just started a course of herbal tablets containing a little Opium, doctor’s orders I hasten to add.  My man grins down at me from his lofty height and says kindly, “Don’t worry June, you’ll cope, it’s not as if you are addicted to wine, after all, you only drink one glass at a time!”  Humph…

2017-11-02 09.03.00Anyway, enough of that, lets look  back at the week, after all, that’s why you are here.  Well, like most other countries in the world, Italy celebrated Halloween.  In fact, the Italians go crazy for it, young and old dress up in the most outrageous costumes and parade around the streets wearing death masks!    The next day is All Soul’s Day, or Day of the Dead, when everyone remembers their dear departed family and friends.   The graveyards here are quite spectacular, always lit by red candles or lights, and masses of flowers both fresh & false, so the effect is a glittering welcoming place.  There is a mix of concrete buildings where the dead are laid one on top of another, family tombs and graves in the ground, all attended regularly and kept bright and cheerful.  I think some of the larger cemeteries should be included in Cultural Tours; I’m not sure if that would be allowed, but you can nip in and walk around anyway.  Foto La Repubblica.

20171031_111427In the run up to Halloween, all the shopkeepers enter into the ‘spirit’ of things, including my man’s favourite Panetteria in Certaldo.  In the picture, you will see the staff behind the counter wearing little hats and the counter loaded up with cakes and goodies for the festivities.  On Saturday mornings, whilst I do the fruit, veg and cheese shopping in the mercato, my man pops down Via Giugno to get bread and sometimes Pizza for supper.  He says, it is the best bakers in the whole area!  Foto P Finnigan.

Olives ready for picking 2Meanwhile, back in our little bit of the Chianti countryside, the last two weeks has been busy with olive picking.  Foreign faces are everywhere; some come for the much-needed work, whilst others treat picking olives as a fun holiday.  Brightly coloured nets are spread out under the trees and not one little olive will be overlooked.  Sadly, the harvest has been rather small this year, following the terrible summer drought.  However, the resulting oil is absolutely delicious.  Foto J Finnigan.

20171103_090819There has also been lots of tree felling.  Mostly small-leaved oak trees, that are now in a big pile a few yards from our front gate.  It’s a sad sight, I always feel a little bereft at the thought of any tree being chopped down, but I guess the woodland does need managing to some degree.  My man bought a new chainsaw last year and he has yet to use it.  The temptation to go out there with his boy’s toy, is eating away at him!  He reckons we could pretend that we thought it was our own log delivery!  O Dio!  Anyway, behind the pile of  logs the vineyard is looking very beautiful and it won’t be long before all the vines are bare.  So we should relax and enjoy it, not think about pinching other people’s logs!  Well,on the other hand…..  Foto P Finnigan

2017-11-05 13.14.17Gosh, it’s nearly lunchtime and I should go and get changed.  It’s currently thundering and raining, so we need to go over to C’era una Volta’ in Lucardo and enjoy the hot food, wine, the company of good friends and forget the weather.  On arrival my man orders some fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil and toast, because he wants to taste the new stuff.  The oil is Paolo’s own and the colour alone tells you how recently it has been cold pressed.  Yummy!  Foto J Finnigan

OK, time to go, have a great week and do drop me a line, I love to hear from you.  Oh, and keep a watch out for my Christmas Book Promotion, starting soon!  Visit my Official Author Site at June’s Site

Salute June x




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Benvenuti to all my Lovely Loyal and New Followers

Only in Italy will you find half the population celebrating the dead, visiting the cemetries, cars parked for miles down the road and then dressing up to look like them in the evening.  Failing that, it’s an excuse to have a two-day festa and dress in amazing costumes, sometimes not even related to Halloween!  The fancy dress themes ranged from animals to cartoon characters.  The lovely Benedetta from Fiano has promised to let me have pictures of her own costume to show you.  So watch this space.

Autmn colour in the vineyards below the villa Photo P Finnigan

Autumn colour in the vineyards below the villa
Photo P Finnigan

2014-11-02 12.33.04

The man and Farty Barty do the crossword. Photo J Finnigan

Back in the land of the sane, well almost, we have finally accepted that Autumn is here.  The countryside is looking glorious, however, there is no denying that, now the last olives have been picked, it is time to start tucking in with the log fire and warmed Chianti.  Despite this, the lunchtimes are still proving to be lovely and sunny.  Grab a warm spot out of the wind and it’s really nice.  Yesterday, the man and Farty Barty the cat spread themselves across the outside table and enjoyed doing a crossword together, which they had earlier found amongst old newspapers put aside for the fire.  Meanwhile I managed another chapter of ‘The Bolivian Connection’ and so Sunday turned out to be a very good day indeed.

Soaking up the sea air. Photo P Finnigan

Soaking up the sun and sea air.
Photo P Finnigan

Last Thursday we took the day off and drove down to the coast and Castiglione della Pescaia.  We usually try to go down in October when the tourists have gone, yet is still nice enough to stroll in the gorgeous yellow sand and around the beautiful harbour.  We had lunch in a tried and tested restaurant, however, next time we’ll take a picnic and sit on the beach.  There were several very brown people still sunbathing as we walked past in our winter jackets!  Die hards…  I spent my childhood on the beach at Exmouth in Devon and have always been drawn to the sea.  There’s something about the ocean, the smell of the clear water and the swaying seaweed just below the surface.  The low Autumn sun made it difficult to get any really good pictures of the beach, which was a lovely fine yellow sand, so perhaps we’ll go at the end of September next time.  But it was lovely.  I would love to hear from any of you who live on the Tuscan coast.  We adore Chianti, however, if we could be persuaded to a region near the coast that offers similar rolling hills, vineyards and olives, and not too touristy, we may be tempted.

The charismatic Silvio Berlusconi

The charismatic Silvio Berlusconi

Meanwhile, back in the land of the super rich, Silvio Berlusconi reigns supreme at AC Milan.  Having sold Mario Balotelli to Liverpool, describing him as a bad apple, he watched his side lose 2-0 to Palermo.  He told his players to stop playing like the Liverpool striker and get themselves inside the box.  Meanwhile, SB is doing his best to be constantly ‘on’ the box.  “Love me, love my club!”

Well, enough of that.  It’s probably the last day to enjoy lunch in the garden this week, as rain is forecast for the next few days.  So, time to prepare lunch, then soak up some much-needed vitamin D with an aperitivo.

Have a really good week and see you next time.

Salute June x

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