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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers Around the World,

Did you miss me?  So sorry not to have sent you a blog last weekend, but I can only blame it on losing my creative writing hat and spending too much time drinking wine in the sunshine!  I also wanted to send you happy news and as I no longer have access to the coffee shop and the daily newspapers, I found myself getting rather brain-dead.

Phil the pheasant.jpgBut that’s all changed!  We have been inundated with visitors that don’t seem to understand how important it is to stay at home.  Firstly, Phil our resident Pheasant, has invited two hens to stay and was flaunting himself below our bedroom window this morning.  He’s obviously feeling very randy as he was fluffing his feathers up to give the impression that he is twice his normal size!  When he started jumping his startled hens, I had to look away, what an exhibitionist!

The lack of humans in the countryside has encouraged deer out into the open, I hope we might get sight of a herd of Cingale ( wild boar) too.  Below us is a field sown mainly to meadow hay and is proving very popular. Yesterday a lone deer made his way across the field and dissapeared into woodland, we both felt that this was unusual and hope he has not been chased out of a local herd.  The mind tends to over react at times!

download.jpgMeanwhile, the garden is full of visitors including the stunning and musical Hoopie.  The disturbed earth around our new compost heap seems very attractive to them.  Also a pair of Jays, numerous wood pidgeons flocks of redstarts and many other birds whose names escape me.

2020-04-04 18.25.06And, on the subject of Compost Heaps, we are very proud to have completed our very first version of one, yesterday morning.  This then created the need for a wine break before lunch.  It is rather shameful that we have only just created one after having spent most of our lives living in the countryside with good sized gardens.  My beautiful Earth Mother daughter has been growing veg and using compost heaps for years.  I am not the greatest of cooks and she asked me very seriously on WhatsApp ‘What are you eating Mum?”  “I can cook if I have to!”  I snorted.  “Oh, I thought you might have ordered a flow of ready made meal deliveries!”  She chuckled.  Cheeky monkey.

OK, back to our wine break and I know I have mentioned the dance of the Swallow Tail images.jpgButterflies before, but they were back and getting very close to where we were sitting.  Out of interest we had previously looked up their lifespan and were astonished to read that in butterfly form they only live for ten days!  As one almost alighted on my man’s chest he commented “So, they have only ten days to work out if they are male, female or transgender.”  He said very seriously.  “Mmm. I think that one is female” I grinned.  Foto it.123rf.com

Anyway, we are managing to enjoy working from home, beating the boundaries and checking for new rosebuds, before at least two home-made espresso coffees and breakfast, talking a lot of trivia and drinking good wine.  The forecast is for sunny days for at least the next week so that’s good news; we have even had to start watering pots that are now uncovered!

1180_LynnMargolisPhotography-318-520x400Well, I could waffle on but there is one thing I want to mention.  London based James Lakeland, who is the brother of an English friend, designs beautiful women’s clothes that are made in Italy.  Like many fashion shops, he is really struggling at the moment.  He has managed to pay his staff so far and has now reduced his prices so low, you have to get on-line and start buying!  I have placed an order, so that’s my next concert outfit sorted, god knows when it will arrive here in Italy (Italy’s postal system is unpredictable), but it is worth it to support at least one deserving fashion house.  James also delivers worldwide!  Foto from James Lakeland Blogsite.  James lakeland

So, enough for now.  I have promised my man a veggie roast lunch, which will take me a while to prepare.  Needless to say, can’t wait to return to our local restaurant, oh, and my hairdresser.  I have an inch of grey roots creeping over my scalp.   It’s unnerving.  A few days ago my man said “Whats that shining on top of your head, oh, it’s not silver paper it’s ………”  He has Peter Pan Genes, still dark blond and, due to the lack of hairdressers, is sporting a long 70’s hairstyle.

Hope you are all safe and well.

Salute June x

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25th April.  The Festa Della Liberazione March in Certaldo. Photo J Finnigan

25th April. The Festa Della Liberazione March in Certaldo.
Photo J Finnigan

Benvenuti to all My Lovely Loyal and New Followers

Last Saturday was a very important day for Italy as we were celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Allied Force’s final flushing out of the  German occupation.  Whilst different parts of Italy were freed a little earlier or later, it is the 25th April when that event is celebrated.  Now, I found this very emotional as I watched the parade in Certaldo.  Old boys struggling along and in wheelchairs.  The band was followed by every generation from the few remaining Partisans through to their great-grandchildren.  Also marching were representatives of the fire brigade, ambulance and of course the police and army.

25th April.  Home grown local fruit and veg in Certaldo. Photo J Finnigan

25th April. Home grown local fruit and veg in Certaldo.
Photo J Finnigan

The main piazza was full of colourful stands selling fruit, veg and crafts.   As the sun was quite bright and over-head, the stall holders and their products were in the shade, so getting a good photo was difficult.  However, I did manage to take a few nice ones.

I am currently writing my third novel entitled ‘The Italian Connection’ and a couple of years ago I interviewed a Partisan in Montespertoli, as I intended using his story in the book.  Gianfranco was already in his late-eighties and was a young man when the occupation began.  He told me a story about how he lost close friends and hid in caves and other peoples’ houses for months on end.  He is immortalised in the book, so I will let you know when it is published and hopefully before Christmas.  Very emotional stuff.

Remembering Saturday lunchtime.  Beautiful. Photo J Finnigan

Remembering Saturday lunchtime. Hot and sunny. Beautiful.
Photo J Finnigan

It is Monday morning and hard to believe that Saturday had been so hot and sunny.  The wind is currently howling around the villa, it is raining and everything looks grey.  My poor man is in bed with an English virus, having returned from London last Saturday evening, and Farty Barty the wild cat is curled up tight on his kitchen chair, which is a sure sign that the bad weather is not going to disappear very quickly.  But the good news is on the weekend we saw Hoopies, swallows, Jays, and heard the first Cuckoo and Bee Eaters!  Yes, Life eez good ninety-nine percent of the time!

Silvio at AC Milan Photo Antonio Calanni/Associated Press

Silvio at AC Milan
Photo Antonio Calanni/Associated Press

So what is Silvio Berlusconi up to I wonder?  Perhaps he can cheer us up.  Ah, just as I thought, SB appears to be close to selling 75% of his shareholding in Milan football club to a Chinese consortium including Hong Kong’s Richard Lee.  The one billion euro takeover bid is expected to include Silvio’s daughter Barbara.  Hang on a minute, I’ll read that again!  Ah yes, that is ‘to include Barbara continuing in her position as club director.’  Mmmm, there is also a whisper the Chinese Government is playing an instrumental role – see, what did I tell you?  They are everywhere…..

Well, enough of that.  I must go and see if I can encourage my man to eat something, poor thing.

Have a really great week and do drop me a line.

Salute June

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My Father, The Assassin.  Book on in the series.

My Father, The Assassin. Book on in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection'  Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.

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