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Benvenuti to all my Lovely Loyal and New Followers

Torrential rain in Certaldo. Photo J Finnigan

Torrential rain in Certaldo. Photo J Finnigan

As I write this blog we are enjoying a reprieve from the horrendous heat and humidity that has smothered us over the last two weeks.  It had become so oppressive, it was as if the oxygen had been sucked out of the air!  Then earlier in the week it started to rumble with thunder and the birds stopped singing.  Then the cicada’s stopped their cackling, the wind started to build into a massive force ten and I could not get outside to rescue the canvas sun brollies.  Inevitably, they went flying dragging their heavy bases with them and sadly one was torn really badly.  But this is a minor issue, what followed was a long-awaited downpour on the parched countryside and I saved fifteen euros as the car got washed at the same time!

Coffee with Sting. Photo J Finnigan

Coffee with Sting.
Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, I was safely in Bar Solferino in Certaldo enjoying my coffee with Sting.  We watched the rain thundering down outside, he said nothing.  This is because he was just a picture in the paper, but one can dream.  He was really in rehearsals for his performance at Lucca as the final act for a great lineup of rockers in the summer festival there.

The previous day I had been in the same bar, when six American backpackers struggled in.  All girlies of around twenty-one who proceeded to stuff themselves with two pastries each.  One girl stood at the bar with a pack so large on her back that she must have included the kitchen sink!  She was also tall, stick thin in a long skirt and sandals.  She was trying to get Elena behind the bar to understand her and was having some difficulty in doing so.  Elena looked across at me with pleading eyes.  I asked loudly if I could help and this awful American girl started screeching about the fact that her phone could not pick up the cafe bar’s internet and that she would never had walked all this way if she had known it would not work!  I took her phone and gave it to Elena who in seconds linked it in and gave it back.  Not a word of thanks from this horrid girl!  Meanwhile, the other girls seemed to be ignoring her and enjoying themselves, and I was told that they were on a train/bus/walking tour and had started in Venice.  They were about to get the train to Rome.  That day the temperature was around thirty-eight degrees;  I wished them well.

My man returned from a working week in London on Saturday and I was so relieved to be back in the arms of my Amore.  Sometimes all one needs is a hug to make the world seem right.  I had survived a hurricane, three electricity cuts and a tooth extraction.  But I had left the broken loo system, the dragging door and the cleaning up of the garden after the storm, to him.  I was just too tired to do it all, I’m sure you understand.

Silvio grinning. Photo The Guardian

Silvio grinning.
Photo The Guardian

“I have never paid for sex!”  The illustrious billionaire Silvio Berlusconi has said on a number of occasions, however, escort Patricia d’Addario claims otherwise after having written a book about their alleged sexual relationship.  She is now going to make a film about it!  This announcement comes after poor SB was sentenced to three years in prison, earlier this month, for bribing an Italian senator.  Well all this keeps him in the headlines and bad publicity is better than none at all.  His supporters will just keep rallying around him….  Anyway, if push comes to shove he can always take up a post in Putin’s Government.

Well, enough of that.  Time to think about sunday lunch.  It is such a lovely day we have decided to eat in the garden, so I need to go and organise an aperitivo.

Have a really great week and do drop me a line.

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Salute June x

PS I am off to the UK this week, so no blog next weekend, sorry. xx

My Father, The Assassin.  Book one in the series.

My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection'  Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.



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