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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely followers around The World

Well, where to start?  Here in Beautiful Tuscany the dreaded lurgy played a big part in shaping Christmas and New Year Celebrations.  ‘You’re not alone’ I hear you say.  Yes, I know this to be true, having friends and family all over the world who have had to make the best of things.  Like many self-employed people, I found it difficult to relax despite the fact that we have been working from home for years now, so nothing much had changed!  But I did get the guitar out and tried to get to grips with an on-line course.  This then, prompted me to think about my repertoire for the next Rock Chick Band Concert, currently penciled in for June 17.  So I had a few fun hours singing along to some great rock tracks; watch this space! Foto Certaldo Alto.

A pre-Xmas family restaurant lunch ended up with just the two of us.  In saying that my man and I rediscovered Il Pirate Restaurant in the centre of Certaldo and enjoyed a very nice meal indeed.  It was also quiet as fewer people were eating out at this point in time.  They do a delicious pasta sauce called Crema di Zucca, which translates to Cream of Pumpkin and my gluten free pasta was perfectly cooked.  See pizzeria il pirata certaldo on Facebook.

One bonus about not eating out so much is my man’s newly discovered pleasure in cooking!  Since my little accident at the end of July, it has been a slow recovery and he has had little choice but to start cooking.  So thank goodness, he has discovered he likes his own cooking more than mine and reckons he cooks up some better meals than our local restaurants!  I have to say that I agree with him, but don’t tell him I said that!  I do like to eat out. Note his new professional apron.

A couple of weeks before Xmas our Grandson, who plays rugby for Siena, had enjoyed a great winning performance against a very strong team up north.  Sadly, members of both teams went down with Covid, all were told to isolate  and the series has now been put on hold.  But being so proud of him, I had to include a foto of our boy in action.

Well, today is Sunday 2 January.  The sky is overcast and tomorrow will be a working day for us.  Ooh, I’ve made that sound a bit gloomy, which was not intended.  I’m actually looking forward to a very rewarding 2022 from a business point of view.   I would also like to say thank you for buying my books last year, I hope to have book four in the series out in the spring or early summer. I’ll keep you posted.

What else? Oh yes, very important, I want to thank my man with all my heart for his support over the last few months and during my slow recovery. Apparently I was a terrible patient! But, he still loves me! Proof of this was the surprise gift two days after Xmas of this lovely heart box full of chocolates!

Now, life remains very good here in our little bit of the Chianti Hills and whilst there are restrictions we can still function very well. We are currently in a Yellow Zone which means showing our Green Passes (at least two vaccines) in restaurants and other public venues. Schools are verging on home studies again so our granddaughter is preparing for the worse scenario.

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Salute June x


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