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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

2019-05-04 17.30.23Well, who’d have thought it.  The first week in May and we have been swamped with rain and thunder storms.  Una bomba d’aqua!  If you are visiting, do not be dismayed; when the sun comes out even briefly, you will see the how the light will change and once again everything becomes an artist’s dream.  Just stand still in the countryside, no electronic equipment please, hear the rain dripping off the trees, soak up the lush view of many shades of green and the glut of white Acaccia and Elderflower blossoms, oh and the bright yellow Broom.  The perfumes will intoxicate you, and then you will see that 3D effect as the sunlight picks up every hill and valley, every row of trees and vines, it will take your breath away!  Close your eyes for a second, open again and you will see that you overlooked the steam rising from the valleys as the hot sun starts to dry things out.  Then there is the birdsong, the Cuckoo, newly arrived Bee Eaters, the Hoopoe and all the other beautiful regulars.  Well, enough said.

2june_2007_367.jpgThe bad weather prevented us from going down to Certaldo on Sunday morning for the annual parade of I Bersaglieri (Marksmen) who are the wonderful running infantry soldiers who wear plumed hats.  We watched them arrive in town last year, running and playing their brass instruments at the same time.  They are so impressive to watch and I must say the leader was a bit of a hunk.  Do go on to Youtube where there is some great footage.  Also visit Wikipedia to read about their fascinating history.

20190504_165739Meanwhile, back in our local village of Fiano we are all delighted to welcome the lovely Gabriella Carbini and her Ceramic showroom and studio, Ceramiche D’Arte Carbini.  The ‘shop’ is in the main street, Via Firenze, and is full of beautiful traditional ceramics for you to drool over.  Your problem will be what not to buy!  In addition to the ceramics, Gabriella (on the right in picture) will be pleased to welcome small groups to demonstrations of her work in her studio.  You can telephone her on (0039) 346 418 8211 or email ceramichecarbini@gmail.com  We attended the opening yesterday evening and can’t wait to go back and start buying things!

2019-05-05 10.18.16Still in Fiano and enjoying coffee at La Dispensa, I read an article about the dark side of Italy, that being the Italian Mafia.  Of course they have always been around but more predominantly in the south.  We do not see much evidence of their existence here in Tuscany, but then we are not really looking for it either!  Anyway, this article was about a new film release called Il Traditore, The Traitor.  The Plot is about revenge and betrayal revolving around Tommaso Buscetta, “boss of the two worlds”  It is directed by that great master of film, Marco Bellocchio and will be released on 23rd May.  Watch this space!

2019-05-04 09.45.20And, on a much brighter side, the lovely Fiorentine Iris has once again survived the winter and is standing proud in the garden.  I had promised to post pictures of our new potted plants but due to the heavy rain most remain under cover and will be planted as soon as we have a rain free day.  So I hope you enjoy seeing the Iris!

Anyway, enough already, time to get this blog finished and off to you.  I love to hear from you so do drop me a line.  Oh and visit my website at my site

Salute June x



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