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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

2019-10-06 11.10.29“look at this lot, all crushed under car tires and ignored!”  My man, having been a champion player in his youth, is bemoaning the fact that hundreds of conkers are going to waste in the Piazza in Fiano, which is also a car park.  There are several big Horse Chestnut trees growing around the edge of the Piazza that are looked after quite well and pruned when needed.  They also provide shade for villagers during the summer months so that they can sit outside and enjoy village life.  But, O Dio, the poor conkers are left to be crushed by the cars!  My man decided to check this disaster out with Rossella at La Dispensa, our local alimentare and coffee bar.  ‘No’ she replied in very good English, ‘We have never heard of conkers!’  My man was visibly upset by this.  How could generations of children never have picked up the conkers, selecting the best, threading the old shoe lace through and leaving them to dry in the sun?  He decided to rectify this and between us we threaded up two conkers and took them in this morning.  Rossella and her handsome young amore, Alessio, thought this hilarious.  So we showed them how to play, rather restricted by all the breakables around us and here is a foto.  You have to look closely for the conkers, but I think my man will have started a whole new craze in Tuscany!  Foto J Finnigan

72619985_1730607577069999_7124708358690439168_oMeanwhile, yesterday evening was the big celebration party for having won the beautiful hand-made Calambur banner.  The banner was apparently made by a disabled person, I will try to find out more.  If you want to see how the Italians celebrate, here is the village crammed into the Old Cinema, enjoying a feast of home-made food and gallons of wine. Foto Rione ‘Le Fonte’ Fiano, Facebook page.

2019-10-04 08.50.13Earlier in the day I managed to capture one of the villagers and got him to pose in the bar next to the banner.  Let me introdude you to the very handsome Massimo Maccari, who always has a smile on his face and readily posed for his picture.  Sorry ladies, I have to tell you that he is happily married and the father of two children, but I promise to find you a Hunk of the Month for October soon.  Foto J Finnigan

2019-10-04 09.01.04On a quieter note, I do love Italian men’s classical clothes.  Other than my man, very few men can wear beautiful tailored outfits and still look sexy.  I know, here I am a bit of a Rock Chick, black is my signature colour, but I do like to be seen with a man who can really wear his clothes well.  My man, being ex-military and having a naturaly tall balanced frame, finds it impossible to look scruffy.  Clothes hang on him like he is made for them.  The alternative to being like my Englishman is to be born Italian, as male models here just have that subtle edge.  Don’t you agree?  Canali

2019-09-19 09.05.36Then I noticed something quite different for we ladies (I prefer to say girlies, but you know how it is).  This outfit from Fracomina is strikingly different, a subtle designer edge to the jeans and matching cuffs, very clever.  And, the jaunty little cap to set it off!  I would order this but just need to slim down a bit first……  Francomina

Mustn’t forget the most topical thing at present  is of course World Cup Rugby.  As we support both England and Italy, we have enjoyed both success and failure.  Needless to say, although keeping a brave face, Italy was thrashed by South Africa having been ahead on games beforehand.  England hasn’t lost a game yet, so fingers crossed.  Next up, they play France.

Life is very exciting isn’t it?  Anyway, must get ready for a working day tomorrow, hope you enjoy this blog and do drop me a line.  I love to hear from my readers.

Salute June x

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