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Daniel CraigYesterday (Saturday) morning, I walked into La Dispensa, our local grocery shop and caffe bar in Fiano, to find the perfect person at the long table, ideal for lifting my spirits on a cold morning.  ‘Permesso’?  I said quietly, as I settled down with my coffee opposite Daniel Craig.  Well, a person can dream and I do have a very fertile imagination.  I smiled at Daniel and mouthed ‘salute’ not too loudly as people might have thought me acting a little batty again, although most of the locals consider me to be the eccentric English writer.  I know, I’ve been told this!  Then I read about the imminent release of the latest Bond Film;  I just can’t wait.  Fortunately, the Italians love Bond too, so there’s always a lots of info about.

ArmaniMeanwhile, you would have to be deaf and blind not to have noticed all the fashion parades going on throughout Europe and especially Milan.  An interesting article in La Republica mention the comments made by 85 year old Georgio Armani.  He likened semi-nude models to being put through a ‘form of rape’  which he does not approve of.  Thinking about it, there are so many miserable looking models about, I do wonder if they are being forced to wear things they hate or are uncomfortable in.  Come to think of it, the world of modelling must have as much pressure as the film world.

Feminine fashionBut, thank you once again to the lovely feminine designs presented by Luisa Spagnoli, who regular readers will know is one of my favourite designers.  Look at this gorgeous outfit, feminine, not revealing yet still has a certain sexiness.  Reminds me of warm sunny days walking along the beach with the wind in my hair.  You know, that wonderful feel good factor.  I love it!

Women's RugbyNow, I cannot let you go without a discussion on Rugby.  Are you a fan?  Well it’s currently the Six Nations season and my man and I are glued to the TV.  It’s about the only time it gets switched on; if you lived in Italy you may not want to watch Italian TV.  Anyway, I thought I would mention the high quality of Women’s Rugby these days.  Whilst Italy struggles to beat the formidable men’s teams, the women are very strong indeed.  It will be interesting to compare the final results of men and women on the score boards, at the end of the tournament.

Italian women partisansAnd, finally, whilst we are praising Italian women, let us not forget the incredible female partisans during the occupied years in the second world war.  They risked life and limb to save allied soldiers and get them out of the country during a very vicious and frightening time.  I give a little mention about this time in my novel ‘The Italian Connection,’  having met and interviewed a number of men and women who were active in those days.

Well, enough for now, must start thinking about Sunday Lunch.

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