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Welcome an Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

458A8440_paginabeach.jpgWell, if you were here in Tuscany at this very moment, you would be amazed to find hardly any British or American tourists in the area.  Even the papers are talking about the huge drop in tourists from outside the Eurozone.  The beaches of Versiglia, a typical high-end resort north of Pisa and usually packed solid with Russians and Americans, was photgraphed with empty sun-beds as far as the eye could see.  We have to face it, exchange rates are apalling at the moment.  One pound sterling will only buy you 1.09 euros today.  When we came here nearly sixteen years ago, we could buy as much as 1.49 euros!  This will change of course, but at this moment in time it seems to be having a profound effect on the tourist industry! Foto trip advisor.

2019-08-02 21.15.52But lets not worry about that.  Just up the road from us is our most frequented ristorante called C’era Una Volta in Lucardo.  We quite like it when it’s quiet, but on Friday evening Gianlucca our favourite waiter, was outside trying to wave down the traffic!  Then he disappeared down the road to Bon Hugo, the pub and pizza restaurant and came back with a freshly baked Pizza.  He then sat down next to us with a bottle of beer and tucked in!  No, this is not a reflection on the food in his own restuarant, it does not serve pizza, just the fact that the first few customers weren’t expected for another hour or so and he just fancied one.  But somehow this came across to us as really funny! foto J Finnigan

2019-07-29 09.31.29#1Of course pizza is so very Italian, but a less talked about food is the Italian Potato.  I absolutely love the new potatoes here.  Not the little round things that the Brits like, simply newly harvested ones in all shapes and sizes, sliced in their skins boiled and tossed in butter.  The Itallians like to chop them up into small pieces and roast with garlic and rosemary twigs, also nice, but I prefer them as they are.  In the picture is my favourite brand, which I can buy in our local Co-op.

2019-08-02 09.39.35Meanwhile, back in Fiano our local village, we catch up on the papers over coffee and can’t help but notice some fotos of the politician Licia Ronzulli of Forza Italia (Silvio’s party) in house with her new baby strapped around her, oblivious and sleeping as it’s impressive mother gets on with the debating and voting.  I must say good for her.  I know there are those out there that would not approve of such behaviour, but here in Italy all mothers would understand.  Things have changed a lot since we have arrived.  There are fewer grandparents taking care of the little ones, and the pre-school nurseries (Asilonido) are getting busier.

2019-08-02 09.38.47And, still on the subject of Politics, I see that Silvio Berlusconi, that veteran of all things controversial, is back in the news.  Formerly an Italian Prime Minister presiding over four parliaments, a cruise ship singer and Bunga Bunga party goer, he currently represents North West Italy as MEP for his Forza Italia party and has a net worth of around $6.6 Billion due to his entrepreneurial activities.  Now keen to give his political profile a boost, he has announced that he wants to launch a new party.  I wonder what he will call it?  Perhaps you could come up with some suitable names and I’ll let Silvio know! Leave your thoughts at the bottom of this page or email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net

download-2.jpgYou thought I had forgotten the Hunk of the Month didn’t you!  Well I’m glad to say that I spotted a picture in The Telegraph the other day and I thought ‘perfect’!  How, I wonder, have I only just come across Jack Savoretti?  He’s apparently made six albums!  He’s gorgeous, plays acoustic guitar and sings like a god.  Yes, OK, he’s English but he is of Italian descent so he definitely qualifies, well you will hardly argue that point will you?  Check him out on You Tube, you’ll be mesmerised!  Foto found on twitter.

Well, enough of that already.  Looks like I’m actually getting this blog out to you on time, it’s good to out of the mist!

Have a great week.

Salute June x

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