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Benvenuti and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers,

Simone Armelani in Bar Fiorentino

Simone the wicked cocktail maker and artist. Foto J Finnigan.

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Tuscany, and the perfect day for heading over to Montespertoli, a small town just fifteen minutes from us, for the Festa di Pane, Olio & Tartufo. (that’s bread, Oil and Truffles to you and me.)  If you can’t make it today, the Festa will be on again next Sunday and is open from 9am to 8pm in the Piazza Popolo, on both days.  The Festa is all about celebrating the Autumn produce from the locality and in addition includes Vino Novello, Cheeses, Artisan Beers and lots of other goodies for you to try.  Montespertoli has always been one of our favourite places, for the cocktails made by Simone at Bar Fiorentina and the gelato in Piazza Popolo, both owned by the same lovely family.  Spending a relaxed hour, on a late Sunday morning outside the geletaria watching the world go by, is the perfect way to enjoy one’s aperitivo or gelato or both.

2017-11-11 09.31.31Meanwhile, first thing this morning we enjoyed coffee in Fiano and picked up on the latest news in the papers.  I was excited to read, for you other Rock fans out there, that Guns N’ Roses will be performing at ‘Firenze Rocks’  in Florence between 14th and 17th June 2018!  And there’s more; also listed are Ozzie Osbourne, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Pearl Jam and lots more!  I’ll post a link for tickets as soon as I hear more.  It was nice of them to check that these dates did not clash with my own concert, which is on 22nd June!  If you would like a personal invite to my Garden Party Rock Concert in Tuscany, email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net  Foto La Repubblica.

2017-11-10 10.17.13Continuing on the same subject, we must not ignore that fabulous Italian Rocker Jovanotti, who has just announced his tour dates for next year.  My daughter and granddaughter went to one of his concerts in Florence, and raved about it for weeks.  The tickets are on sale NOW, so you had better get your skates on if you want to nab some.  Foto La Repubblica.  Go to Ticket Sales

I know when my man reads this he will say, “There’s an awful lot about rock music this time June.”  So I can only hold my hands up and argue that all the above info came at once, and I could not ignore any of it.

2017-11-10 08.52.04Anyway, for those of you who would like a little more about  our beautiful bit of the Chianti countryside, here’s a nice ‘good morning Tuscany’ foto, which I took just two days ago from a window at back of our house.  In our part of the world, in between the clouds the sky is a brilliant blue, all year round.  Ah, life eeeez good! Foto J Finnigan

2017-11-12 21.12.57Now, before I go, just a quick mention about the pile of felled tree trunks that, you may recall, were dumped just down the track below our front gate.  It’s now four times the size and has a red a white crime scene tape around it!  Did someone guess we were having devious thoughts about pinching a few, or is there a body underneath?  Either way, we decided to leave things alone, use our own logs and light the first log fire of the season, and very nice it was too!  Foto J Finnigan

Well, I have promised my man some home cooking for lunch, so it’s off to find the kitchen and prepare my tried and tested cauliflower bake and roast potatoes.  I know, nothing Italian about that, but the wine is the real thing!

Next week I will have some news for you about my Christmas Books Special, and also announced on my Official Author Site at June’s Site Watch this space!

Do drop me a line, I love to hear from you.

Salute June x


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Benvenuti to all my Loyal and New Followers

A Cool Cat - FArty Barty on the outside table. Foto J Finnigan

A Cool Cat – Farty Barty on the outside table.
Foto J Finnigan

How to stay cool?  That is the question on everyone’s sun-dried lips as we take coffee accompanied by chilled fizzy water in Fiano?  It’s getting even hotter here and is expected to be up in the forties by the end of the week.  Farty Barty the cat has worked out a clever system to match the height and the angle of the sun, gradually moving around the garden and falling asleep again.  By lunchtime he has been stretched out on the outside table for at least three hours.  The table is shaded by a brolly which in turn is shaded by some ancient cypress trees, and the air flows up through the latticed surface.  Purrfect.  Watering the garden is now a daily chore and despite the heat and lack of rain, the upper terrace is looking lovely.  The Bougainvillea is as beautiful as last year and the

The fabulous Bugenvellia. Foto J Finnigan

The fabulous Bougainvillea.
Foto J Finnigan

potted Hydrangea have been heavy with flowers.   There are lots of fascinating insects too, and I don’t mean the Zanzari (mosquitos), we could do without those!  We are also getting a great show from the birds, Bee-eaters, Jays and Hoopies, all brightly coloured and with birdsong so typical of this area.  We just love it.

Adio Omar Shariff xxx Foto Il Nazionale

Addio Omar Sharif xxx
Foto Il Nazionale

Meanwhile, I have a few moments of sadness, while I take coffee in Certaldo with the gorgeous Omar Sharif for the last time.  He has gone to join all those other twinkling movie stars in the sky.  How many times did you go and see Dr Zivago?  I lost count after ten times.  I cried buckets every time poor Omar hammered on the inside of the moving tram’s window, but Lara kept walking and did not see him. Oh god, I’ve got a lump in my throat just thinking about it!  And the wonderful dark arab character in Lawrence of Arabia, sigh….  So addio Omar, you will not be forgotten.

Jovanotte in one of his many outer space outfits. I Terreno giornale

Jovanotti in one of his many outer space outfits.
I Terreno giornale

But on a brighter note, Tuscany has been rocking to the sound of  Jovanotti, the Italian singer adored by the Italians and more besides.  Our beautiful daughter and granddaughter went to his concert and had a fabulous time and came back with the t-shirts.   Apparently, forty thousand fans turned up!

July is awash with music festivals at Lucca, Pistoia and Florence.  Great acts currently include Sting and Mumford & Sons.  The 60’s Romantic Italian singer Don Backy is also touring again at the age of seventy-four – rock on that man!

The lovely shady dining terrace at Il Castello in Certaldo Alto. Foto J Finnigan

The lovely shady dining terrace at Il Castello in Certaldo Alto.
Foto J Finnigan

On a quieter note, I am planning to skip cooking tomorrow and take my man back to Il Castello in Certaldo Alto for lunch.  The food is excellent and they have a lovely shady terrace.  One needs calming moments during a hot hardworking week.  And on the subject of food, I had best go and check out what we can put together for lunch.  On the other hand, I think a long glass of Pinot Grigio first and then perhaps some ideas for lunch might come easier!  I know, I’m such a terrible glutton for good wine and other people’s cooking; our grandchildren call us the ‘Cafe People’!

Have a really great week, stay cool and do drop me a line.  Salute June x

PS Don’t forget to check out my books on Amazon.

My Father, The Assassin.  Book one in the series.

My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection'  Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.







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