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Ciao Ragazzi

I am a little late with this blog and I apologise for that, but it has been a very busy weekend.  Today I am talking about my book, earthquakes, landslips, the Italian Government and the kindness of local people.

Firstly, a big thank you to all you lovely people who have bought my book and, more importantly, for having read it.  Your glowing emails have been heartwarming and spurs me on to complete ‘The Bolivian Connection’ as soon as possible.  I would really appreciate your returning to Amazon and leaving a review as this is very important for my following.  Also, don’t forget to share with all your social networks!  Here is the link again.


Last Thursday was the fourth anniversary of the dreadful earthquake that destroyed a good part of L’Aquila.  Six months ago scientists were convicted of manslaughter for failing to communicate the danger and articles have recently been written questioning the events of 31st January when thousands evacuated their homes in the Garfagnana north of Pisa.  decisions to evacuate are taken by the local mayors;  Italy never used to worry quite so much about ‘little’ tremors, but now the smallest indication of an earthquake creates ‘alarmism’.  Scientists were so shaken when their colleagues were put on trial, they now issue earthquake warnings that are often exaggerated to protect themselves, according to one spokesperson.

I cannot speak for the whole country, however, our region of Tuscany is constantly moving.  We have experienced more landslips blocking roads and roads falling away over the last year, than ever before.  On a lighter note, the geologists and fossil hunters of this world would find the area fascinating.  Hard to believe that these dolce colline (sweet hills) were once under the sea, thus the fabulous array of shells and fossils that fall out of the crumbling hillsides.

Matteo Renzi Matteo renzi (2).JPG

I will report back to you next weekend on the state of our non-government.  Meanwhile, the mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzie (above), known as Rottamatore (scrapper) by the Italian media and number two in the Democratic party, has suggested doing a deal with Berlusconi’s Populare Liberta party in forming a government.  Pier Luigi Bersani, he of the shiny bald head & most votes, currently secretary of the Democratic party is furious as he hates the aging yet lovely Silvio.   This has now split the party once again.

Back at our local bar/alimentare in Fiano, the locals shrug and hold their hands up over both the landslides and politics.  Niente e nuove (nothing is new)!  The rotund signore who is usually reading La Nazione and likes to make cheeky remarks about the English,  shocked me by giving me present the other day.  A lovely silver wine bottle collar for catching the drips!

So life goes on and mostly in a very relaxed way.

Alla prossima June x


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