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Buon anno and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

2018-12-15 09.05.25Yes, I’m back and what a pleasure it is to be writing again after all the flus and viruses of last year.  As I sit in my studio, the sun is pouring through the window, brightening up the day with all the promises the New Year will bring!  But before we move on into 2019 properly, I would like to thank the lovely family at La Dispensa in Fiano, Fabbio, Sandra and Rossella, for providing that lovely warm atmosphere where we can enjoy our morning coffee and read the papers every day.  In the picture, beautiful Rossella stands next to the hand-made designer Christmas Tree on which we happily hung our names like all the other customers.

2019-01-08 09.44.25So what is happening now? I hear you ask. Well down in Florence it’s the time of year for the male fashionistas to be strutting their stuff.  Yes, it is the annual Pitti Uomo, when mens’ fashions are celebrated and anyone who is anybody will be proudly walking the streets hoping to be photographed.  Yesterday was the last day and we went into the city for Lunch.  We did not strut, but there were many that were.  This foto is obviously not in Florence, but purely on the basis that they are real men & gorgeous fashion models, I shall nominate them as joint Hunks of the Month for January!

2019-01-11 13.44.10Now lunch was a bit special, because our beautiful daughter the editor of Envy Italy magazine took us to lunch at the iconic restaurant, Sabatini Firenze, which is under new management.  The restaurant is about to undergo some modernisation, but limited by the fact that it is a historic building and its interiors are to be retained for posterity.  It has a fascinating long history and just about every famous person has dined there from Frank Sinatra to J.F.Kennedy.  A new website will be launched shortly and an exciting future awaits the new owners and staff.  We enjoyed a very artistic tasting menu and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you Sharon. Envy Italy magazine

20190107_153007#1Meanwhile, back in our local town of Certaldo, I finally got around to framing some pictures as a little New year treat.  I just love artisan framers, the smell and the atmosphere just sends me into a heavenly bubble.  Bologni Arreda, another well-established family business, are framers to the world.  Eighty percent of their frames are shipped overseas.  It’s so good to find a successful business in our own back yard.  Here is a framed picture of Farty Barty my former writing buddy, who went up to cat heaven a couple of years ago, drawn in coloured crayons by my talented sister-in-law Jane. Framers

2018-12-25 12.58.45Back in our lovely, if rather overgrown winter garden, a stroll around revealed all sorts of colourful wild flowers and weeds.  Also, what with all the damp morning mists, some fascinating fungi.  It’s really cold at the moment, so gardening may have to wait a little longer.  My man and I would quite like to start a raised vegetable garden, but that’s another project for another time.  I would love to hear from you if you already have one!

2018-12-31-09.15.15.jpgOh yes, lest we forget, Italy and Tuscany in particular, is also celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo di Vinci’s death.  So 2019 is going to be teeming with tourists visiting all the exhibitions and celebrations.  Leonardo of course, was born  near Florence at Vinci, just north-west of the city.  We visited some years ago, a lovely place.  So if you are fascinated by this historic genius, get booking your hotels ASAP.

46813756_2030275983685025_7214526595980066816_oAnd what of the Music Scene?  You ask.  Well, as you know rock music is my main passion and from that point of view I can tell you that a lot is happening.  You may be interested to know that I follow D’Alessandro & Gallo’s site which is smack up to the minute with touring bands and performers.  In March we will see Tears for Fears, Mark Knopler, Elton John and many more.  The Lucca Summer Festival and Firenze Rocks in June/July have line-ups to die for.  And, of course, my own band will be playing on 21st June near Certaldo!  Watch this space.  Music Scene site

OK, time to get this blog off to you and to wish you all a fantastic 2019.

Salute June x

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Benvenuti and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

The good witch La Bafana, or one of the many appearing alla Festa del Bambini. La Reppublica.

The good witch La Bafana, or one of the many appearing Alla Festa del Bambini. La Reppublica.

Now, if you have not been here in Tuscany immediately after the New Year, you may like to know that the festivities are not over until the children have been visited by the Good Witch La Befana.  Befana brings sweets for the well-behaved children on 6th of January, which is La Festa del Bambini.  The bad children get lumps of coal.  Funny how I’ve never heard of any children physically receiving a lump of coal, but then she is a good witch.

Izzy Lizard catches the sun. Foto P Finnigan

Izzy Lizard catches the sun.
Foto P Finnigan

Meanwhile, during this freezing weather, lots of insects and small creatures are trying to find some warmth, and our house Lizard Izzy is no exception.  Here he is bathing in the sunshine ‘inside’ the bathroom window.  He’s looking very fat, as he has the run of the house and has no end of insects to gobble up.

Now our house, as you know, is a lovely old converted monastery/farmhouse and is on two levels, built down the side of a hill.  We live at the top and the guest apartment is below us.

The lovely log fire inside the Tardis. Foto J Finnigan

The lovely log fire inside the Tardis. Foto J Finnigan

The big inglenook fireplace in our upper apartment was successfully made ready for the wood fire just before Christmas, and whilst it took a bit of getting used to, imagine a large black Tardis-like box, we’ve grown to like it and the fire itself is magnificent.  So we have been enjoying the blazing log fire every evening and sometimes during the day.  It is, after all, six degrees below in the mornings!

Leonardo's latest lost and found. La Repubblica

Leonardo’s latest lost and found. La Repubblica

Meanwhile, we read in the newspaper over coffee, that yet another Leonardo De Vinci picture has been discovered hidden in a private collection for donkey’s years.  Of course, just about any Leonardo picture, etching or carving is worth a fortune; I bet he wishes he could have enjoyed so much money when he was alive.  I can imagine him looking down with a rueful smile on his lips.

Anyway, enough of that.  I must get my packing done as I am off to England tomorrow for a bit of business and estate planning.  I’ll be back on Friday and I’m feeling homesick already.

Have a great week.

Salute June

PS close to finishing the final edit of ‘The Italian Connection’.  Keep watching this space!  Meanwhile, visit http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan

My current Books. Foto J Finnigan

My current Books.
Foto J Finnigan


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