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OK, so let’s get away from all the bad news and concentrate on happy things. The first bit of happiness is found every morning in the changing view from our old former monastery farmhouse, down across the valleys and across to Certaldo. It is the time of year for mist filled valleys and winter colours. This picture was taken a few days ago by our lovely next door neighbour Paola at La Poggiolaia, where you can book wonderful holidays in beautiful self-catering apartments. http://www.poggiolaia.it The view is just the same from here, we are so very lucky.

This weekend we will be enjoying a family lunch. We may be able to sit outside which, will depend on whether the sun is shining or not. This time of year the sun can be lovely and hot, however the air temperature remains chilly, so the decision will be made an hour or so beforehand. Big family lunches outside are a joy and the most natural thing to do all year round here in Tuscany. Why don’t you join us soon?

Meanwhile, I have been browsing the latest fashion here in Italy and have not overlooked menswear. Although not all, Italian men do have a natural flare for wearing clothes well. Only in Italy can they get away with no socks and monogrammed slippers in the city. Such style! My man tells me that Saville Row in London is considered to be the place to go for the very best tailoring and, the Italians are well aware of this, often endeavouring to emulate the cut! Well at least the jackets, but the trousers at half-mast are very much the Italian style.

Returning to our little bit of Chianti, we drop down to Certaldo, where we enjoy a coffee and pastry at Jam Cafe. This is our favourite caffe bar in town and where our good friend Andrea produces the most glorious cakes and pastries. Andrea also does the catering for my Rock Concert parties and lets hope our scheduled gig for 17 June goes ahead this year! Can’t wait!

Back in our lovely garden the Ancient Oak Tree, which guards our gate, has finally shed all its leaves. The European Oak tends to hang onto its brown leaves until the first new shoots are coming through, so the countryside retains an Autumn look right up until the end of February. Our big tree has a fabulous shape and here is a foto.

OK, time to think about lunch and perhaps an aperitivo beforehand. The sun is shining so fingers crossed we may make it outside.

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Have a great week.

Salute June x


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