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Ciao Ragazzi

Well, it seems I am famous at last.  I know this because Lina the owner of our local cafe bar in Fiano has told me so.  Also, local people are stopping me and saying ‘gosh, I did not know your were a famous author!’ (in Italian of course) and I say yes, here is my card you can buy the book on Amazon you know! Is it in Italian they ask and I say that it will be in the future, but tell your English speaking friends who can buy it and pass the word around!

An occasional visitor from Florence approached me and took my card.  He speaks good English and wanted to tell me that he grew up in an appartamento under the one once occupied by Elizabeth Barret Browning.  When he was there, an English writer called Margaret Nabb lived upstairs and he liked her a lot, but she’s dead now.  He went off to download ‘My Father, The Assassin’ on Kindle and to ‘like’ it on his social networks!  All this and just whilst I was having the usual espresso fix with my man.

Meanwhile a lovely American writer is doing an article about me, my book and The Rock Chick Band and hopes to sell it to a certain well known in-flight magazine!  My man will be dropping my new printed cards on aeroplane and train seats as he travels across Europe, which is bound to be effective.  I read a few days ago that another author sold millions of books this way.  I have just checked how many visitors I have had to my blog over the last seven days and can you believe it….. 655!  Wow!  If you are reading this, thank you for doing so, however, please do leave me a message.  Salute June x

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