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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World

green view grey sky april 2020“And, yet Another Beautiful Day in Tuscany” I said to my man, as we set out on our walk around the edge of the garden.  I actually say this every day and it’s true, no matter what the weather, there is a beauty in these hills that can’t be hidden by storm clouds or even foggy mornings.

grasses on slopeThis morning, Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice the change in the long grasses covering the slope below our house.  It wasn’t long ago that it was covered in wild flowers, now the grasses have taken over, yet they are beautiful in their own right.  Soon, they will be strimmed away by our landlord, but meanwhile we will enjoy them.  Everything is so lush and green.

Under the oak tree    8am and it was warm enough to sit down under the European Oak, which is now our shady spot for the summer.  It’s amazing how beautiful the underside of a tree can be!  Yes, I know, we have been on lock-down for two months, but this has only helped us to become even more aware of nature’s beauty.  Already the garden was teeming with bees and birds; the Acacia Trees were buzzing and the Bee Eaters were sitting at the top having their breakfast!  What a fabulous display.  How is it that the Bee Eaters don’t get stung?  That’s another Google search for later today.

may-dayMeanwhile, Italy has passed another celebration day without the usual celebrations!  May 1st celebrates the successful completion of all the preparation in the fields for an abundance of fruit and olives in the Autumn and, the start of Summer.  At least the fields and ortos (vegetable gardens) have been busy over the lockdown period; food and wine production in Italy cannot stop for a virus.  Officially called La Festa dei Lavori (workers’ Day) it is also a public holiday.  This time last year, beaches, parks and public gardens would be packed with Italians and their picnics, this year rather more quietly spent at home in the garden or on a balcony.  How did you spend your day?

640x427x20180925_toscana_AR5_0674.jpg.pagespeed.ic.kgvtuMSfN4And so, tomorrow 4th May heralds the beginning of the easing of lockdown here in Italy.  This will be a nervous time for many, including me, hoping that people continue to be vigilant, as nothing has changed other than reaching a point in time when some things needed reopening.  We can visit with our family this week!  Now that’s great news, but we are still supposed to wear our masks (a legal requirement) and keep to a safe distance…..  We must still carry forms that are filled out saying why we are travelling and the reasons remain limited.  Essential shopping, doctor, hospital and visiting parents.  You can now go for long walks or runs but starting from your front door, no driving to beauty spots or parks for your exercise.    More shops will be open, but this will not change the way we are doing things, I am happy with our local grocery store and farmacia (chemist).  It will be June before we will see any resemblance to normality; restaurants, hairdressers and salons, my three longed for destinations!  But we are amongst the lucky ones, despite my long greying locks and need for a pedicure.  Thank you once again to Tuscany and our local Italians for keeping me sane and to my man for his wonderful sense of humour. Foto Alice Russell for Toscana Promotion Turistica.

OK, I need some inspiration for Sunday lunch.  Ah, yes, I bought some fresh asparagus yesterday, add cheese and roast potatoes and Bob’s your Uncle!  But first a nice chilled glass of Italian Chardonnay in the garden, that’ll postpone the need to cook……

Have a great week wherever you are in the world and stay safe.  Everything will be alright!

Salute June x

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Benvenuto to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Forgive the lateness of this blog, which I blame entirely on the holiday weekend and the arrival of the Sister-in-law to celebrate her birthday.  They say that pictures paint a thousand words, so to give you a taste of all our activities, I am filling this blog with fotos.

May Day celebrations in Certaldo. Foto J Finnigan

May Day celebrations in Certaldo. Foto J Finnigan

But before I launch you on a foto cruise, I will mention that Farty Barty the cat is now well and truly settled into his new home and whilst we still have pictures to hang on walls and books to unload onto shelves, we are pretty much settled in too.  And some good news is finally filtering down from our local village of Fiano in that both the Bar/Alimentare and the main bar in the piazza are re-opening soon.  This then means that we will be able to ring the changes for morning coffee, which is great.

The Family gathered on the terrazza, taken from our lofty kitchen window. Foto J Finnigan

The Family gathered on the terrazza, taken from our lofty kitchen window. Foto J Finnigan

OK, back to the weekend fun and frivolities.  We have eaten out at three different restaurants since Friday and are off to a local family one called Montalbino (no not a relative of the great detective, his name is Montalbano) for lunch today.  Now this little family osteria is hidden away in the countryside near Fiano and specialises in Fungi.  The food is really good home-cooked family fare.

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The sister-in-law and niece get ready to fly!  foto J Finnigan

The sister-in law and neice disapear into the blue yonder. frto J Finnigan

The sister-in law and niece disappear into the blue yonder.
foto J Finnigan

Otherwise, we had a family lunch party on Sunday, friends for supper last night, the sister-in-law has been horse riding with her daughter and up in a hot air balloon early this morning as today is her birthday.

Next weekend will be a little calmer and I will be able to catch up on all the local stuff that I know you guys like to hear about.  Meanwhile, have a smile at the fotos and our glorious bit of Chianti.

Have a great week.

Salute June

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'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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