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Benvenuto to all my Loyal and New Followers

Never, ever decide to take a day off and do something that you just should avoid!  Last Saturday I decided to have a really relaxing day without work or writing.  What did I do?  I decided to cook……nothing difficult, all things I have done before with my eyes closed, then disaster struck!  The first thing to go wrong was tipping the steamed cauliflower into a baking dish which was far too small, the florets bounced over the work surface and two landed on the floor!  “Dammit” I cursed and stepped back onto the third one that had cunningly escaped my attention!  I skidded across the floor towards the Tardis (my big new fridge) and grabbed the handle.  The door slowly swung open with me hanging on for dear life and praying that the thing would hold my weight!  Meanwhile, by feet are scrabbling around trying to get a foot hold.  Somehow, I remained upright and the Tardis held firm.  Then I had to clean up the mess and hit my head on the hot oven door, which I had previously opened, and the potatoes on the baking tray inside, rolled slowly forward onto the inside of the horizontal door!  By now I am F…ing and blinding and I was sure my man would come down from his study any minute!  Meanwhile the plums from the garden that my man had lovingly collected, because he was looking forward to a nice creamy desert, got forgotten whilst I recovered on the kitchen chair with a large glass of Pinot Grigio.  A little later I told my man all about it and he shrugged, “Your taking a day off to relax and then cook, was a contradiction in terms, you should have known better….”  So no sympathy there then.

Paolo at C'era una Volta restuarant with fresh Zucchini flowers

Paolo at C’era una Volta restaurant with fresh Zucchini flowers

Our first Passion Fruit

Our first Passion Fruit photo P Finnigan

So, may I ask you a huge favour.  Please, please invite me to yours for some lovingly prepared home cooking, I can’t remember what it tastes like.  On the other hand you may not want to cater for someone who does not eat meat, fish, eggs or gluten…..I know its difficult.  The other thing is, I do like loud rock music and after a couple of glasses of vino will probably start head banging.  I also do bad impressions of Devonshire farmers and recite the same limerick wherever I go.   If you think you can cater for all these factors, you are my gift from heaven, however, I do understand if you would rather give it a miss.  I’ll just keep frequenting our wonderful local restaurants, like C’era Una Volta.  Oooh, nearly forgot, we have three passion fruits in the garden and the grapes have turned a gorgeous shade of purple!  So at least we can pick and eat fruit from the garden…..

Regarding the latter, we went to Montalbino for lunch today, with our lovely daughter and the family, as she has recently enjoyed her birthday.  There is only one little restaurant in Montalbino, which is a tiny hamlet between Montespertoli and Certaldo, here in Tuscany of course.  You may want to check it out as they specialise in Fungi, particularly truffles(tartufo) and porcini.  Our thirteen year old grandson has come home with us for a couple of nights, which is great, and I can hear him and granddad guffawing in the sitting room as they watch a hilarious ‘Black Books’ DVD.

Meanwhile, my man and I take our regular trip into Fiano for coffee in the mornings, and after really bad rain for days on end, the track is pretty bad and we thank ourselves for the foresight in choosing a high four-wheel drive car.  “What a good thing I didn’t buy that low Maserati or Lamborghini,” my man commented in a dead-pan voice.  At Laura’s bar/alimentare on a Saturday morning the Italian men like to get into track suits, or worse, flannelette T-shirt and matching shorts.  Floppy flannelette shorts are seriously unflattering, but then we have to remember that we live amongst country folk; this is not Milan.

Flannelette shorts photo J Finnigan

Flannelette shorts
photo J Finnigan

Well, enough of that.  What has our handsome hero Silvio Berlusconi been up to?  O dio, the latest sensation is that SB probably paid ‘Ruby the Heartstealer’  between five and seven million euros during the Bunga Bunga period.  He still maintains that he only paid her fifty-seven thousand euros to ensure that she did not fall into a world of prostitution.  That poor girl, life can be full of disappointments, she probably expected a lot more…..

Well, I must go and join the men downstairs.  As of tomorrow it is head down as I have a deadline of 31 August for finishing my latest novel, ‘The Bolivian Connection’.  I have left my heroine Joanna Wilde, at a soiree and at least 80% of the guests are cold-blooded assassins!  Time to rescue her….

Have a good week.

Salute June x

PS Have you read ‘My Father, The Assassin’?  If yes I would really appreciate it if you were to pop back to Amazon and leave a review.  Grazie Mille. x






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