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Benvenuti to all my loyal and new followers

I’m a little late in posting this blog, however, I know you will forgive me, it being the season of goodwill. Whilst one tries to relax and do very little, it never seems to work out at Christmas time and now I am wondering where it all went.

Granddaughter Tabby and Christmas Crackers photo P Finnigan

Granddaughter Tabby and Christmas Crackers
photo P Finnigan

We were really pleased to obtain some English Christmas Crackers from Richmond’s English shop in Viarregio, who popped my order in a box that included mince pies, Birds custard, Daddy’s brown sauce & Coleman’s mint sauce and sent it post-haste arriving in time for Christmas!  I have been drizzling the mint sauce over everything!

The Game of Life Photo J Finnigan

The Game of Life
Photo J Finnigan

Our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren arrived on boxing day and a good time was had by one and all.  The only downside was that no-one wanted me to sing, despite the fact that I know all the words to our favourite carols!  The Grandchildren stayed on for two nights so we thrashed out some very aggressive games of Sorry, preceded by The Game of Life.  Now for this game you need to set aside a couple of hours, particularly as each player goes to university or into business, gets married, has numerous children, buys property, wins awards, gets fined, may climb Everest, become a best-selling novelist or famous pop singer and depending on how successful financially you are, could end up in a little cottage or a grand mansion!  Now our eight year old granddaughter went into business, had four children, overturned her car and her husband fell out, and ended up in the mansion-house.  Our thirteen year old grandson, had no children (much to his relief) went to university, spent a fortune on insurances and ended up in the cottage.  Grandad went to university, had three children and kept taking a chance on the roulette wheel so ended up in the cottage.  Me? Well, amazingly, I published a successful novel, had a million selling pop record, had two children on the way and ended up in the mansion-house!  But who won after counting the remaining cash in our pockets?  It was Grandad!  Typically he had ferreted cash away that we never knew he had, and did not utter one humbug for the rest of the day!

Terry Davies & his team prepare the foundations for the New Year Spettacolo. Photo  J Finnigan

Terry Davies & his team prepare the foundations for the New Year Spettacolo in front of the old cinema.
Photo J Finnigan

In our local village of Fiano, preparations were underway for the New Year celebrations where at midnight, Terry Davies our local potter, will set light to ‘Il spettacolo del forno per Ceramica’.  This is basically a giant wooden kiln that burns quickly away to reveal an amazing ceramic work of art.  The old cinema, which is sadly neglected, is being decked out with artistic banners, festive tables and colourful lighting.  There will be a live band and a bar until dawn!

Due to all the activity and the need to do my own preparations, I am keeping this blog fairly short and hope you enjoy your New Year celebrations as much as we will.

Thank you for reading during 2013 and Buon Anno to all our worldwide friends.

Amore June xx

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