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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers

The final sunset of 2016. Foto J Fielding.

The final sunset of 2016. Foto J Fielding.

Well, where were you on the stroke of midnight?  My man, my sister-in-law and I were at the bottom of our garden on the Terrazza watching all the fireworks going off around the valley, from San Gimignano to Certaldo and beyond.  Cheers and excited voices echoed around us, bouncing off the distant hills and up from the valleys below, and whilst we could not see Fiano we could hear it!  There is something very warming about not being in a big noisy party, but hearing them going on all around you!  Then back to the log fire to toast our toes.

Capodanno in Florence La Nazione

Capodanno in Florence La Nazione

In Florence, the annual bash was going on.  A very popular singer called Marco Mengoni was performing and there had been lots of excited babble from the local girlies beforehand.  More than forty thousand people attended the Festa and every single person was checked over by a metal detector before being allowed in.  What a task that must have been!

Local celebrations and the back up support for health and safety! la Repubblica

Local celebrations and the backup support for health and safety! la Repubblica

Locally, apart from all the house parties, Fiano held a big bash in the old cinema where a set menu with ten courses was served up and a local band played 70’s and 80’s musica.   I must give a mention for the support network of which is largely voluntary including the police, carabinieri, fire brigade and Misericordia.  And a warm welcome to two local New Year babies!

Special guest Granddog Zoe. Photo J Fielding

Special New Year guest Granddog Zoe. Photo J Fielding

On New Year’s Day, we had a big family lunch here in our kitchen.  Guest of honour was our granddog, Zoe the boxer dog, so the day was absolutely perfect.  What did we eat, I hear you say?  Well, we are not all veggie, but I only cook that way, so we had lovely baked jacket potatoes filled with spicy spinach and ricotta, a cauliflower cheesy bake and ratatouille.  Then a pear crumble with cream, very English and very filling!  I could not eat a thing in the evening, just washed it all away with some lovely Chianti wine.

My choice of festive outfit on the left, from Prada. Glossy mag.

My choice of festive outfit on the left, from Prada. Glossy mag.

Meanwhile and just before the festivities, I was at Sandra’s in Certaldo having my hair colour topped up when I saw this gorgeous Prada outfit (below) in a glossy mag, which for me is the perfect colour combination for when I am not wanting to dress completely in black, which is often.  So this is my festive outfit of the year.  Dare I go online and see if Prada has a sale on?  Very tempting…..

Anyway, my book ‘The Italian Connection’ is back from the editor and I just need to do a final honing.  Then I will select the new cover.  I find this bit hugely exciting as finally, the book takes on shape and personality.  It won’t be long now and thank you for waiting so patiently for this third book in the trilogy.  However, I must warn you, my heroine is already heading off in new directions and a fourth book is very likely to appear in the not too distant future!

OK, lovely people, best get this blog posted and think about warming up all those leftovers from yesterday and a bit more besides.  One of us was obviously not concentrating yesterday, as a missing bottle of red wine has just been found in the fridge!

Have a really great 2017 and I look forward to seeing you all at some stage either at my concert on 24th June or at one of my ‘to be organised’ book signings!

Buon Anno and Salute June x

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My current Books. Foto J Finnigan

My current Books.
Foto J Finnigan


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Buon Anno and welcome to all my Loyal and New Followers

I love the start of a New Year.  I know, many will say that starting a New Year is purely a calendar thing, but I disagree.  I always feel that I am bouncing into an exciting new era, with good things just waiting to happen.

Father Christmas unconcious on New Years Day Photo P Finnigan

Father Christmas unconscious on New Years Day
Photo P Finnigan

Now, before we leave the Festive season completely behind us, I must tell you about the amazing spectacle that greeted us in Montespertoli on New Years day.  No one seemed to have noticed that on the roof of the Bar in the main piazza, Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) was lying on his back seemingly unconscious, having stayed on for the New Years Eve festivities!  This was very disturbing and we felt it necessary to call for help as he looked horribly lifeless.  Finally he was helped down, and despite being embarrassed and deflated, he was pointed north and  his stopper pulled out!

In our family we have celebrated three birthdays.  Our genero (son-in-law) on 31st December, our granddaughter on 5th January and my man on 10th January.   My man arrived back after a few working days in London on his birthday. I had laid a log fire, put some nice wrapped presents on the coffee table and some Prosecco in the fridge.   Gradually that handsome smile returned to his face despite the fact that A.  He was not happy to have reached such a great age.  B.  He was annoyed with the weight he had put on over Christmas and C.  He had had a pretty frustrating journey on the train!

Farty Barty Enjoys the New year Sunshine Photo J Finnigan

Farty Barty Enjoys the New year Sunshine
Photo J Finnigan

Today is Sunday and the weather is lovely.  Warm sun and blossom on the cherry trees.  We are half way through January and are now cautiously optimistic about  escaping a hard cold winter.  Farty Barty the cat is very happy, and obviously has a girlie on the go.  Our grandson is just a week away from going to Blundells School in Somerset, England for a two-day sports scholarship exam and I have completed chapter five of my novel ‘The Bolivian Connection.’

Florentine Iris in the garden Photo P Finnigan

Florentine Iris in the garden
Photo P Finnigan

My man is now grinning up from the garden as I gaze down from the studio window, and he tells me he has taken some nice photos.  Would you believe it, a beautiful Florentine Iris is in flower and so I have attached a picture.  The sun is now dipping towards the west and is hidden by woodland, however, the long shadows are creating the most beautiful three-dimensional vistas.  Ah, life is good…..

The idol Silvio (Jesu) Berlusconi Photo sdpf

The idol Silvio Berlusconi
Photo Doug Porter, San Diego Free Press

And finally, a quick mention about our idol, Silvio Berlusconi.    I see that Wikipedia has updated SB’s page and now reads ‘SB is an Italian politician (really?), entrepreneur (yes), media tycoon (yes), frequent criminal defendant ( not in his view), and convicted tax evader (wrongly he says) who has served three times as Prime Minister (yes sort of).  it is important to remember that he is considered a hero by many, and idolized by your right-winger as a man to look up to.  If one ignores that he is virtually challenged, possibly.  Opposite is a picture of how some people see him through rose-coloured spectacles!

Have a wonderful week, do drop me a line and see you next weekend.

Amore June x

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