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Welcome and Benveuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Three girliesLast Tuesday was my official birthday.  My unofficial birthday is when I celebrate with The Rock Chick Band and perform in our garden surrounded by fabulous family and friends, but as you know, not this year.  I had a great day, spoilt by my family with cake and presents after a morning setting up my new Sound Studio downstairs.  More on that in a minute.  That’s me in the middle sending an air kiss and ready to go out with my beautiful party girls!

2016-08-06 21.00.39

Foto J Finnigan

In the evening we went to Osteria Casa Chianti near Fiano, which is just ten minutes away from our home.  It has a great outdoor setting with sunset views, a perfect place to go in a group as there is also an entertainment value in the way you are served at table.  Also very good local wines and a menu specialising in Tartufu (truffles).  I ate far too much, but it was sooo good! Website

Sound Studio June 30 2020And what about my new sound studio? I hear you ask.  Well, my man and I set about working out the complexities of strange yet familiar new equipment and linking it to bluetooth.  My man is a lot cleverer than me, so he was somewhat less confused.  Importantly, I wanted to play backing tracks and to sing along to them over the mic, so I could hear how good or bad I was sounding!  Wow, the big speakers blasted out really good quality sound, I was so excited! But the mic was very sensitive so some adjustments were needed.  I think we got the hang of it.  You saw the piano room before the equipment arrived, so here it is all set up as a sound Studio.  The other speaker is just out of shot on the left and the 6 Channel Mixer/Blue Tooth Player is the larger black box on top of the piano.  It’s all very neat and tidy!  Now it’s down to me to get to grips with it on a regular basis and write some more song lyrics!  Watch out for some active pics later on!  Wow, I am so lucky.

Radley BagNow it’s still my birthday month and today, Saturday, I succumbed to buying yet another handbag on line.  Now, I know I normally push everything made in Italy, but the odd Radley Bag from London does seem to occasionally slip into my collection!  Oh, dear, my man will be editing this blog for me, he reads all my stuff, and I will hear him groan when he reads this, because I haven’t told him yet!  But it will go with the lovely little Radley clutch bag he bought me for my birthday some years ago, which also has a ‘data dog’ running across it!  That’ll appease him and oh, the new bag was also in the sale; you must take a look!  website

ec113746abdae43199822e686db6465dAnyway, what you really want to read about is Tuscany, don’t you? Well, the Ciccadas finally arrived this last week, rather late but they do like the hotter weather.  So now we have both the chirping of these noisy but friendly insects and the toad’s chorus to listen to whilst enjoying an aperitivo outside.  We have just heard that our neighbour Paola has a full house of tourists next week in her beautiful Agriturismo, La Poggiolaia, so we’ll soon be hearing the distant tinkle of laughter and splashing in the pool too!   Visit Paola’s website Here   Yesterday we drove past a huge field of sunflowers, which previously had been a field of poppies! The countryside is looking really beautiful here now, so it’s a great time to come to Tuscany!

OK, time to get the pictures slotted in for you to enjoy!  And, please do send me your comments and good news!  Pop them on the bottom of this page or email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net   Oh, and do visit my author site at june’s site

Have a great week and stay safe.

Salute June x

PS  A very Happy Birthday to Sandra Cirri at La Dispensa in Fiano!










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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Yet another beautiful day in Tuscany!

2018-07-18-09-06-46.jpgWell, as the dust settled after the five-day Mercantia Festival in Certaldo, our local village of Fiano was gearing up for its own three-day event Festa in Fiano.  This is a lively annual event and today, Sunday, is the final day.  So if you are nearby, head over to Fiano for the final evening’s blast.  Great music, food and wine; what more can I say!

2018-07-18 09.07.36Yesterday, two of Fiano’s handsome locals were crying out for a foto, so they very happily posed for this blog.  Fotos J Finnigan


Now the highlight of the last week for me was a visit to Castello Sonnino in Montespertoli with my two lovely American friends.  Thank you to Caterina for squeezing us in to a busy July schedule and releasing your lovely assistant to give us a history tour of the Castello.  And, the history is to die for.  Foto from website.

olive1Sidney Sonnino  was twice Prime Minister of Italy and later Finance Minister during the First World War.  The current Sonnino family have proudly dedicated their time to preserving all the archives for that time and more.  They have also built an enviable income producing estate to help preserve the castle, its history and the land.  Read lots more on their beautiful website.  You can even stay there, so check it out!  Sonnino website

UnknownMeanwhile, down in Florence, the new T1 Leonardo Tram-line is up and running.  Foto from official website.  In issue 247 of the Florentine Weekly is a great article all about it.  The Tram stops at lots of interesting places, twenty-six in all, over 11.5 Kilometres and you can jump on every  four minutes!  Brilliant I say!  Can’t wait to get on board!  Go to The Florentine website

If, however, you want to go around the city on bicycle or further afield by vespa, you can also arrange this in Florence.  We often see the brightly coloured vespas whizzing along through our bit of the Chianti hills.  Not a lot has changed since the ’60s!  Looking at their website, you could have a great day out this way!  Go to Tuscany Bike tours

osteriacasachiantitramonto_542cddc7ff3014dee37d577767518aaa_tAnd what about eating?  I hear you say.  Well if you want a real Tuscan experience, you only need to drop down below Fiano, our local village, to find Osteria di Casa Chianti where you will not only find local food, wines and oils, but a bit of theatre too.  In the evening the sunset from the big outside terrazzo is fabulous.  Foto from website.  Now this place gets very busy, is only open in the evenings and for sunday lunch, so booking is essential.  My man and I had an excellent supper with our American friends last Friday, to whom we wish a safe journey home and hope to see you next year!  Visit The website

Well, must get this blog finished and off to you.  It’s a little cooler today, so we are feeling fresher, thank goodness.  Hope you are too!

Have a great week, drop me a line and do visit my official author site at June’s Site








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