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And it is another lovely day.  The sun is shining and it’s warm enough for my man to go outside with his lap-top to work.  The covers have come off the orange trees and our first daffodil is about to burst into this wonderful world.


Well, this week has included my four weekly visit to the hairdresser(parrucchiere).  This is one Italian word that refuses to lodge itself in my overworked brain, so I explain to my coven friends in Bar Italia next door, that I am going for ‘colore’.  Sandra, my loyal and lovely hairdstylist, always asks me if I want ‘solito’ (the usual) and then she goes to mix the colour.  She would love to do my hair in multi-shades of red rather than just one as it goes against her grain not to be artistic and creative.  A little later she will sigh with acceptance when I say I only want ‘liscie’, no this is nothing to do with head lice, it translates to mean straight, however, to a hairstylist it means blow dried naturally.  if you really want to pick up the language and local accent, the hairdresser is the place to go.  The stylists never stop talking no matter how noisy the dryers.

Yesterday morning, I met my lovely Bavarian friend for coffee.  She has the gift of speaking both English and Italian despite her first language being German.  If I take a female friend for coffee at Fiano, I am always asked if she is my daughter!  How many daughters am I supposed to have and do I look that old?  On the subject of daughters, I do have one, a very talented Garden Designer.

Well, the new Papa (Pope) seems to be very busy telling all his followers that the new church will be a poor one dedicated to helping the needy.  Whilst the non-government will remain rich dedicated to helping those not in need.

On a lighter note, Italian Rugby is on the rise, finishing fourth in the Six Nations.  This is spurring our grandson (age 12) on to greater things and he is playing for Siena under 15’s this afternoon.

Did I mention my book last Saturday?  My man has been passing my author card to all and sundry on his travels to London and back.  I’ve also been proactive in the local village of Fiano and Certaldo, our nearest town.  In case you need the link, here it is again and do let me know if you have enjoyed the read and spread the word, I need your support!


Salute, and have a great week. x


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