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Benvenuto to all my New and Loyal Followers

Over coffee in Fiano this morning my man let out a groan.  “Well, that just about sums up the Eurovision Song Contest!”  He thrusts La Nazione newspaper at me and there on the front page is the winner, a stunning drag queen in glittery dress, long dark wig and a full black beard…….mmmmm.  This is the sort of thing that makes front page news in Italy!

june at microphone

The Rock Chick Band Archive Photo

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the run up to my next Rock Concert.  This means lots of singing practice to get my croaking voice back into shape.  As a courtesy to my neighbours, I shut the windows and outer doors as the voice exercises I need to do, could have them ringing the police or ambulance if they were to hear me!  Meanwhile, my man goes out into the garden with Farty Barty the cat, or he shuts himself in his studio with his radio up full blast.  Now, I do not want you to think that my voice is not up to the challenge again.  Each year, it gets a little deeper which is apparently normal for aging Rock singers (e.g. Blondie), so I have to check with my lead guitarist that we are still using the correct keys.  We have added five new songs to the repertoire this year:  Paint it Black – Rolling Stones, Broken Crown – Mumford and Sons, If I needed Someone – Eric Clapton/George Harrison, Parisienne Walkways – Gary Moore/Phil Lynott and Woodstock – Mathews Southern Comfort.  My choice of songs are simply ones I love, I can manage to sing them and there are great instrumentals for an acoustic band and in particular, Stefano’s fabulous guitar playing.  If you would like a personal invite for the concert on 28th June in Tuscany, email june.finnigan@virgin.net

Earlier this week, my man and I went off to a posh clinic in Empoli, so that he could check out that all his vital organs were working OK.  I sat in a very nice waiting area, playing scrabble on my Kindle – as one does, and got chatting to a family who had taken a picture of a burning bus on the FPLI (the fast dual carriageway between Florence and Pisa).  Italians can be a bit on the gruesome side; just visit some of the religious art exhibitions or Greve in Chianti’s piazza for a nasty statue of a bleeding torso, to see what I’m talking about.  My man returned with an envelope containing pictures of his insides for taking to our local doctore, the rock music loving Flavio.  “Did you understand everything the specialist said?”  “I think so,” he smirked, “I may have a little stone on the kidney, which is nothing to worry about, or she gave me ten minutes to live…”  “Bastard” I hissed.

Back at Laura’s bar/alimentare in Fiano, there is a big stock of charcoal for the outside grills in all the local gardens.  This is also the time of year for the weekenders to arrive and to start firing up their barbies.  Our immediate weekend neighbours come up from Certaldo and cram themselves under a tiny car port to play ping-pong.  If I ever mention the Ping-Pong family, you will know who I mean.  Also new in the village, is a clever electronic hawk screeching machine which is designed to stop the birds nesting in the roof of the latest modern apartment building.  Amazingly, despite its volume, the locals continue their conversations as if it’s not happening! Oh yes, and our Moroccan street seller has brand new stock.  Everything appears to be in the original wrappers and not a clothes peg mark on anything!

Male  Redstart Photo National Geographic

Male Redstart
Photo National Geographic

Yesterday, Sunday, we met with lovely friends for a cocktail in the piazza at Montespertoli.  She is a glamorous eighty-nine and looks twenty years younger and her toyboy husband (a world-renowned photographer) at only eighty-three, still looks as if he could return to the game of Calcio Storica (historical rugby) in Florence, without a problem.  She was telling me that as an English women in her twenties, she arrived in Milan to dance with a ballet troupe and never looked back.  A fascinating and relaxing get together indeed.  We returned to our garden to be greeted by our new resident Redstart which has been acting very friendly and curious, just like a Robin.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio looks enthusiastic as he arrives for his first day of Social Work. Photo Oliver Morin/AFP/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the undaunted Silvio Berlusconi has started his four hours a week community service at a home for Alzheimer’s patients near Milan.  He has apparently spent ten days learning about the disease and may even help with one to one feeding of patients.  This will be a challenge, according to the head of a hospice, as the patients often have to be reminded that they are eating.  SB said, “I think in the end I will stay longer than I have to – I have a big surprise ready!”  Mmmm, does he mean that he may forget to leave?  He may be trying to forget that his political party Forza Italia is only third in the running for the European elections; poor Silvio.

Well, I must forge on.  I have a column to write and a working week in the business to attend to.

Have a great week and do get in touch.

Amore June x

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