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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around The World,

Well, it’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning but very cold. Hopefully, if we sit in the right spot in the garden, the sun will be hot enough to enjoy an aperitivo before lunch and we are well stocked with local wines, so no worries there. Meanwhile, I’m getting on with writing to you.

January is an interesting month for events. Every year you will spot the male fashionisti in Florence and particularly around the Fortezza da Basso, flaunting themselves at Pitti Uomo in anything from very classy suits and overcoats to gaudy excentric outfits. These guys just love to be noticed and photgraphed! I had a big choice of fotos to show you and finally decided on this one borrowed from The Florentine and taken by Marco Badiani. Elton John would fit right in! You will find lots more at http://www.theflorentine.net

As most of you know one of my indulgences is Handbags, made in Tuscany of course. I spotted these lovely bags hand crocheted and apparently available locally. But the website does not seem to offer on-line shopping. I suggest you visit Le Kosette on Facebook and if you find a way to buy on-line, let me know! Otherwise, there is an email address and a chat line, probably only in Italian I suspect, I might try it later.

Meanwhile, back here in our little bit of the Chianti Hills, we were very sad to say addio to our once beautiful Ash Tree, which finally gave up the ghost just over a year ago. It has now been chopped down and there are various ideas floating around for adapting the remaining stump. We had spent many happy shady hours under it’s branches, it will be sadly missed. We also have the piece from above the stump, included in the foto, which I am convinced could be turned into a beautiful carving of some kind. I would love to have your ideas, drop me a line.

‘So what are the rules for your bit of Tuscany now?’ I hear you ask. Somewhat confusing, I reply. We are currently a yellow zone, white being no restrictions and up to red being total lockdown. In yellow It’s very important to be fully vaccinated and to be able to prove this by showing your ‘Super Green Pass.’ This applies to virtually everywhere; restaurants, caffes, shops, buses & trains and the new white FFP2 mask must be worn in all public places. and, It is likely to become mandatory for the over 50’s to be vaccinated soon. But things can change with little notice, so watch this space!

But Life eeez good, Life eeez now! Our Brick kitchen floor has finally been fixed, so less chance of crashing down into the gymnasium below! It’s Certaldo Red Onion season and Paolo at C’era Una Volta Ristorante is serving up hot Zuppa di Ribolita! Paolo’s Ribolita is like a rich tasty vegetable & bean soup, thickened with stale bread. My man loves it!

OK, time to think about lunch, or better still, an aperitivo! I hear my man already busy in his kitchen; I have to ask permission to enter the room these days! Actually, I love the fact that he learnt to cook during my recovery and he wants to continue too!

So, may I wish you all a splendid week, stay safe and come to Tuscany as soon as you are able!

Salute June x

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