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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Here in our little bit of Chianti, in the Tuscan Hills we always start the day with a short drive to a local cafe bar for a delicious Espresso, which cannot be produced at home unless you get an industrial size machine.  Now the ones I have looked at that are supposedly any good, will take up far too much room in the kitchen.  But anyway, lets face it, making morning coffee at home only turns one into a boring house person, when you should be out meeting and greeting the locals.  Now you may remember that Laura’s bar/alimentare in Fiano was constantly closing, for one reason or another.  We now know that it is closed permanently.  This is very sad for the village as there is nowhere to get a cup of coffee now.

Evi behind the bar at Bar 'Garibaldi 11 Speakeasy' in Certaldo. Foto J Finnigan

Evi behind the bar at Bar ‘Garibaldi 11 Speakeasy’ in Certaldo.
Foto J Finnigan

These days you will usually find us at Bar Il Solferino in Certaldo, however, it is closed on Mondays so we have started to go to Jam Cafe next to the station, who only close on Wednesdays.  A couple of months ago I did notice a new bar, just two minutes walk from Il Solferino and thought I would try it last Tuesday, but that was their closing day!  I hope you’re keeping up!  So I went back on Wednesday and found them open!  It’s called ‘Bar Garibaldi 11 Speakeasy.’  Curious, one might say.  Well, I popped in and ordered a cafe latte which came in a huge jug of a mug, with two shots of espresso in it as I wanted it strong.  I don’t normally like big mugs and prefer a cup size, however, it was quite nice.  The decor is very pubby, rustic tables and a big sofa at the back of the room.  The local customers were youngish and arty.  So it has its attractions.  I will go back with my man on a Monday when Il Solferino is closed, or was that Wednesday?

Giorgio Armani with his models, in Milano last week. Il Nazione

Giorgio Armani with his models, in Milano last week.  Orgoglio Italiano means Italian Pride.
Il Nazione

Relaxing over the coffee last Friday, yes that’s right in Il Solferino, there was a lot of talk about Milan fashion week, which I have never been to.  But I still drool over some of the Italian designers.  Eighty something, Giorgio Armani was there with his lovely models and I could not help but notice that they all looked traditionally Italian with their beautiful shiny dark hair.  A lot of Italian women do dye their hair blond, but there is something special about that dark Mediterrainian look; don’t you think?

Roccobarocco Dress and matching handbage to die for. La Nazione.

Roccobarocco Dress and matching Handbag to die for.
La Nazione.

I have also shared a picture of this gorgeous dress and matching handbag by Roccobarocco.  Il Nazione newspaper does cover a lot of fashion news, which suits me, although it is really a national paper with news and sport.

On the subject of sport and our being a great rugby family, my man and I watched rugby, including the Six nations, all afternoon and most of the evening on Saturday.  Bad luck to Italy who lost against Scotland and Bravo to England who won against Ireland.  I have not seen the papers today (Sunday) as my man went off on the train before seven am, too early for a read.  And where did we manage to get a coffee at six thirty on a Sunday?  Well it was Jam Cafe next to the station in Certaldo.

A Mafia Museum opens in Palermo. Il Nazione

A Mafia Museum opens in Palermo.
Il Nazione

Now I will finish by mentioning that there is a new Mafia Museum opened in Palermo.  ‘What?’ I hear you say.  Well the Italians will admit to having a liking for the macabre.   You’ve only got to watch a carnival to see all the grotesque blood curdling exhibits and if you fancy a visit to a Museum of Torture, pop up to San Gimignano in the hills above Siena.  Italian parents and children seem unfazed by it all!

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that the DVD of Spectre I ordered from amazon late last year has just arrived!  Hurrah.  I’ve watched it once and will do so again this evening…..and probably tomorrow as well!  Yes, I know.

OK, time to get this blog edited and then organise some lunch.  The weather is too cold and wet to eat outside, so I think I’ll cook baked cheesy leeks and mashed potatoes, a real winter warmer.

Do have a great week and don’t forget to drop me a line or visit my author site at http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan

Salute June x

'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.






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