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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World

Well, what a surprise that was!  Last Monday everything opened up including bars, restaurants and thank god, hairdressers!  I managed to get an appointment with SandraRock chick Red on the Thursday and, bless her, she had opened despite the stringent rules of distancing and hand cleansing.  She had cleared the salon of all the furniture, bar two chairs for the clients and an armchair for a third person to wait in.  Of course, the experience was not too pleasant as there were no magazines or an offer of coffee.  But I will be forever grateful for returning to Rock Chick red having slowly sunk over nine weeks, into a depressing Granny Grey!

Tabby's Choc Cake 240520To celebrate my return to normality, and being able to stop and look in the mirror without cringing, our lovely family came over for lunch yesterday.  Whilst, as always, my big tray of garlic potatoes failed like most of my meals, this was more than made up for by the delicious egg and gluten free chocolate cake made by our brilliant and gorgeous fifteen year old granddaughter!  Yes, here in Tuscany we can at least enjoy the normality of family meals again.

We have not been back to a restaurant yet.  I know, this is so unlike us, but the idea of face masks and two metre separations does not appeal.  The only thing concerning me is that we are 2015-05-10-13-35-29not supporting our local restaurants and how many others are doing the same.  I think we probably should go to Paolo’s at C’era Una Volta soon, just to make sure he and his lovely wife Gaia made it back from the Maldives at the beginning of the lockdown, and to let them know we care!  Also, it’s that time of year for Burrata and grilled veggie!  What do you think, should we go?

What else?  How are things with you?  I have to say, I am so glad to be in Italy and not the UK during this pandemic.  Whilst one cannot believe everything in the papers, the UK seems to be in a right mess!  Meanwhile, on Saturday, our granddaughter met up with a group of teenage friends in Siena, after nine weeks of on-line schooling.  They all had their face masks on and kept a sensible distance.  Unfortunately, this has not been the case with some young people.

Nanny's 96thMeanwhile, in Exmouth, Devon in England, my mother celebrated her 96th birthday just with the staff of the nursing home, who thankfully are very kind to her.  Her main carer Jade sent some lovely pictures, which I was glad to receive as I would have been there in normal circumstances.  But down on Exmouth beach, my brother reported that people have been swarming and not taking any care over face masks or crowding.  It all sounds pretty horrifying.  However here, the locals in our nearby village continue to wear masks and keep their distance and coffee is only served to take away.

Anyway, enough of that, the sun is shining and the Strimmed walk under the blackthorngarden and countryside looks gorgeous.  We have so many birds now, the morning chorus is deafening!  But we love it. Our plans this week?  Well, it is work as normal from tomorrow, still remotely of course, but we are quite enjoying it.  I need to put more time into completing my current novel and learning the guitar.  What with our having to cancel the Rock Chick Band Concert in June, my man has asked me to do a performance just for him, so I will.  If any stragglers turn up who did not get the cancellation message, at least they’ll find me doing my lone performance.  I have asked my man to buy me a microphone and speakers for my birthday, watch this space….

OK, time to get on with the writing and then to rescue the leftovers for lunch, that saves me having to cook another meal.  Should I ring Paolo?

Have a great week and stay safe.

Salute June x

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