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Benvenuti to all my Lovely Loyal and New Followers

A happy Rudolf at the top of our Christmas Tree Phot J Finnigan

A happy Rudolf at the top of our Christmas Tree
Photo J Finnigan

I love Rudolf the Reindeer, so much so that I have given him and his teddy bear pride of place at the top of our Christmas Tree.  Why should these fairies always get the best vantage point?  I like to see real characters smiling down at me during the festive season, so salute to you my friend Rudolf!

....no it's Erico with his San Carlo delivery! Photo J Finnigan

Erico with his San Carlo Crisps! Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, back in our local village of Fiano, I do a double take.  I kid you not, it was early morning so I had not been on the wine yet, I see a two-legged wolf or Husky dog carrying a box into Laura’s bar/alimentare.  Naturally, this was very exciting for me, so I hurried my little legs along and burst in through the door.  There he was, putting things on the shelf and nobody had turned a hair or raised their hackles. (Ha, ha get it?)  So I whizzed out my phone and got a picture.  I rush over to Laura and point at him and she laughs, “It’s only Erico delivering the San Carlo crisps!”  Then he turns round and there’s Erico’s grinning face underneath a fluffy winter animal hat.  We all laugh and he loves it, the festive season is certainly starting to be jolly.

So I sit down at my table and reach for the newspaper.  Sig Rotund has not arrived yet so I quickly get down to reading before he arrives and always wants the sporting pages.  Then, as my lovely hot glass of Caffe Latte arrives, so does Daniel Craig!  My heart misses a beat.  He has a beautiful woman on each arm, but that doesn’t matter, I just move my coffee over and obscure my view of the ladies.  Now I can only see Daniel and he is smiling broadly at me.  I smile back.  He joins me and we have coffee together, not daring to speak in case people start staring.  Sig rotund arrives and asks if I have finished with the newspaper.  Daniel disappears like a puff of smoke back into Aladdin’s lamp.

Coffee with Daniel Craig. Photo J Finnigan

Coffee with Daniel Craig.
Photo J Finnigan

Sunrise casting a golden glow over the Chianti Hills. Photo J Finnigan

Sunrise casting a golden glow over the Chianti Hills.
Photo J Finnigan

Driving back home I am in a dream, thinking that Daniel would be perfect for the part of Dominic in the film version of my book, ‘My Father, The Assassin’.  I know, he’ll be far too expensive, but when he reads the book maybe he’ll offer to do it because he loves the part, rather than charge the earth…..  Well would you believe it, blocking the strada bianca (white track) is an ‘earth’ moving digger!  Hurrah, it’s finally being resurfaced, all the potholes are being filled in, my man will be so pleased.  I wait and watch a glorious sunrise and think ‘life is so good’, and so it is.

Now I must love you and leave you as I have places to go, people to see and things to do.  I’ll up date you on Silvio next time.

Have a fabulous week, do drop me a line and don’t forget to visit Amazon for your last-minute Christmas book orders.  See my direct link below.

Salute June x




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