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Bentornati Amici & Benvenuti to all my new readers,

It’s a glorious Saturday (Sabato) in our little bit of the Chianti and once again I am sitting in my studio writing to you.  A very warm welcome to all my new followers from WordPress, Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook and those lovely people I have met during the last week.  Today I am talking about The Rock Chick Band, Flowers (fiori), Farty Barty, Italian Gold Reserves, Large Ants, Enrico Letta(who?) and Silvio Berlusconi (remember him?).

Some of you will already be aware that my band, The Rock Chick Band, will be once again performing live on the 22nd June in our beautiful garden.  We have finalized the repertoire, ordered the wine and will have our first rehearsal in two weeks time.  If you are in Tuscany on that day and would like an invitation, send me an email to june.finnigan@virgin.net.   You will be made especially welcome!

Me and the Band.


After a few showers of rain and sand from North Africa, the garden has erupted with colour.   I cannot wait to get on with more planting today as the weather is so beautiful.  Below is one example of all the gorgeous blooms in our garden and we are told that they are called ‘Fiore del sole” as they only open when the sun shines.


And what about these Italian Gold Reserves then?  The World Gold Council has advised Italy to deploy its 2,000 tons of gold to break free of EMU austerity dictates.  What, only 2,000 tons?  I suggest that we all get shovels and start digging up all those pointless roundabouts that have mysteriously appeared over the last few years.  Why, you say?  Well, It has been whispered in certain bars that the lovely Silvio Berlusconi owns some of the land that these are sitting on….what better place??

In today’s paper we read that our handsome Mayor of Florence, Sig Renzi has been heaping praise on our new Prime Minister Sig Letta.  The only thing against him, he said, is the fact that he comes from Pisa!  Just like the old English rivalry between Lancashire and Yorkshire, the Fiorentini and Pisani are no different.

We have solved the mystery of the disappearing butter.   No not mice, Farty Barty our very naughty cat was spotted slinking away from the butter dish and pretending not to notice us.

And finally, if you are not already aware, we have some very large ants here.  Whilst trying to write in my studio earlier this week, this particularly persistant one kept jumping on me.  When I told my man that I was being jumped on, his reaction was ‘Oh, did you have an anticlimax then?’  Men….!

Buona Domenica x  Happy Sunday x


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