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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World

2018-02-05 09.21.12Yes!  Rugby Six Nations has started and whilst I don’t intend bombarding you with unnecessary results of the first weekend, I do want to mention yesterday’s match between England and Italy in Roma.  Now, whenever I watch these two teams play I am torn between them; who am I supporting I ask myself?  My man has no such problems, he is English and an ex-serviceman, so Queen and country naturally makes him a supporter of England.  I am also English, but after nearly fourteen years in Tuscany, I am cheering both sides on and delighted with every try, conversion and drop kick.  And Italy put up a really good performance, they even scored the first try, only to lose in the end to the stronger team!

2018-02-05 09.17.28Anyway, back in the world of politics, and whilst enjoying my morning coffee at La Dispensa in Fiano, I read in La Republica  that eighty-seven year old politician Lilian Segre, has been nominated ‘Senatrice a Vita’ by the Presidente della Republica Sergio Mattarella.  Now, this either means she has been given a life sentence or made a Senator for Life.  In the picture she appears to be in a state of shock, poor old thing, so take your pick!

2018-02-01 09.19.29But let’s turn our thoughts to the world of music, which is close to my heart as you all know.  We are in the run-up to the Sanremo Music Festival.  This is a hotly contested song contest which, over five days will find a winner selected by a celebrity panel.  Of course this makes for very popular TV watching, however, if you do attend the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, or watch it on the box, you will have to sit and listen to some pretty awful music.  The Italians are crazy for it!  A guest appearance will be made by Ornella Vanoni.  Who?  Ah, well she was a hugely popular singer donkeys years ago and this will be her first appearance in nineteen years.  Good for her, I say.  If you would like to learn more, or even buy tickets you should go to The Website

2018-01-29 09.24.39Meanwhile, at number two in the album charts, you will find the lovely EMMA, with Essere Qui, which means ‘Being here’.  Born in Florence, she is currently a bit of a Blondie lookalike, but her voice is very different.  Husky and very much a singer of the modern age, she became popular after winning Sanremo in 2012.  She also plays acoustic and classical guitar; impressive!  Hear her sing here video

OK, so what else.  Oh yes, Amore of course.  It is the run up to Valentines day, which single Italian men love and married men don’t bother with once they have snared you.  Well, so I’m told!

Well, enough of that.  Must get this blog posted to you and organise some lunch.  Have a great week and do drop me a line.

Salute June x

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NB Fotos from La Repubblica.








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Benvenuti to all my Loyal and New Followers

The first Mimosa blossom in the garden. Photo J Finnigan

The first Mimosa blossom in the garden.
Photo J Finnigan

Returning from coffee in Fiano this morning, I ambled through the garden breathing in the air and absorbing the smell of spring just below the surface.  Whilst the winter countryside and garden here in Tuscany is still very beautiful, thanks to the evergreen trees including the silver green of the olive, we still long for spring and the uplift of the mind that goes with it.  Then I saw the bright flash of yellow and, hurrah, the Mimosa tree has opened its first fluffy blossoms.  So it will be only a matter of days before its heady perfume will be filling the air!

The hugely popular and charismatic TV personality Carlo Conti joins me for coffee. Photo J Finnigan

The hugely popular and charismatic TV personality Carlo Conti joins me for coffee.
Photo J Finnigan

Many of you will be aware that the 65th Festival della Canzone Italia has been going on in Sanremo, hosted by the very popular Carlo Conti.  This is where the great and the good Italian singers go to celebrate, yes you got it, singing.  There is massive coverage on television and the bar is full of talk about who they liked best the previous night.  We do not have SKY where we are, and are limited to some local stations, BBC World, Bloomberg and a few obscure ones.  So unfortunately, or depending on your point of view fortunately, we did not watch it.  In my humble view, there are some very good Italian singers of popular music and a little rock, but there are also some awful ones that are amazingly popular and can be heard constantly on the radio.  Radios are always playing in bars, hairdressers, dentists…  Oh dio, why did I have to mention the dentist again!  (I have one more visit to go, you see, so think of me on Tuesday!)  Fortunately, the Italians also love English and American music, so there is a lot of that too.

On the subject of music, I have finally finished typing out the lyrics for my next rock concert.  They need to be in bold and size 18, no the font size silly, so that I can see it without my glasses at night.  Whilst mentioning this, if you are not already on my invite list and can make it to Tuscany on June 20, do send your email address to june.finnigan@virgin.net.

The adoration of Calcio. Photo J Finnigan

The adoration of Calcio.
Photo J Finnigan

No doubt you are aware that the football (calcio) season is in full swing and the Italians are crazy for it.  In our area the main team to follow is Florence (Fiorentina) whose colour is purple.  I wear this colour a lot, because I like it and it suits me.  I am often being congratulated for supporting the team!

Ireland demolish Italy in the first round of the Six Nations. Photo J Finnigan

Ireland demolish Italy in the first round of the Six Nations.
Photo J Finnigan

From our point of view, we are a great rugby family, coverage of the Six Nations Rugby last weekend, by the Italian sports channel, was a very pleasant surprise.  As you can imagine, my man was a very happy rabbit indeed.  Our grandson, who started at an English boarding school last term, for the sole purpose of following his dream of becoming a professional player, is also delighted to be able to watch it here in Italy during his half term.  Sadly, Italy has a long way to go to be up to the standard of the other five teams, but time will tell.  A big investment is needed in Italian Rugby for it to really become competitive.

But life eeez good here in our lovely bit of the Chianti hills.  Farty Barty the cat seems to have returned to normal after a rush of dating, as is his wont this time of year.  I heard a Hoopee calling yesterday, the sun is now shining and by next weekend both my current novels should be ready for publication.

Well, time to get on with making myself beautiful as my man and I are off to C’era una Volta for lunch.

Thanks again for the follow and do drop me a line.

Molto Amore June x

PS   Here is the direct link for my novel ‘My Father, The Assassin’ by J W Finnigan. You can also visit http://www.amazon.com & http://www.amazon.eu


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