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Ciao Ragazzi and all my New Followers – welcome,

Well, I am very excited and can’t wait to tell you about my amazing book sales here in Tuscany.  I am also going to be talking about Milko, Silvio Berlusconi (remember him?), The Rock Chick Band, Cold Winds, Zucchini Plants and Snails and going to England.

Firstly, I am delighted that Milko the owner of our local Cartoleria (stationers) has already sold two of my novels ‘My Father, The Assassin’.  One to a lady from Finland and the other to our local doctor, who speaks a little English.  As the book is only currently in English, this is quite an achievement!  So well done Milko!  We saw a couple of German tourists today, so hopefully more English speaking people will be passing through soon!

The very handsome Milko and his book display in Fiano!


Things are hotting up with our plans for the next Rock Chick Band concert in our lovely garden.  My lead guitarist and mentor, Stefano Bartalesi, is checking that I am practicing and we will be having a rehearsal with the two backing singers and rhythm guitarist in two weeks time.  My alarm goes at noon everyday to remind me to do a half hour singing practice before pranzo (lunch), however,  I am so side tracked by work and book marketing that I don’t always achieve this.  But don’t tell Stefano.  My plan is to practice like crazy during the two weeks run up and to soothe my throat with some lovely Chianti from Claudio Corbinelli’s vineyard!  If you are in Tuscany on the 22nd June and would like an invite to this private concert party, email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net.

So what is the latest from the gorgeous Silvio Berlusconi?  Mama Mia, Ilda Boccassini, prosecutor, has been sent threats including a letter with two bullets, her office said.  Well, what can we say, Silvio has such a huge fan club that they could have come from a little granny or a seventeen year old dancer, who knows?  Silvio claims he is the victim of a campaign by left-wing magistrates.  Look him in the eye and tell me what you think!

We have been coming up with all sorts of ways, short of stepping on them which sometimes cannot be avoided, to keep the snails off our zucchini (courgette) plants.  We collect bucket fulls and throw them, one at a time, in a gentle arc into the olive grove which gives them a second chance.  However, if you come out at dusk you will find them trooping back up to the garden in convoy.  Whilst the plants are small enough, we have them inside plastic bottles overnight and coffee dregs around the bases.  Please don’t suggest any chemical deterrents; our local plant shop gave me some crystals to sprinkle around and I was heartbroken to find the tiny plants eaten and the snails belly up!  Never again….

The weather has been wet, cold and windy, so my going to England tomorrow will not make any difference to my wardrobe.   Arrgh, you might say and I agree with you.  However, I must make an appearance from time to time and will be networking and promoting my company, http://www.hoareworth.com, whilst handing out lots of cards for ‘My Father, The Assassin’.  I read recently, that an American writer hit record novel sales because her husband was handing out cards on all his business trips!  My man (bless him) also does that, and I shall do the same this next week.  I will be back next Saturday so will send you my next post on Sunday 2nd June.

Have a great weekend.  June xx


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Buon Giorno Ragazzi

Welcome to another weekly blog and con piacere to all my new followers!  Today I will be talking about Burning Hats, Bee Eaters, Rain, Acacia Trees, Jasmin, Silvio Burlesconi and ‘My Father, The Assassin.

The exiting event of this last week was my man setting light to his hat when he was still wearing it!  He has been helping our son-in-law (genero) prune, clear and burn the debris from the olive trees.  He was in charge of the bonfires.  Now one has to be careful not to let the fire spread and fortunately the land was fairly damp.  However, bits kept floating upwards and what goes up must come down.  He smelt something burning very close at hand and could not identify it until some rancid smoke blew done over his face!  Then he realized he was on fire and grabbed his hat just before the flames started on his hair.  He still has a handsome crop of hair, so that was a relief!  Sadly, it is goodbye to his ancient green jungle hat that he wore as a young Marine…..

Some good news.  Just about all of our feathered friends from North Africa are now here, including the beautiful Bee Eater.  The birdsong is fabulous, even at night.  In the garden and countryside the Acacia trees are dripping with white blossom and starting to send their snow flurries of seeds drifting slowly through the air.  Soon the roadsides will look like we have had an overnight snow shower.  The Jasmin is particularly lush this year, and the perfume is to die for.  We have had quite a lot of rain this last week which, with the help of warm sunny breaks, has encouraged every imaginable wild flower to burst through the grassy banks.

Bee Eaters in Acacia Tree


And how is our gorgeous friend Silvio Berlusconi doing? Mama Mia, his tax fraud conviction has been upheld on its first appeal!  He says his conviction is politically motivated and he is expected to appeal to Italy’s highest court.  Slip in a few gold bars here and there, that’s what I say…..

Back in our local village of Fiano, I am very excited to tell you that Milko, our local Stationer (Cartoleria) has placed his book order for ‘My Father, The Assassin’.  I’ll start with three, he said, what cartons I asked, no three books and we’ll see how the tourists take to them!  No silly comments please….  But we don’t care about that, Amazon is doing a reasonably good job.    Run your cursor over to the right of this page and you can buy one now!

Well the weather is now gorgeous and it’s time to organize pranzo in the garden.  Then we can look forward to the beautiful light display put on by the Fire Flies this evening.

Buona Domenica x

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