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Benvenuti to all my Loyal and New Followers

Well, this last week has been a busy old-time, what with the house hunting, writing, working and eating out, it disappeared in a flash.  So here we are chatting away again and talking about our little bit of Chianti in Tuscany.

Paolo's Chanterelle Harvest. Photo P Finnigan

Paolo’s Chanterelle Harvest.
Photo P Finnigan

Last Sunday my man and I popped into C’era una Volta Ristorante for sunday lunch.  ‘What again?’ I hear you ask.  Well, you know, if one is lucky you might find a local restaurant that ticks most of the boxes and it is so convenient to keep going, especially when the owner treats you like royalty, serves perfect gluten-free pasta and fresh food and herbs straight from his own orto (vegetable garden).  Paolo does all these things and more.  He goes out to the woods to find fresh mushrooms or buys from a local contadino who has beaten him to it!  He and his wife Gaia make the most delicious Tiramasu and a digestivo to die for, Crema di Limoncello.  This last time, Paolo showed us the latest chanterelle harvest and you could still smell the earthy woodland aroma in them.  Heavenly….

Now, you may remember that we have been house hunting, as our landlady wants our little villa back at the end of the four-year contract in February.  She is being a little flexible so we are thinking in terms of the first of April, when the cold weather should be finished.  We have viewed nine properties so far, ranging from awful to beautiful, the latter one that we really like, will need a bit of a compromise on our part, because it is a large apartment in a converted rustic property.  It does have a lovely garden with great views; we must deliberate.

The gorgeous Simon Baker. La Nazione.

The gorgeous Simon Baker. La Nazione.

Anyway, back at Il Solferino bar in Certaldo, we enjoy our coffee and read the papers.  O Dio, not again.  Last week it was Daniel Craig and now it’s that gorgeous blond actor Simon Baker joining us.  There he is, my second choice for playing Dominic in the film version of my books, sporting another expensive watch.  I say second choice, but likely now to be my first choice, as methinks Daniel will probably be too expensive.

Olives and cold pressed oil. La Nazione.

Olives and cold pressed oil.
La Nazione.

Meanwhile, and out there in the real world, the olives have all been picked and we are told it is going to be a good year for olive oil, unlike last year which was a disaster.  We are already enjoying the tangy taste of the cold pressed olives; heavenly drizzled over bread or garlic toast.  Mmmmm.

Then, last but not least, the highlight for many Italians in the Provincia di Firenze, has been the visit by Pope Francis to Florence and surrounding areas.

Pope Francis in Florence. La Nazione

Pope Francis in Florence.
La Nazione

Thousands thronged to every appearance by this popular man, but I have to say that he is looking older and tired.  He is currently having to deal with accusations of fraudulent activity within the Vatican Bank and that’s just the money side of things.  However, his smiling face does seem to lift the spirits of his followers, and whilst terrible acts are occurring elsewhere, like Paris, maybe he will have some influence on the state of mind of our fellow Europeans, christian or otherwise.

Finally, on behalf of all us British expats around the world, may our Parisian friends find peace and the strength to recover from these latest atrocities as soon as possible.

Salute June x

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'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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Benvenuto to all my Lovely Followers,

Yes, its pretty warm at night now and we are at last throwing off the sheets and sleeping with the windows wide open.  Mosquito nets are essential, of course, that also help to keep out the giant hornets and lizards.  These are both fascinating creatures, but not when one is trying to sleep!

Simon Baker, aged 44, Ausralian Actor.

Simon Baker, aged 44, Australian Actor.

My poor man is struggling with a painful tendon in his heel.  Last week he popped into Guys Hospital in London to check it out and there wasn’t a lot they could do for him.  So some rest, some exercise and an ice pack.  Over coffee this morning at Laura’s Bar/Alimentare in Fiano, he was reading the La Nazione newspaper and commented “It says here that the Tartufo (truffles) from San Miniato (the original ancient capital of Tuscany) is said to be an aphrodisiac.”  Oh good, I thought to myself, if he’s thinking about sex, the pain in his foot my not be as bad as I thought.  Meanwhile, I am musing about who might play the male lead Dominic, in the film version of my book ‘My Father, The Assassin.”  It may prove difficult to get Daniel Craig (sighs) however, I do quite like the idea of Simon Baker, assuming he could beef his muscles up a bit.  What do you think?  My man interrupts my thoughts again, “See that huge fat guy who’s just gone out for a cigarette, he’ll have a problem with his weight if he gave up the smoking…ha, ha….”  I put on a serious face and looked away.  At the next table we are amused by Sig Rotund holding court with three local ladies, “He’s the Mayor of where he lives,” my man chortled.  Then in strut our too lovely lady carers from Georgia, arm in arm, in their brightly clashing market clothes and happy smiles on their faces.  Here in Tuscany, we have a lot of live in carers for the elderly, and often from the former Eastern Block.

“Are you going to mention in your blog, that I had lunch with the Countess of Wessex in London last week?”  He changes the subject.  ‘Well, of course,” I say, “along with thirty odd other ex-servicemen who were carefully selected from the Union Jack Club membership?”  “Err, well yes, I guess so,”  he smiles sweetly and I just love it when he does.  Yes, my man did enjoy a lunch with Sophie, who turned out to be very nice and sat at my man’s table for the main course, then moved on to have her dessert at another one.

Pashion Flower Photo P Finnigan

Passion Flower
Photo P Finnigan

Earlier in the week, I was driving through the tranquil Chianti countryside, which, as many of you will know is a crop farming area; mostly grapes and olives.  We regularly see dog walkers, but for the first time I came across a man walking a young cinghiale (wild pig), not on a lead, just happily trotting along inside a fenced vineyard with his man!  Things having now calmed down after the concert, I am also noticing the birds and wildlife again.  I suppose I never stop doing this, however, the last few days I have been acutely aware of the increase in the colourful bee-eaters, swifts and swallows.  In the garden we are enjoying a second round of wisteria blossom and new passion flowers – lovely.   On the lower terrace we have a little grapevine which is producing a lot more grapes this year, we are not sure why, perhaps it’s the incredible amount of rain we have had over the last month of so.

Grapes on the Lower Terrace Photo P Finnigan

Grapes on the Lower Terrace
Photo P Finnigan

It is now Monday morning and this blog should have gone off to you yesterday.  A raging storm is pounding the villa and the electricity keeps coming and going.  I made a list yesterday of things to do at my desk.  I may have to switch the computer off shortly, if the storm doesn’t get any better.  So, that means skipping a lot of that list until later.  But we don’t care about that.  Life eez good, life eez now and as my man likes to say, it’s the best option.

Did you hear that something has at last gone right for the gorgeous Silvio Berlusconi?  He has won his court appeal against his conviction for under age sex that would have put him in prison for years!  One has to remember that the young lady in question was seventeen at the time, which is under age here in Italy.  So, no doubt SB and friends will be celebrating with more bunga bunga parties, however, girlies make sure you can prove your age before you go through the door, he won’t take this sort of thing lying down again……

Well, enough of that and its time to get back to my work list.

Have a great week and see you at the weekend.

Molto Amore

June x

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