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Benvenuto to all my Loyal and New Followers

We have lived in Italy for nearly ten years and have learnt the language gradually over that time.  However, no matter how confident one can be, never underestimate the misunderstandings that can occur when listening to an Italian speaking rapidly in dialect, while thrusting a piece of paper through the gate.  I heard the bell ring and my man answered the door.  The conversation was floating up to me in bits, but I distinctly heard him say, in Italian of course, “I won’t be here, but my sister will be.”  Standing at the top of the stairs I enquired of my man, “who was that then?”  “Oh, it was a nice man with a leaflet about a church blessing that’s being held at the church on Thursday, when I’m in London.  I told him that my sister, who is Catholic, would be here and that she might like to go.”  Sadly, our local church has been closed ever since we moved here and we had heard that it sometimes opens for one day, once a year, so we guessed this was it.  We are not church goers, however, this was an opportunity to see inside!


Confused Roman Catholic Priest

On the Wednesday, my man’s sister arrived with our niece for a weeks holiday.  The following morning, at a quarter to the designated hour, the doorbell rang.  My sister-in-law could not work out how to open the door, so I hung out the front bathroom window.  Smiling up at me from outside the gate was a Roman Catholic priest in his flowing robes and purple sash, clutching his trusty bible.  Standing next to him was the elderly chap who had delivered the leaflet.  “I have brought the Father to bless the sister,” he shouted confidently.  “Sorry, did you say bless the sister?” I queried.   “Yes, the sister is Catholic, your husband said we should call!”  So, as you can imagine, I tried to explain that there had been a misunderstanding and that we had thought the church was going to be open for a service.  “No, no,” the Father was smiling,  “we are only in the village to bless the sister…..”  Of course, I apologised for their waste of time, but then the Father said, “What about you?  Perhaps you would like a blessing….” His smile was withering.   “Err, I’m not Catholic, I’m Methodist.”   He shrugged,  “Your religion is similar, I can give you a blessing!”  Finally, they realised that I was a hopeless case and bade me good morning.  However, I did feel bad, and perhaps after all I should have let him in to ‘Bless the Sister”, but it’s too late now…..

Spring flowers with fallen olives Photo J Finnigan

Spring flowers with fallen olives
Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, the garden is heaving with spring growth.  Jasmin, wisteria, primroses and pansies.  our lovely plant lady was back at the market in Certaldo, so we were able to get those much-needed plants for the spring pots.   We also removed all the covers from the delicate plants, then were told in the village that the farmers were anticipating a two-week cold snap in April!  But it’s so lovely to have everything uncovered, including the orange trees that are heavy with fruits.  Sadly, our potted Kumquat tree looks ill, so I have pruned it down and have my fingers crossed.  Wintering under the covers was a big fat locust, which flew off in disgust.

The Sister posing on vintage Vespa at Osteria la Gramola Photo J Finnigan

The Sister posing on vintage Vespa at Osteria la Gramola
Photo J Finnigan

Well, it has been a busy week, trying to work, write and entertain all at the same time.  Supper at our daughter’s house, Sunday lunch at a favourite restaurant called La Gramola in Tavernelle, and lunches in our sunny garden.  The ‘sister’ and our niece enjoyed a visit to Siena last Friday and are off to Florence today.  So I have a little quiet time to finish this blog and get it off to you.

Due to the limited time, and it being Monday, I will update you about Silvio next week and, I know, you are still waiting to receive a snippet from my current novel, ‘The Bolivian Connection”.  Next time, I promise……!

Have a great week.

Amore June x

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