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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Well, it was confirmed last Friday that today, Valentines Day, Tuscany would return to Orange from a Covid point of view. This means two weeks of a strict return to only the essential shops being open and restaurants closed! So we rang Paolo at C’era Una Volta Restaurant to book an early table for yesterday lunch. When we arrived the place was empty, but around 80% booked up, however, Paolo had reserved us our favourite corner table out of harms way, bless him.

What a good thing we ordered early as we watched the restaurant start to fill up and some people coming in to beg a table without a reservation. Paolo took this in his stride and calmly rang a part-time waiter to come in to assist. It had snowed overnight but the roads had cleared and the sun had broken through, so people had traveled up from Florence and Empoli for some much needed country air and traditional cooking. We were fascinated at the atmosphere, it could have been the usual type of crowd for a normal spring or summer, just masks on arrival and bigger gaps between the tables. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and met a nice couple with whom we exchanged a taste of the wines we were enjoying. Earlier yesterday morning, I had driven up to Fiano for groceries, but the pavements were dangerously icy then so I did not attempt the walk to the water fountain, which may have been frozen anyway. Reluctantly I bought two packs of water, better to have them than not.

So, yesterday afternoon we settled in to watch Six Nations Rugby. England was playing the underdogs Italy, but after watching the former’s performance last weekend, we would not have been surprised at another lack-lustre performance! Well, Italy took the lead so we cheered them on. England played badly but somehow started to score and went on to win; we felt a little dissapointed for Italy. To watch all of the matches here in Italy, we need to do some streaming, which is difficult, expensive and frustrating. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. We discussed getting Sky again but as always, agreed it would be a waste of money as we only want to watch rugby and perhaps Wimbledon Tennis. But hey ho, life eeez good, life eeez now.

Meanwhile, back here in our lovely converted monastery farmhouse, we tuck in and keep warm. We also drink good Italian wines and eat well. The next two weeks will involve more cooking for me, which sadly I don’t enjoy, but I will cook pancakes for my man on Shrove Tuesday, an English tradition called Pancake Day. Simply pancakes sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with lemon juice. He loves them, bless him.

And, of course today is Valentines Day. The Italians love San Valentino and have masses of promotions for gifts and flowers. Normally, the restuarants would be full and, lots of heart shaped cakes and chocolates would be on sale at the pasticcerias. Some will be open, so don’t despair! Anyway, love conquers all and we will enjoy just being together in Beautiful Tuscany. foto from Pasticceria Fiorentina, Montespertoli.

Many of you have asked me when my next book will be published and I have to say, not before the summer. I have it in draft chapters but need total concentration and stress free days to get it completed. I really appreciate your support and continued recommendations to my existing books. Oh and do go back to Amazon and leave a review if you can.

OK, time to think about a nice Valentines lunch. Perhaps a candle and one of our more expensive wines would do the trick! How are you spending your day? Do drop me a line, I love to hear from my readers. http://www.junefinnigan.website

Stay warm, stay safe.

Salute June x

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