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skysports-rugby-six-nations_3877729OK, what to say about the Rugby?  I am almost speechless after watching England’s terrible performance, losing to Scotland yesterday.  However, we do want to congratulate the Scots on a game well played.  On Saturday we watched a much more exciting match between Wales and Ireland, which followed a disappointing meeting between Italy and France.  Italy did put up a good show in the early stages, but they still have so much to do to improve their game.  So for us, being English and living in Italy it was a poor weekend of rugby!  But never mind, life eeez good, life eeez now!  Foto SkySport

2018-02-25 09.18.18Meanwhile, there was a snow warning in place for the region of Florence, so we have dashed to the local village and stocked up for a few days.  La Dispensa shop and caffe bar is such a godsend for us and the local people in the Fiano area.  Back in our cosy converted Monastery Farmhouse, it’s good to be in the warm and to watch the heavy snowflakes from inside my studio.  Despite this, daffodils and snowdrops are popping up; roll on spring!  Foto La Nazione.

2018-02-24 09.38.33Now, I know I go on about fashion and I know that last week I groaned about the miserable looking models on the catwalks, but I have to inform you that I am now campaigning for happy models that look as if they are enjoying the clothes they are wearing!  If you look at the pictures in the paper, no don’t, of the shows in Milan this last week, you would have cringed.  So each or every other week I will share with you a fashion shot that will make you smile.  Only beautiful things Made in Italy of course.  Foto La Repubblica.

2018-02-24 09.34.20A question; are you nervous about carrying a clutch bag?  I am, as I’m always afraid it will be snatched or I will put it down and forget it.  Well here is the answer to both those dilemmas, a clutch with a wrap around strap, brilliant and I love this one too!  Do send me a picture of your own favourite bag!  foto La Repubblica.

2018-02-22 09.06.00Back in the world of good Italian food, I just read this great article about 3D Printed Pasta!  I’m also quite keen on an artistic presentation in the right surroundings, and these creations hit the spot.  Produced by BluRhapsody in Emilia (Foto La Reppublica), you can take a look at their amazing Website

2018-02-25 09.20.40And last but not least, Julia Baird, John Lennon’s sister, has written a book dedicated to their mother, called Imagine This.  It is the true story of John Lennon’s childhood.  She is currently in Italy on a book promotion tour.  Foto La Nazione.  If you are a fan of JL you may want to buy a book at amazon link

OK, enough of that.  Time is rushing by and I must get this blog off to you today.  Oh, lest I forget, I will be sending out my Tuscan rock concert invitations in early March, so make sure you send me an email, if you are not already on my mailing list.  I would love to see you there!  write to june.finnigan@virgin.net or visit my official author website at June’s website

Salute June x

PS In next week’s blog, Italian Hunk of the Month!



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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers

The Seismic Map. Red - yesterday yellow - 18 to 20 Jan Blue - 24 Aug 2016

The Seismic Map.
Red – yesterday
yellow – 18 to 20 Jan
Blue – 24 Aug 2016

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will know that I like to write about all the fun things that are going on around us in our little bit of Chianti.  Sadly, the double tragedy in Central Italy has made this quite impossible.  Reading the local and national newspapers over coffee in Fiano this morning, has me realise that I am not the only writer who is feeling somewhat shattered by the massive earthquake, followed by a horrendous snow storm that caused an avalanche burying whole families.  Some good news has filtered through, that people have been found alive, but the tragedy remains that some children still await the news that their parents may also be found.  Some are already orphans.

The appeal bank details. La Repubblica

The appeal bank details. La Repubblica

I make no apology for including the appeal bank details.  This double tragedy has worsened an already desperate situation; earthquakes small and large have continued every day now for several months.  The snow will kill many more, particularly in the remote hills and mountains.  Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help.

This morning's winter landscape. foto J Finnigan

This morning’s winter landscape from here. foto J Finnigan

At this point, I must also thank all you concerned friends and family who have sent worried messages.  We are very fortunate to have chosen to live in an area of Tuscany, which so far has been outside the main seismic areas.  This was luck rather than judgement.  Let’s hope things remain that way.  We love living in Italy and have no intention of changing things, after all, the planet itself is a very fragile place to live on.  Where could one go in the world and say ‘hand on heart’ we are safe here?  Just to confirm the current status of our little bit of Chianti, here is a picture taken from the back of our house as the sun was rising this morning.  January and February are months when we sometimes have snow, at the moment it is cold and sunny; things might change.

Back in Fiano, a little bit of good news.  Last Monday was the re-opening of Bar Piazzina, which is now called Bar Fiano.  We popped in on Friday for coffee; it was quiet and not very atmospheric.  However, its early days and it will be a while before the locals start returning, after all, it has been closed for almost a year and everyone has gotten used to going to La Dispensa now.  Once spring is here and tables are put outside, things will look a lot more inviting.  After all, it is places like this that keep the Italian communities together.  Fingers crossed.

Well, must get on with the copywriting of ‘The Italian Connection’ then finalise the book cover.  Not long now my friends.

Have a great week.

Salute June x

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My current Books. Foto J Finnigan

My current Books.
Foto J Finnigan


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