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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Now, I hope you don’t mind, but there is so much going on here in Tuscany by way of entertainment, this blog is rather full it!

2018-11-13 09.34.19Firstly, as you know, I mostly follow the Rock Music scene, my being an aging Rock singer, however, just occasionally I pick up on something else that really excites me.  This time it is the amazing soprano voice of the young Martina Barreca.  I must confess that what really caught my eye was the fact that she is getting together with rock musicians to do some ‘metal’ music.  Now, I am not certain if a performance will be included in her up and coming stage show in Pisa, but she is such an amazing singer that I am tempted to go anyway, purely to hear her voice.  Theatre Tickets and info

2018-11-11 09.38.39Back in Fiano drinking coffee in La Dispensa, I read in La Repubblica a two page article about that gorgeous iconic actor Marcello Mastroianni.  Brilliant actor, both serious and funny, I loved his many films alongside my favorite Italian actress Sophia Loren that we will watch again over Christmas.  I’m thinking that, if you have any really favourite old films its important to get a load in on DVD.  This is the only sure way of having them in your home; streaming has become hugely popular, but why risk having all your stuff in a cloud!

2018-11-04 18.31.58Funny how vinyl music records have become popular again.  I have a lot of original 60’s and 70’s LPs, and as our music centre has died, I have been researching for a new ‘deck’ and speakers.  I found this one, which has built-in speakers and might just buy it for a joint christmas present!  What do you think?  However, I need to persuade my man that the music centre really is dead; he never throws anything out, if it exists it’s repairable!

2018-11-07 09.57.18A band that beeped my radar last week, was Brit Floyd.  I have to admit that I am not too keen on the idea of tribute bands, but I guess and if they are good, it does keep the live music out there.  Brit Floyd have just completed their tour of Italy and I have taken the trouble to check them out on YouTube.  They have their own style and have performed some of Pink Floyd’s classics really well.  They sound and look good live, so why not give them a go!  I sing cover songs, so who am I to cast any doubts!  Their Balkan and European tour continues.  Tour dates

imageAs you know, my other love is books.  Just like my mention of buying DVD’s for your film storage, I am from now on pushing for the purchase of more paper & hardback books.  I’m as guilty as the next person for downloading onto Kindle!  The Pisa Book Festival has just finished and it is good to read there were hundreds of enthusiasts turned up to hear from the illustrious Italian authors and writers.  We must look out for this next year and make sure it’s in the diary!  So, start buying in those books for Christmas! Take a tip from Iceland where it is traditional to give a book gift every Christmas Eve and to go to bed to read it whilst eating chocolates!

2018-11-13 10.56.47And finally, much closer to home is the village of Marcialla, which has the lovely cosy little theatre called Teatro Communal Regina Margherita.  It has lovely comfortable red velvet seats and is like something out of the vaudeville days!   I have just picked up its winter/Spring performance dates and there will be evenings to suit all tastes.  From comedy to children’s theatre, Jazz, opera, classical and other concerts.  Even if you don’t speak Italian, you will love the atmosphere there.  The Theatre

Well, enough already.  Time to think about lunch.

Have a great week and do drop me a line.  And, do visit my Official Author Website at My site

Salute June x

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Benvenuti and Welcome to all my Lovely Followers

Polenta e Fungi antipasti. Foto J Finnigan

Polenta e Fungi antipasti. Foto J Finnigan

“Could we look at the wine list please?”  I said in Italian of course.  The waiter went a little pale and disappeared.  Then his wife arrived and said, “We don’t need a wine list, we have our own wine!”  “Oh good!” I gave her my broadest smile.  “We’ll have half a litre of the house red then.”  She happily bounced away.  Now, this was the start of our visit to a tiny family run restaurant called Taverna del Fiorentino in Marcialla, which is just fifteen minutes away from our home.  We chose to go there for the first time, because we had been invited by friends to go to the theatre, just around the corner, for a jazz evening.  Having arrived at seven-thirty, this gave us lots or time to relax over dinner, well so we thought.  Now the couple who run the place are really sweet and the wine was delicious.  But the wait for the food was the longest we have ever experienced.  OK, this is Italy where slow food is the rule, but after a while, we realised that this was not the place to go if we had a limit on our time.  also, it gradually became clear that the place had expectantly filled up with people, and they did not have the staff to cope with it.  We had probably chosen the wrong day too.  But the simple polenta & fungi antipasti arrived and it was delicious, also, when it eventually came, my man enjoyed his pasta dish.  so, it was an experience and we are not sure whether we should go back, but we will see.

The cosy theatre before the concert. Foto J Finnigan

The cosy theatre before the concert. Foto J Finnigan

So, it was then a last-minute dash around the corner to Teatro Regina Margherita to meet our friends and neighbours.  As we waited to buy tickets, I snuck around the red curtain and took a photo of the almost empty theatre, which looked lovely and cosy, the band’s instruments all set up on the stage, ready to go.  I’ve never been a big fan of Jazz, I prefer Rock, so we awaited the start of the performance with curiosity.

The band Simone Graziano - Frontal. Foto J Finnigan

The band Simone Graziano – Frontal. Foto J Finnigan

Well, I am not sure how to describe the band, who call themselves Simone Graziano – Frontal,  perhaps in their late twenties or early thirties and hugely talented on their particular instruments.  I found myself drawn to the drummer, Stefano Tamborrino ( a fabulous name for a percussion man) who was amazing on the drums and more, even jangling a big bunch of keys at one point.  But the overall sound was just too weird and a little crazy for my taste.  In saying that, we enjoyed being in the theatre, but next time we go it won’t be for the Jazz.  Afterwards, we joined our friends (thank you Paolo and Paola) for wine in the foyer, which was supplied by Villa S. Andrea from San Casciano.  The wine was very good and the Villa, should you be out that way, is a fabulous place to visit.  Go to http://www.villasandrea.com

Well, back to normality, and trying to ignore the cold wet weather.  Spring is leaping forth in our lovely Tuscan garden, but the weather is keeping us inside.  Despite that, we might pop over to C’era Una Volta for a nice hot lunch shortly.

New book cover proof for The Italian Connection. Foto J Finnigan

New book cover proof for The Italian Connection.
Foto J Finnigan

Meanwhile, the hard copy proof of my new book ‘The Italian Connection’ is arriving special delivery on Tuesday, so hopefully, by the weekend it will finally be ready to launch!  Here is a screen shot of the cover.  The wording may change a little on the reverse.  If you would like personal notification of the publication date, email me at june.finnigan@virgin.net

Anyway, must go and make myself beautiful and get taken out to lunch by my gorgeous man.  And, don’t forget that Wednesday is Festa Della Donna, so we girlies expect to be spoilt on that day with a piece of Mimosa, or any given present actually!

Have a great week.

Salute June x

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My current Books. Foto J Finnigan

My current Books.
Foto J Finnigan


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