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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Well, thank you Chianti and all those lovely Italians who, without realising it, have really lifted me back into a happy state of mind.

Miss Toscana Sportivo. La Nazione

Miss Toscana Sportivo.
La Nazione

How can one not smile when the local newspaper is full of the arrival tomorrow evening of Miss Sportivo Toscana (Miss Tuscany Sport) in Certaldo.  Yes, she is making an appearance on her celebratory tour and that alone will give the tourists something to photograph in what is otherwise a ghost town.  It is hard to believe, and I know I have said this before over the years, but from August 1st you may as well forget finding more than twenty percent of the area open for the tourists, as the Italians have all rushed off to the coast or the mountains to escape the heat.  We were nevertheless still surprised when I rang our local Osteria for a sunday lunch table and was told that they were closing for two weeks, despite the fact that the area is heaving with tourists!

Jethro Tull arrives in Cortona. La Nazione

Jethro Tull arrives in Cortona. La Nazione

Now you may already know that I like to follow the music scene, my being part of it, and I was amazed to read that Jethro Tull was doing a return tour in Tuscany; I had no idea that the band had already been here!  The flutist, Ian Anderson, who is described as ‘having a lot less hair’ is heading up the band.  They will be at the Arrezzo Music Festival in Cortona (home of the writer of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’) and you can obtain tickets at http://www.ticketone.it

May and Renzi. La Republica.

May and Renzi.
La Republica.

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, the UK’s new Prime Minister whatshername, oh yes Teresa May, was shaking hands with Italy’s equivalent Matteo Renzi and talking about Brexit.  Interesting that they are both ‘stand ins’ not having been elected by the people to the role.  Many Italians in the know seem to think that it wont be long before we have a Itexit; watch this space.  Oh, I should mention that the Italian journalist was unimpressed with her shoes being flat and greyish, with a pointed toe!  Image is everything here in Italy.

Well, enough of that, August the 1st tomorrow and it is a month of reflection for me and my man, as we will be here in Tuscany for the whole of the month, attempting to chill out and get our still fairly new home sorted.  The storeroom needs shelving and what will be a temporary fitness room in the downstairs guest apartment, will be cleared of unpacked boxes and other debris.  Yes, my man has great intentions of starting a fitness regime, after spending far too much time travelling on planes, trains and sitting at the computer.  Bless him.  I’ll supply the bottles of water as we are in around 35 degrees at the moment.

Finally, I have to say that we are really enjoying the display of Bee Eaters and the regular visits from a pair of Hoopoe birds and despite everything being very dry, we are still surrounded by a lot of greenery.  Yes, life eeez good, life eeez now.

Have a great week.

Salute June x

'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.

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