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Well Hello to all my loyal and lovely new Followers –  let the fun begin,

Today I am talking about The Rock Chick Band, Great Friends & Groupies, Fun and Silliness over the weekend, A Contadino and his Ape, A good friend’s request for his Wake, The Racquet that Turned and of course the downfall of Silvio Berlusconi.

I want to thank the guys in the band for a tremendous performance and particularly Stefano Bartalesi (lead guitar and band leader) for his flawless electric guitar performance.  The lovely Paola, with legs up to her armpits, gave a great performance as our new backing singer, harmonizing and uhhuhing like a professional.  Thank you also to my man for doing the speaking bit at the beginning of Meat Loaf’s ‘You took the words right out of my mouth’ and for the large rose to fit my cleavage.  A huge hug goes to all our friends and family who came, despite the competition from other music festivals and concerts going on around the Chianti Hills.  I hope to post more fotos in future blogs as the people taking them, they know who they are, forgot to put their cameras on ‘night mode’!

Me and The Rock Chick Band (yes very dark)


The following day we were a little slow to rise and when I ventured out into the fresh air, my sister-in-law was heard saying, ‘Well I looked up from the parsley and there was Paul pushing June on a sack-truck!’  Unfortunately she had a photo to prove it….O dio!  I think we may have also annoyed the neighbours, as immediately after the rehearsal, they let loose with a noisy strimmer.  I did give them invites, but hey ho, we made a lot more noise than they did!

A few days before, we were waiting in the petrol queue and this little old farmer (contadino) got out of his Ape (small three-wheeled vehicle and pronounced apay) and spent three whole minutes studying the pumps at close range, doing funny little head nods and swaying movements (Aka the English comedian and actor Norman wisdom, who was big in Albania).  We broke down with laughter and just as we were about to get out and assist him, the pump attendant came to his rescue.  Now this is the queue for self-service as the petrol is cheaper,  but he was being assisted anyway.  Meanwhile the queue was getting longer and longer.  Then, as one does, he rocked his vehicle to make sure the petrol was going down and asked for a drop more.  All this time he is swaying & nodding and we were having hysterics.  Then he opened the wrong door and got in,  got out again, scratched his head, stared at the ape and then walked round to the other door.  We were amazed when he actually managed to drive away without some further dilemma.  Oh, if only we had thought to film it….

Meanwhile, a good friend and musician was planning ahead for his proposed funeral party and he wants us all to have a really good time.  He also made a special request that a certain musician from the north, who he really dislikes and who will no doubt invite himself, may like to ‘accompany’ him on his final journey…..ha,ha!

Oh yes, last week I promised to post a limerick, which a wrote a few years ago after my man hit himself with his own tennis racket on Valentines Day.   The poor boy arrived home late with a single rose,  a pale face and a very convincing excuse!    I should have been really sympathetic, but I’m afraid that I see a lot of humour in mishaps, including my own!

The Racquet that Turned

 By June Finnigan

There was a young man called Paul

Who rushed for a high tennis ball

The racquet instead, hit him hard on the head

and now he’s not nearly so tall.


The nurse smiled and said “What a shame,

self-inflicted! Then you are to blame.

But please do not worry, t’will mend in a hurry

we’ll glue it to keep out the rain!”


For days Paul felt terribly glum

His head held together with gum,

After such a mishap, he’ll be wearing a cap

and the jokers will not spoil his fun!


Of course, there’s a moral to this.

When you run for the ball and then miss,

do not hit your own head, thrash your partner instead

for the blame is most certainly his!

And back to the real world….

The gorgeous Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio 020613Well, what about poor (if wealthy) Silvio.  Last Monday was decision day and he has received the much dreaded seven-year jail sentence and a lifetime ban from public office.  We think this is most unfair, particularly as the prosecutor only asked for six years!  The judges also failed to consider the cost of a penthouse, en-suite cell with resident hairdressers and make-up artists!  Of course there will be an appeal and he will remain free in the meantime.  Time for him to dig up all those gold bars supposedly buried in all the useless roundabouts that have appeared around the country over the last few years.  Only ‘bar’ talk, but well, nothing surprises us here in Italy.

Well, must head off to Montespertoli for our traditional aperitivo & then to ‘C’era Una Volta’ for pranzo.  Then tomorrow it’s back to the day job for few working days.

Buona Domenica June x

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