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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

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Fresh Tuscan Grapes on my kitchen table. Fot J Finnigan

As we strolled through the carpark in Fiano on Saturday morning the air was full of the sweet smell of crushed grapes and back in our little bit of countryside the cracks in the tarmac outside Villa Bacio were full of wine overflows, you could almost get drunk on the fumes!  So yes, the vendemia or grape harvest is almost complete and the new young wines are already being drunk by the locals.  What a wonderful, if noisy time of year!

2019-09-24 17.43.53#1Earlier in the week two copies of that gorgeous magazine Envy Italy arrived.  I do like the hard copies, but you can also read it free on-line, so no need to miss out!  My beautiful daughter Sharon is joint Editor of this lovely publication, which is full of everything you need to know about the best things that Italy has to offer.  The theme is ‘Eat, Stay, Love’ and this Autumn Winter edition has a focus on  ‘gourmet’ featuring the finest foods and wines in the Country.  Wonderful features too, so go on spoil yourselves! Envy Italy Mag

71796519_2400600350203552_4456049627824652288_oMeanwhile, Fiano is preparing for the formal celebration of the winning the much coveted banner at the Calambur event a couple of weeks ago!  If you woud like to meet the locals and join in the celebrations get your tickets ASAP!

Something else to celebrate here in Italy is the wonderful range of mouth watering cheeses.  Italy’s main source of milk for cheesemaking is from the herds of sheep, many are moved across the countryside herded by shepherds from one bit of pasture to another.

download-5.jpgThey are often assisted by the big gorgeous white Maremmena sheepdogs, easily mistaken for sheep, which certainly fools any predators! The resulting cheese is called Pecorino (Italian for sheep) and is truly delicous ranging form a very soft young version to a very mature hard one.  Other cheeses to love include Buffala Mozzarella and the creamy soft Burrata, which I adore, the latter being made from both cow and sheep’s milk, so you woud need to check if avoiding Lactose.  Foto petGuide.com

2019-09-30 09.19.49Meanwhile, yesterday Sunday, the weather was lovely and Roberto Manetti, our local sculptor, finally unvieled his lovely sculpture, ‘Le Speranza che Le Mani’, which does not easily translate into English.  So perhaps one of my local Italian readers might send me the English version.  The sculpture shows three of Roberto’s charming little characters holding hands across a globe, which signifies to me the reaching out in friendship across the world.  I love it.  Foto J Finnigan

2019-09-29 10.51.44#1And, the final celebration of the week was Silvio Berlusconi’s 83rd birthday.  Well, love him or hate him, he keeps forging on, at the edge of the political scene with his long suffering and much younger fiancé, Francesca Pascale, who was absent from the birthday party in Arcora.   How long are you normally a fiancé?  It’s been a few years now.  I wonder who is postponing the wedding; Silvio, Francesca or Dudu the dog.  There are rumours……watch this space!

Well, enough of that already.  Time to get this blog off to you lovely people and relax in the sun before lunch.

have a great week and do drop me a line.  I love to hear from my readers.

Salute June x

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The Continuing Adventures of Joanna Wilde








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Benvenuti to all my Lovely Loyal and New Followers

It is another beautiful Sunday morning in Tuscany and we could not help but notice how amazingly green the countryside is for the end of August.

The bottom line at the final of Miss Toscana. La Nazione.

The bottom line at the final of Miss Toscana.  La Nazione.

The New Miss Toscana, Francesca

The New Miss Toscana, Francesca Bandini. La Nazione.

Over coffee in Bar Solferino in Certaldo, I see in La Nazione newspaper that Miss Tuscany (Toscana) has been crowned.  My man, being very experienced at watching the female form and noticing a pretty face, commented that ‘she was pretty, but would probably not get to the final of Miss Italy (Italia)’.  For sure, the Italian judges do seem to have a thing for bottoms and perhaps their eye was taken away by the amazing exposure of the candidates’ cheeky rear views.  Anyway, we should wish our girlie, Francesca Bandini, good luck in the next round.

Yesterday I read an article about Italians in the UK.  It is curious that while we northern Europeans wax lyrical about Italy, the Italians have been flocking to the UK.  And we are not talking about tourists, these are emigrants and the UK now has the third largest Italian residency in the world.  Yes, we love living in Italy, however, we are not reliant on earning a living here.  If we were, we might have to leave too!  Now its rare for me to write negative things about Tuscany, however, all around us we are saddened by the neglect of the infrastructure, the closed shops and abandoned industrial buildings and sites.  Our little local village of Fiano has huge weeds growing out of the pavements.  Granted this last two weeks has been the annual holiday here, but we have been watching the slow deterioration over quite a long time.  The people of Fiano are a lovely lot, but I fear that they have even lost any incentive to keep their village tidy.  Last week, an eighty plus Signora was struggling to pull out some strong weeds in the pavement outside her house.   Next to her was the bus shelter, weeds growing up the walls and litter dumped all around the seat underneath.  But the responsibility really lies with the local authorities.  Very sad.

Fur trimmed Gucci shoes and no socks. La Nazione

Fur trimmed Gucci shoes and no socks.
La Nazione

Stuart Gilmore of Pink Floyd, now and then. La nazione

Stuart Gilmore of Pink Floyd, now and then.
La Nazione

But on a much lighter note, one has to cringe at the new shoes from Gucci.  Fur trimmed shoes for men.  Now this is not for warmth as the style would not work if the wearer had socks on.  Only in Italy!

Meanwhile the Rock festival in Empoli has gone down really well.  There is an article about Pink Floyd in the paper, a band that is hugely popular here, and I see that a film has been made immortalizing the band called ‘Live in Pompei’.  I must check this out.

There has been little news of Silvio Berlusconi of late, so I will dig a bit deeper and update you next weekend.  So finally, here is a lovely bunch of grapes in our garden.  The Vendemmia (grape harvest) is beginning and will really get busy over the next couple of weeks.  The Agriturismo hotels are filling up with tourists who want to  witness and/or take part in the harvest.  We are told it should be a good year for Chianti! Yes, we all shout and raise our glasses.

Juishy grapes in our garden Photo P Finnigan

Juicy grapes in our garden
Photo P Finnigan

Have a really good week.

Salute June x

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My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

My Father, The Assassin. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.

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