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“Well, it’s been a great week, don’t you think?” I raise my glass of Chardonnay to my man who is clutching his G&T in one hand and swatting away an annoying zanzara images-1(mosquito) with the other.  “You know I’m a trained killer, don’t you?” He looks me straight in the eyes as if I have never heard this story before.  “Yes, darling, I do know that you are a trained killer and a former Commando, but how is that going to help with these zanzare?”  I offer a serious inquisitive look.  “Well, the secret is to remain absolutely still so the enemy can’t see you, then when they are almost on top of you, you lash out with one fatal blow and Bob’s your Uncle!” He says with great authority.  ‘Theres one behind you now!” I warn.  He starts flapping his hands around the back of his neck and cursing with the F word.  “Err, you missed it!” I shout.  He jumps to his feet.  “I’ll go and get one of those big outside lemon candles!” He swaggers off looking like John Wayne from behind.  “Get off your horse and drink your milk!” I call after him.  The thing about Zanzare, is to expect them to find a bit of skin to munch on, no matter how much protection you have smothered yourself in.  They even manage to get me under my knicker elastic, how on earth do they do that?   My man says it’s because I’m hot stuff, fortunately his eyesight is getting worse as he gets older.  Foto NY Times.

Pici PecoraiaGoing back to the first sentence of this blog, we did have a great week.  Two visits to C’era una Volta ristorante really made it for me.  As you know, I am not an enthusiastic cook and having steaming plates of pasta cooked for us was heaven.  We also downed a delicious bottle of Bibbiano Chianti Reserva both times.  Now it’s all about, when do we next go?  My man is embroiled in on-line meetings that often overlap the lunchtime, so I am sometimes forced to cook something.

74219010_568403283921734_5820832841121923072_nMeanwhile, the markets have reopened in Certaldo and nearby Tavernelle, so I must make the effort to pop into town and buy a load of seasonal fruit and veg.  yes, things are beginning to return to a semblence of normality here, but there remains a lot of political argument about whether the Regional Borders should remain closed.  Tuscany and many of the southern regions are scared of attracting northerners again, bringing more of the virus with them!  It’s a difficult one.

My man is currently stripping off in the bedroom next to my study.  No, no don’t get excited, he’s about to go downstairs to the guest apartment where he has his gymnasium.  It’s a big room and I suggested he could also make enough space to use it as a workshop.  He’s not sure, he has a tiny shed, but no room for the wood or metal work he used to enjoy.  I do think it is important for a man to have his own workshop, don’t you agree?

PomegranetMeanwhile, outside in our beautiful Tuscan garden and on our morning walk before coffee, we needed two hands to count the number of new flowering bushes.  Oleander in various shades of pink, pomegranate with lovely crimson flowers, perfumed white Jasmin the smell of which fills the air before you get anywhere near it and pale pink Rosehip flowers.  I could go on, but it would be endless.

download-4We also have a rainwater pond, fenced in to protect it from the outside track and large animals.  It’s alive with the song of the toads every evening, but can you get to see one?  No chance, their camouflage is far too good.  A few years ago, during a drought, a huge long legged brown toad, marched across our terrace and plopped itself into the cat’s water bowl!  Farty Barty the cat, sat and stared at it but made no attempt to move it.  What a sight for sore eyes that was!

Anyway, need to crack on with my current novel now.  Have a great week, I can’t wait to see you all back in Tuscany.

Salute June x

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