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Yes, I’m back after three months of recovery from a nasty fall, which broke my right wrist (yes I’m right-handed) and shattered my left knee. Thank heavens for living in a beautiful place with the man I love and the promise of an imminent return to going out into the glorious Tuscan countryside and back to C’era Una Volta Ristorante in Luccardo.

From my window I have watched the changing colours of the countryside and I know you will forgive me for including friends’ fotos that I have borrowed to share with you. This gorgeous foto was taken not far from here at Villa il Pozzo http://www.villailpozzo.it The different stripes of colour indicate the mix of grapes growing in the vineyards.

Meanwhile, today will be busy with All Saint’s Day, or Day of the Dead. Here in Tuscany you will see a huge number of cars parked outside the cemeteries (cimiteri) as whole families go to visit their forbears. On a lighter note there were also lots of parties, remembrance parades and festivals over the weekend. A great place to take the family this year was San Gimignano, which has a very popular Halloween festival.

The other thing about glorious Tuscany at this time of year is the olive harvest and the new extra virgin olive oil. My mouth waters at the thought of drizzling this wonderful nectar over just about everything. And, the menus in the local restaurants, Porcini, Tartufo and seasonal vegetables. Picture from Ristorante Quinoa, a personal favourite venue in Florence. http://ristorantequinoa.it It’s a great time to be here.

I’m also intending to ready my books for the Christmas On-line rush. You can buy them now of course and being an early bird might be in your interest. Visit my website at http://www.junefinnigan.website

Have a great week and do drop me a line, I love to hear from my readers, you are all very important to me!

Salute June x


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