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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely followers around the World,

I can’t begin to tell you what an emotional week it has been for me. Three and a half months recovering from a broken wrist and knee may seem nothing in this world of pandemics and climate change, but I was brought to tears when I finally walked back into my local restaurant on Thursday! The smell of the damp fresh air as I walked out the front door of my house, the passing Tuscan countryside during the car journey and the company of my man, daughter and grandson was an absolute joy! The day before, my specialist had announced that all had healed and I was good to go! I Just need knee bending exercises and suppliments!

Paolo greeted me at C’era una Volta Restaurant with such a welcome back look on his face, I burst into tears. My man and I were regulars and at least twice a week, sitting at our favourite corner table drinking the best local wines and indulging in the seasonal menu. During my recovery period, my man has actually become a very good cook and he found himself comparing the restaurant food with his own! I thoroughly enjoyed my grilled polenta topped with bietola and canneloni beans. Additional fresh herbs make the dish. One of my all time favourites at Paolo’s is the baked smoked scamorza cheese with raddiccio as in the foto. http://www.ristorante-ceraunavolta.com

OK, what now. Well, it’s yet another rugby weekend and on Saturday at 2pm Italy is playing Uruguay at Parma. Our grandson plays for Siena, but sadly all training and matches are cancelled this weekend due to three Covid cases being discovered! Overall, Italy is not doing too badly, which seems to be due to the mask wearing and green pass requirements still being in place. It is likely that restrictions will be placed on arrivals in December.

Anyway I’ve done all my Christmas shopping on line, so no worries there. Have you done yours? Everyone in my family will get a book this year. I do hope you will all be doing the same; let’s not forget the value of a real book in one’s hands and the ability to keep it forever or share with friends and family. It’s also great to talk about books we have read over some nice mulled wine. Don’t forget, if you like Romantic Thrillers my own books could be right up your street! Go to http://www.junefinnigan.website

Oh and finally, do buy some lovely Italian oranges this year. Make sure everyone has one popped into the toe of their stockings.

Enjoy your shopping.

Salute June x


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Yes, I’m back after three months of recovery from a nasty fall, which broke my right wrist (yes I’m right-handed) and shattered my left knee. Thank heavens for living in a beautiful place with the man I love and the promise of an imminent return to going out into the glorious Tuscan countryside and back to C’era Una Volta Ristorante in Luccardo.

From my window I have watched the changing colours of the countryside and I know you will forgive me for including friends’ fotos that I have borrowed to share with you. This gorgeous foto was taken not far from here at Villa il Pozzo http://www.villailpozzo.it The different stripes of colour indicate the mix of grapes growing in the vineyards.

Meanwhile, today will be busy with All Saint’s Day, or Day of the Dead. Here in Tuscany you will see a huge number of cars parked outside the cemeteries (cimiteri) as whole families go to visit their forbears. On a lighter note there were also lots of parties, remembrance parades and festivals over the weekend. A great place to take the family this year was San Gimignano, which has a very popular Halloween festival.

The other thing about glorious Tuscany at this time of year is the olive harvest and the new extra virgin olive oil. My mouth waters at the thought of drizzling this wonderful nectar over just about everything. And, the menus in the local restaurants, Porcini, Tartufo and seasonal vegetables. Picture from Ristorante Quinoa, a personal favourite venue in Florence. http://ristorantequinoa.it It’s a great time to be here.

I’m also intending to ready my books for the Christmas On-line rush. You can buy them now of course and being an early bird might be in your interest. Visit my website at http://www.junefinnigan.website

Have a great week and do drop me a line, I love to hear from my readers, you are all very important to me!

Salute June x

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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around The World,

Espresso facts. Do you know precisely how a traditional Italian espresso is made? I found this extract from an article in visittuscany.com wiritten by Flavio Cori. “Un Caffè” is an espresso: only 25 ml of water. A perfect one has an even brown cream on top and must be ready in less than 30 seconds.
“Caffè lungo” is obtained by draining more water than usual. A long coffee, although it is less dense, contains more caffeine than an espresso.” My man and I prefer the Lungo! We always start the day with a due lungi and a chat.

“I’m torn between writing my blog and going down to the sound studio and doing a bit of singing.” I sigh. My man smiled his melting smile across the table, which separated us in Bar Quercetto, formerly known as our sitting room, whilst cupping his second espresso lungo in his right hand. “Well, it is Sunday and executive decisions are difficult to make on a weekend. Why don’t you go down to the sound studio and write your blog there?” He suggests. I think about this, but I know I will be distracted by my music and I cannot write with music playing. I take my bowl of fruit and bufala mozzerella to my study desk and start writing. The decision is made.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a fabulous sunny day. A gentle breeze and hot sunshine. If you have not visited Tuscany in late Autumn and Winter, you should know that the sun is always hot here, that’s when it is shining of course. The air temperature can be very chilly but if you take your folding chair to a sunny sheltered spot you will be lovely and warm and even catch the sun! A wonderful time of year. My man and I enjoyed a bottle of Toscana Bianco before lunch sitting on our favourite bench under the younger oak tree. Acorns were falling like pebbles, bouncing off branches before landing on the grass surrounding us. Any minute we were expecting one to land in our wine or on our heads! Here is a rare picture of my man hiding behind his wine glass, bless him.

Today, we received our first Christmas card from the UK. I hear that festive trees are being bought early as if lockdown is feeding the mind with the need to bring the big day foreward! Not so here, no sign of anything festive in our local village of Fiano yet. My man is not going out at all, whilst I go to the village twice weekly for water refills and groceries. But I am prompted to think about on-line shopping for presents as time is rushing by and at least it’s something fun to do at this time. Last night, my man and I decided on getting any of the latest Bourne Series and Matrix on DVD for ourselves. Foto The Guardian

My man said to me earlier, “You know, you should write more about yourself in the blog, not constantly talking about handbags and shoes. Readers what to know what you are up to here in Tuscany.” “Well, I do actually talk about myself,” I snorted. “I spend a lot of my free time, which is limited, window shopping handbags, shoes and fashion! It’s what I do!” He sighed. So anyway, here is a beautiful outfit for you to drool over, gorgeous cut and quality and made in Italy of course. https://www.luisaspagnoli.it/

What else? Oh yes, I thought you would like to know that the beautiful weather has brought out the olive pickers in ‘droves to the groves.’ We can hear the whining of the mechanical hand held pickers and the shouting and laughing of the contadini. (Country folk) Can’t wait for that first cold pressed tasting of the green nectar.

Well, I must sort out some fotos for you and add them in. Then I must get down to the Sound Studio and do at least a couple of songs before lunch. Phew!

Do drop me a line. I would like to know what you would like to hear from Tuscany and our little bit of Chianti. I know that lots of you are really missing being here, I’m sorry about that.

Thinking of you all, stay safe and well.

Salute June x

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