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Welcome and Benveuti to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

‘The Autumn Leaves, Drift by my Window, The Autumn Leaves, of Red and Gold’. This wonderful timeless song has always been one of my favourites. And, so appropriate for right now. Overnight storms and heavy rain have battered the trees and vineyards surrounding us, and any leaves that were still hanging on are now on the ground or will be shortly. The countryside and the toads in our pond will be glad to have had the rain and the fresh smells are heavenly.

It is currently difficult to take a foto of the Tuscan countryside, which isn’t beautiful. This is a picture taken by Monterosola, a stunning setting for this very popular venue for wine tastings and celebrations of all kinds. My clever daughter has been busy organising vineyard tours for journalists in readiness for the spring deluge of visitors and Monterosola is top of her list. You can, of course, go there now; and why not? http://www.monterosola.com

Meanwhile, what to wear? It’s a little cooler today after the storm so my thoughts go to my autumn/winter wardrobe. As many of you already know, I love Autumn colours as they really suit me. One of my favourite Italian designers is Luisa Spagnoli and she always has a good Autumn range. Now I have selected a lovely snuggly knitted dress, which is designed beautifully to flare from just below the hip. The colour is a deep maroon, which I believe qualifies as an excellent warm Autumn shade. http://www.luisaspagnoli.it

Now, this weekend is a great one for rugby fans, snuggled up in front of the telly. Yesterday we watched poor Italy get beaten once more, this time by Argentina. Then later it was England’s turn and they beat Australia. So at least it was a success for one of the teams we support! This afternoon we will indulge again, I can’t remember which teams are playing, but lets hope for some entertaining rugby!

What else? Well, some of you have asked when my next book will be published. Sadly, things were delayed by my falling and breaking my wrist and a knee. Now, I know, one can still write in these circumstances, but what did surprise me was how it affected my creative thought! So, I am now aiming to get ‘Assassin’s List’ published in the spring. Meanwhile, my first three books and a short story based in London’s theatre land, are available online. Do get buying now in time for Christmas presents. There’s nothing like unwrapping a real book! http://www.junefinnigan.website

Well, it’s been really good to be writing to you again and hopefully this will now be a weekly event! Do get in touch, I love to hear from my readers.

Salute June x


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Welcome and Benvenuti to all my Lovely Followers around The World,

As the UK heads for a so called second wave and the rest of the World is on red alert, here in Italy there have also been some increases in cases. However, restrictions have remained in place throughout, the surgical type mask is recommended and wearing one remains a legal requirement. Absolutely no gatherings of people are allowed and you should check the new tight rules for travel. Nevertheless, some people have become a little too relaxed, which has put me off going to the restaurant for a bit! But I would rather be in our little bit of Tuscany than anywhere else! For all the latest covid information in Italy go to http://www.salute.gov.it/portale/nuovocoronavirus/dettaglioFaqNuovoCoronavirus.jsp?lingua=english&id=230

At our last visit to Paolo’s at C’era una Volta Ristorante, my man enjoyed a delicous Spagetti al Pomodorini. It’s the sweet locally grown baby tomatoes that make it so special and tossed with olio and aglio (olive oil and garlic), lovely.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed Baked smoked Scamorza Cheese over potato and sun dried tomatoes; another electric Italian mouthwatering combination of flavours! We’ll be back there soon, just taking a little break!

Well, today is Sunday, the temperature is dropping and it’s raining. My man donned his cowboy hat and highwayman mac, to go up to Fiano for coffee. He complained that he was having to wear long trousers too, poor thing. But I’m somewhat relieved. Another couple of weeks and we should be free of mosquitos, which means we can sit outside in the early Autumn sunshine, without my being attacked by the little monsters!

So, I turn to the Italian fashion pages and drool over the new Autumn look. Do you like faux fur? This is the rage at the moment, I’m not too keen. So, I find myself inevitably drawn to the Luisa Spagnoli collection. The Autumn look here is to die for, but prices are back up to their original level. For some not affordable, others might consider it an investment. I just adore this gorgeous velvet frock and am so tempted; hum, need to sell a few more books first! But oh, I see she still has a lot of stuff in the sale, many lovely things as low as half-price, yay! Anyway, why not pop over to the site and window shop like me. Who is your favourite designer? https://www.luisaspagnoli.it/

I promised myself that this weekend I would go downstairs to my Sound Studio. I am waiting for some more backing tracks to arrive, so I can practice singing as if the band was with me. I must chase these up! Now that the covid thing has raised its snarling head again, musicians are having to think twice as regards newly planned concerts. So, streaming has to be the big thing for Autumn, some of the big stars are now organising live concerts on-line, which you buy a ticket for. Otherwise it’s about getting a proper job, as someone close to me suggested…..

Well, its now turning humid, which was inevitable after the rain and my man has decided against working outside. I will skip the studio, which will be too hot now and do a bit of voice exercise in the kitchen as I have my practice tracks there as well.

So, what are you up to this weekend? Do drop me a line either at the bottom of this blog or email at june.finnigan@virgin.net. Oh and do visit my website at http://junefinnigan.website

Have a great week and please stay safe.

Salute June x

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Welcome and Benvenuto to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Yet another beautiful day in Tuscany!

2018-09-16 09.51.05Well, last Sunday morning was busy at coffee time at La Dispensa, in our local village of Fiano, with lots of locals wearing their team Calambur T-shirts, in readiness for the exciting contest due to start at two-thirty.  This was going to be a hard-fought contest for the coveted victor’s banner, which the team can keep displayed in their zone for the next twelve months.  Our Fiano team is called La Fonte, and our colours are red and white.  The village was festooned with flags as was Certaldo, where the big event was to be held.  The event is a bit like the ‘It’s a Knockout’ contest we used to have in the UK and is very entertaining to watch, but taken very seriously indeed by the contestants.

2018-09-17 09.31.21At the end of the day it was La Canonica team from Certaldo who came out victors, despite our team putting in a superb effort.  La Fonte did win two years ago and I remember the beautifully embroidered banner being displayed in La Dispensa.  Oh well, there’s always next year!

41632253_2158631247686062_3080309205630976000_nMeanwhile, there has been a lot of busy preparation for the Truffle (tartufo) Hunting Season, which starts on 22nd September.  Lots of tourists include this rather exciting event in their holiday itinerary and if you visit EnvyItaly on-line you will find an article all about it.  Click on ‘Magazine’ then ‘Best Experiences in Italy’.  There are also hunts available locally to us; I can put you in touch with the right people.  Foto Envy Italy.

As I have just mentioned the magazine Envy Italy, I should also tell you that it is a new publication co-published by my very clever daughter and her friend from Ireland.  As a writer, I have been very impressed with the articles and professional way the magazine has been put together.  This is one for you if you like the very best that Italy can offer.  I love it!  Go to the website

2018-09-16 09.50.26And, so to my other love, Italian Autumn Fashion.  The papers and magazines here are filling up with gorgeous Autumn colours, my favourite time of the year.  I noticed that Burberry in England has taken on a new look, but believe me, Italian designers do have the edge when it comes to style.  I just adore this fringed coat, couldn’t you just snuggle up in it?  MaxMara’a models are not the most cheerful lot, but I have let this fact pass for once.

2018-09-16 09.36.51The other advert I found, was for a pair of comfy shoes!  Arrrgh, I hear you say, fashion and comfort just don’t go together!  I have spent a lot of years trying to combine both, and yes it’s difficult.  However, what do you think of these shoes?  Are they stylish enough or too clumpy?  I’m almost tempted to buy some, but I’m not sure…..

2018-09-14 09.37.50#1And back in the real world, yesterday, Monday, was back to school day.  Lots of nervous children and students were starting the new term and some, like my 13 nearly 14-year-old granddaughter, a new senior school in Siena!  The Italian school holidays, particularly the summer one, is very long, almost three months in fact, so parents and grandparents alike are sighing with relief.

Anyway, enough already.  Oh, in case you were wondering I am still on the hunt for September’s Italian Hunk of the Month.  So if you spot a candidate send me a pic! My email

Have a great week wherever you are in the world.

Salute June x

PS If you did not manage to download my free short story, The Man in Black, you can now purchase it for just 99p or the equivalent $ or Euro.  Go to my website at June’s Site

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Welcome and Benvenuto to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Gutteridge, the beautiful new men's shop in Florence. La Repubblica

Gutteridge, the beautiful new men’s shop in Florence.
La Repubblica

So, to cheer us all up during this awful cold wet weather, I’m going to talk about that wonderful world of Italian Fashion.  However, it’s the Men’s and children’s’ fashion that has caught my eye in the papers this last week.  In Florence Gutteridge celebrated the opening of their new Menswear shop in Piazza Della Signoria. Filled with beautiful top quality Italian designs and is also available for you to visit on-line.  The model in the picture is pretty lush too!

Italian chidren's fashion. La Repubblica

Italian chidren’s fashion. La Repubblica

The moment Italian children first see themselves in the mirror, they start getting fashion conscious.  Yes, the girlies do tend to be dressing much older than their years here, and black is a popular colour from a very young age.

But they do look great, particularly during the early evenings when they are out walking doing the ‘passeggiata’ with their friends and family.

The gorgeous body of Roberto Bolle, La Mia Danza Libera. La Repubblica

The fabulous body of the dancer Roberto Bolle, La Mia Danza Libera. La Repubblica

Now, last Thursday we were up in Fiano reading the papers over coffee in La Dispensa when I spotted this article about La Mia Danza Libera, which roughly translates to My Free Dance.  Performing at that event was and will be the incredibly gorgeous Roberto Bolle who at forty-one could knock the socks off some of his younger dancing colleagues.  so for you girlies and some of you guys, here is his amazing foto.  The event is being shown on television at Rai-uno (Rai 1).  Look out for it!

Meanwhile, back in Florence The beautiful historic church Santa Maria Novello attracted five thousand visitors on its open day last week, looking to raise funds for more restoration and upkeep.  Originally funded by Florence’s wealthy elite, it is now in need of further support.  for the best description of this amazing Dominican church, its art and museum collection go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Maria_Novella

The real one and the copy of The Boy. La Republica

The real one and the copy of The Boy.
La Republica

Now here’s a thing.  I have just read an article about a Caravaggio painting that appears to be exhibited in both London and Florence.  According to Vittorio Sgarbi, a respected expert, the one in Florence is a copy!  Oh no, we say, so the National Gallery in London, England has the real one!  Called the Ragazzo (boy) it is a painting we all know quite well, but can you tell the difference?  I think that some of these fakes are so good they should remain on show and declared as being a copy, rather than take it down.  But what do you think?

OK, I must start thinking about my trip to England this week and getting this blog off to you.  Have a really great week and do visit my author site at http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan, Oh and don’t forget to write!

Salute June x

'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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Ciao e Benvenuti to all My Friends around the World,

Well, you will no doubt have heard of the Slow Food Movement in Italy, it’s all about cooking and eating slowly and actually enjoying the experience.  This allows time for conversation and good wine whilst anticipating the delights of the food to come.  The Italians have no problem with this, they like to talk a lot about good food, as well as eat it.  You should try it….

Slow Travel Fest, La Repubblica

Slow Travel Fest, La Repubblica

I am delighted to tell you that Tuscany will also be celebrating the Slow Travel Fest between 23rd and 25th of September.  What does this mean? You ask.  Well, big crowds of people will be travelling very slowly on foot, to enjoy the Tuscan countryside and the delights therein.  The long walks starting around nine in the morning, gently visit places of cultural interest as well as vineyards in and around the Monteriggione region near Siena.  To me this is the ultimate way to see this beautiful land, which we are lucky enough to call our home.  Driving around the hills of Chianti is nice enough, but you can only see the real countryside if you get out and walk.  A piede!

'The Who' still rocking after 50 years! La Nazione

‘The Who’ still rocking after 50 years!
La Nazione

Meanwhile, over coffee with my man in Fiano, I read that The Who have just had a hugely successful concert here, whilst celebrating fifty years in rock!  Two of the original members were in the band including the all important lead singer Roger Daltry and guitar man Pete Townsend.  The guys are looking pretty good and the music was apparently spot on.  I also note that Earth, Wind & Fire are touring, as will Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney in the near future.  Great stuff!

The Italian Rock Singer known as Zucchero La Repubblica

The Italian Rock Singer known as Zucchero La Repubblica

Now an Italian friend, who is a great rock fan, asked me why I always promote rock bands from outside of Italy.  Well, I think that is obvious, however, I have not mentioned a great Italian performer before, who does deserve a mention.  He is known as ‘Zucchero’ and actually does make good music with his gravelly voice and excellent band.  There, that should make my friend happy, you know who you are!

Loredana and La Repubblica

Fiorella and Loredana.
La Repubblica

And, on the continued subject of aging rockers, I was pleased to find an article in a glossy magazine at the hairdressers announcing the start of a new series on channel 5 in the Autumn called Amiche in Arena.  It will star two great female performers Fiorella Mannoia (62) and Loredana Berte (65) both looking absolutely fabulous!  The concert will raise awareness of the violence against women, so a good cause too.  Rock on!

My Autumn handbag. Foto J Finnigan

My Autumn handbag. Foto J Finnigan

Now, I know you understand my need to talk about fashion, particularly you girlies, and hopefully some of you men too.  It’s time to change my handbag for an orange one, which will go perfectly with the autumn colours that suit me so well.  No it’s not another new one, it’s been carefully packed away in the wardrobe all summer.  And, here it is!  Send me a pic or your current handbag!

Anyway, it’s time to think about sunday lunch.  Borgo Antico and Osteria Casa Chianti are full, so we are popping back to C’era una Volta in Lucardo for some Tipica Toscana food, cooked and eaten slowly of course.

Have a great week and do drop me a line.

Salute June x

PS Visit my author site at http://www.amazon.com/author/junefinnigan

'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’. Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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