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Welcome and Benvenuto to all my Lovely Followers around the World,

Yet another beautiful day in Tuscany!

2018-09-16 09.51.05Well, last Sunday morning was busy at coffee time at La Dispensa, in our local village of Fiano, with lots of locals wearing their team Calambur T-shirts, in readiness for the exciting contest due to start at two-thirty.  This was going to be a hard-fought contest for the coveted victor’s banner, which the team can keep displayed in their zone for the next twelve months.  Our Fiano team is called La Fonte, and our colours are red and white.  The village was festooned with flags as was Certaldo, where the big event was to be held.  The event is a bit like the ‘It’s a Knockout’ contest we used to have in the UK and is very entertaining to watch, but taken very seriously indeed by the contestants.

2018-09-17 09.31.21At the end of the day it was La Canonica team from Certaldo who came out victors, despite our team putting in a superb effort.  La Fonte did win two years ago and I remember the beautifully embroidered banner being displayed in La Dispensa.  Oh well, there’s always next year!

41632253_2158631247686062_3080309205630976000_nMeanwhile, there has been a lot of busy preparation for the Truffle (tartufo) Hunting Season, which starts on 22nd September.  Lots of tourists include this rather exciting event in their holiday itinerary and if you visit EnvyItaly on-line you will find an article all about it.  Click on ‘Magazine’ then ‘Best Experiences in Italy’.  There are also hunts available locally to us; I can put you in touch with the right people.  Foto Envy Italy.

As I have just mentioned the magazine Envy Italy, I should also tell you that it is a new publication co-published by my very clever daughter and her friend from Ireland.  As a writer, I have been very impressed with the articles and professional way the magazine has been put together.  This is one for you if you like the very best that Italy can offer.  I love it!  Go to the website

2018-09-16 09.50.26And, so to my other love, Italian Autumn Fashion.  The papers and magazines here are filling up with gorgeous Autumn colours, my favourite time of the year.  I noticed that Burberry in England has taken on a new look, but believe me, Italian designers do have the edge when it comes to style.  I just adore this fringed coat, couldn’t you just snuggle up in it?  MaxMara’a models are not the most cheerful lot, but I have let this fact pass for once.

2018-09-16 09.36.51The other advert I found, was for a pair of comfy shoes!  Arrrgh, I hear you say, fashion and comfort just don’t go together!  I have spent a lot of years trying to combine both, and yes it’s difficult.  However, what do you think of these shoes?  Are they stylish enough or too clumpy?  I’m almost tempted to buy some, but I’m not sure…..

2018-09-14 09.37.50#1And back in the real world, yesterday, Monday, was back to school day.  Lots of nervous children and students were starting the new term and some, like my 13 nearly 14-year-old granddaughter, a new senior school in Siena!  The Italian school holidays, particularly the summer one, is very long, almost three months in fact, so parents and grandparents alike are sighing with relief.

Anyway, enough already.  Oh, in case you were wondering I am still on the hunt for September’s Italian Hunk of the Month.  So if you spot a candidate send me a pic! My email

Have a great week wherever you are in the world.

Salute June x

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Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

Big fat purple grapes in trailer. Photo J Finnigan

Big fat purple grapes in trailer. Photo J Finnigan

Well there we were, driving back home this morning after our coffee in Certaldo and we come up behind a slow-moving tractor and trailer of big juicy purple grapes.  “Try and get a photo!” my man says.  So I faff around trying to get my phone out of my bag, then remember that I have just yesterday put in a new lock code, and finally focus the camera on the windscreen just in time before the tractor takes off, after giving away to some tourist camper van!  Phew, I did it!  Now whats so exciting about this, you may ask.  Well it is really hard to get photos, because these tractors are usually going at full pelt past our kitchen window or in the opposite direction to the way we are driving!  So, just for you, here is my successful photo for your enjoyment.

A Calambur poster and preparations going on behind in the main Piazza in Certaldo. Photo J Finnigan

A Calambur poster and preparations going on behind in the main Piazza in Certaldo.
Photo J Finnigan

Earlier, back in Certaldo, the preparations were going on for the annual Calambur, which starts at three o’clock this afternoon (Sunday).  This is a historical Palio, not on horseback, but macho contests between the young men of the four quarters in the

Handsome Certaldo contestants getting ready to do battle. La Nazione

Handsome Certaldo contestants getting ready to do battle.
La Nazione

commune, who all have their own flags and colours.  It is a really serious and important day, full of testosterone and the girlies all giggling, as the handsome contestants line up.  It will be impossible to park anywhere near the centre of town this afternoon, so we will hear all about it tomorrow and report back to you next week!  Then, over coffee at Bar Solferino, I read that Prime Minister Renzi has announced a 2% drop in the tax rate for the agricultural sectors.  I’m not sure how effective this will be as I hear whispered that very little profit is declared, well in this region anyway!

Farty Barty waits for lunch on the outside table. Phot J Finnigan

Farty Barty waits for lunch on the outside table. Photo J Finnigan

Meanwhile, back at our lovely little villa the sun is shining and it is a perfect twenty-eight degrees centigrade.  As we drive in we spot the first wild yellow crocuses by the side of the road; beautiful.  I think today we will have a nice lunch in the garden with Farty Barty the cat, who has been very much hanging around the house of late.

The first wild crocuses. Photo J Finnigan

The first wild crocuses.
Photo J Finnigan

In the high winds last week, an old tree crashed down into the garden and was chainsawed by our local contadino into a pile in the corner.  It only just missed one of the garden lights!  Now we need to tidy up the small bits of debris.  I think I can hear my man working in the garden now.  He has been a been a bit stressed after his return from a few working days work in London, so that should help him relax.  Otherwise, I look forward to the return of my sister-in-law, who will be here in two weeks time, to tidy and pretty up all the garden pots for autumn.

But what is this I read about the gorgeous Silvio Berlusconi?  Oh no, he is trouble again, but this time whilst having fun with his close friend Vladimir Putin.  They have both been named in a criminal case over the opening of a 240 year old bottle of wine, known as Massandra Sherry 1775, that was worth £58K!  A lady called Ms Pavlenko allegedly opened it when Silvio asked for a taste whilst on a tour of the Massandra Estate in the Crimea.  I feel really sorry for her as, lets face it, she was standing there being asked by an alleged so-called friend of the Mafia (according to some members of the media) and his buddy who heads up the KGB, to open a bottle of wine.  What would you have done?

Well, enough of that.  Must think about this lunch I said I would cook.  O Dio, well the sun is still shining, so we really should not go off to the restaurant.  On the other hand……….

Have a great week and do drop me a line.

Salute June x

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'My Father, The Assassin'. Book one in the series.

‘My Father, The Assassin’ Book one in the series.

'The Bolivian Connection' Book two in the series.

‘The Bolivian Connection’ Book two in the series.


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